What Does It Mean to Dream About Kittens?

Whether you’re a paw enthusiast or not, you have to admit that kittens are adorable. They’re small, cute, and look at you with those big, beautiful eyes like angels in a cat form.

They’re lovely, alright. But what does it mean to dream about kittens? Does it mean something enjoyable will happen, or will you take one from the shelter?

In this article, we’ll talk about dreams with kittens and check several interpretations, hoping we’ll help you figure out your last night’s dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Kittens

What Does It Mean to Dream About Kittens?

Dreaming about kittens may represent several things, including but not limited to longing and nostalgia, childlike excitement, fear, or hypocrisy. You can dream of kittens in many ways, which is why the interpretations vary.

That being said, we’ll look at some dreams that include kittens that people usually have. We’ll try to include various interpretations depending on the variables in each dream scenario.

Different Dream Scenario Interpretations

Dreaming of throwing out a kitten

Many dream interpreters agree that dreaming about kittens is related to innocence, purity, love, and kindness. However, interpreting dreams is more than just creating a chart and writing the direct meaning of a term.

The dream’s meaning can change if we talk about kittens as a smaller version of cats. Don’t get us wrong, cats are lovable but can represent manipulation, arrogance, and even evil in a dream.

So, don’t feel heartbroken about your dream. Throwing out a kitten means relief. It means you’ll recognize the danger soon enough to prevent a disaster.

Dreaming of black kittens

In many cultures, all-black cats are a symbol of misfortune. People even avoid them on the streets. While it’s uncertain whether you’ll be misfortuned if you see a black cat in real life, dreams are different.

Dreaming about a black cat means wealth. However, dreaming of black kittens is not directly related to you but to your children, cousins, or close relatives who are still kids. The dream means those kids will receive a good amount of money.

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Dreaming of Black Kittens

Dreaming about kittens in a box

So, what does it mean to dream about kittens in a box? Seeing tiny kittens in a box is not an uncommon picture. 

When it comes to dreaming, many people see felines packed in a box, looking adorable. And yet, there’s something sad in this picture, as those kittens are abandoned either by their mom or by the people caring for them.

The interpretation of this dream has nothing to do with sadness or abandonment. Your dream means you’re struggling to be independent. This doesn’t refer only to financial independence. It can be related to anything.

Maybe you need a little alone time away from your spouse, family, or friends. Perhaps you need a job that will give you more space to express your creativity. Or, maybe you’re tired of listening to everybody else’s problems, but those people don’t pay the same attention to you.

Dreaming about adopting a kitten

The interpretation of this dream can be related to the one we discussed above. Adopting a kitten in your dream means you’ll finally get the courage to take the first step if you feel like you need more space, alone time, or an opportunity to grow.

Just to be clear, adopting a kitten in your dream doesn’t mean big changes. It means you’ll make small steps and start doing things that make you independent in return.

For instance, you may start a new diet and eat healthier food or decide you should go to the movies every week. It may also mean that you’ll finally talk to your friend and tell them you want to be heard once in a while instead of only listening to their problems. Although these seem like small changes, they will positively impact your life.

Dreaming of a kitten aggressively attacking you

The interpretation of this dream is not something we would want our dreams to mean, like fortune, health, a new and better job, travel, etc. 

If you dream of a kitten aggressively attacking you, you’ll reveal your enemies before they do you something bad.

Doing something bad doesn’t necessarily mean your enemy will attack you. However, if you have this dream, it may indicate that you subconsciously know about the hypocrisy of your “friend,” and sooner or later, you’ll see their true face and intentions. So, in a way, this is a good dream.

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What does it mean to dream about kittens? As you see, there are many possible interpretations because the meaning of your dream can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the color of the kitten, its mood, the place where you see it in your dream, the activity, etc.

We hope you have found your dream in some of the scenarios we discussed above and learned about its meaning. If not, write down each thing you saw, find the meaning of the terms, and try to interconnect them to get the overall interpretation.


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