Biblical Meaning of Elevators in Dreams

Dreams are something that we see during our sleep that we cannot see during our time awake. It is the only way for our soul to communicate certain messages, whether about a bad influence, a toxic environment, or an upcoming change. This article will help unveil the biblical meaning of elevators in dreams.

In the Bible, there aren’t any references to elevators because they weren’t invented at the time of writing. However, since elevators occupy such an important role in today’s society, there’s bound to be some ecclesiastical meaning behind their existence and appearance in dreams.

We can use the subliminal messages we receive in our dreams to improve our life, stay alert on incoming dangers, or get an affirmation. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Biblical Meaning of Elevators in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Elevators in Dreams

Reading the Bible helps us adopt a mindset that makes it easy to give meaning to certain life events. Even modern inventions like cars and elevators can be analyzed through the lens of a biblical context.

Elevators are a great invention and a key component of our society, but they’re hardly flawless. They are the cause of many traumas and injuries, as mechanical failures occur quite frequently.

Some more severe cases of claustrophobia prevent some people from using elevators entirely. Some healthy people are simply terrified of using them and prefer to take the stairs whenever possible.

Elevators go up and down, and in our dreams, dreaming about elevators can manifest mood swings and instability. Also, it can be a reference to some biblical events.

Biblical ascensions

There are many times in the Bible when characters have risen up into the Heavens or at least attempted to do so. Here are some of the most notable ascensions:

The story of Elijah in 2 Kings 2

Elijah was a prominent prophet who stood up against those who worshipped false Gods. One day, he was summoned up into the Heavens, and what remained of him was his cloak which his disciple Elisha used to part the waters of the river Jordan.

This story is important as it demonstrates God’s devotion to his prophets. It also shows the importance of passing on leadership to the next generation.

The biblical meaning of elevators in dreams can be related to passing the torch over to someone else or making room for new people in a certain environment.

The Tower of Babel

The story is about how all the earth’s population spoke the same language, and they united in order to build a tower that was tall enough to reach the Heavens. God’s reaction to this was that he scattered people all over the world and made them speak different languages.

The Tower of Babel symbolizes human pride and the desire to achieve greatness but without God. It also symbolizes people’s tendency to establish security and powers without relying on God. The story highlights the importance of humility and submission to God’s will.

Jacob’s ladder

It is another story from Genesis describing some form of trying to reach Heaven using a device. It is interesting that in the story, the main protagonist Jacob had a dream about ascending, which makes this particular passage very important in the context of reading a dream about elevators.

Jacob dreamt of a ladder to Heaven with angels using it to climb up and down. God spoke to him in the dream and promised him land and prosperous life. Upon waking up, Jacob vowed to make the spot where he had the dream a place of worship for God if he made it back home safely.

Dreaming about elevators can be interpreted as a message from God guiding you on a spiritual journey, the same way God led Jacob to Beersheba. You could say it is divine guidance and support toward enlightenment.

Biblical descensions

What goes up must come down, and this especially applies to elevators. Some of the stories, like The Tower of Babel and Jacob’s Ladder, have both ascensions and descensions in them. Hence we will only speak of actual descensions in this category.

When we say descensions, it means figurative descensions, like someone falling from grace, but also, in the literal sense, like someone descending to Hell.

Dreaming about using an elevator to go downward can have various meanings, and here is the biblical context behind it:

King David’s fall

David was the third King of Israel and a very important character in the Bible. Before becoming king, he had defeated the giant Goliath and lived a normal life as a sheep herder. That was until his talent for music was noticed by King Saul, who was looking for a way to break the monotony of his life.

When King Saul was killed in battle, David was the natural successor. David was a very successful king who expanded the Kingdom, but he fell out of favor with God after he had an affair with Bathsheba, a wife to one of his soldiers. He had her husband murdered, and as a punishment, God caused his son to die, and his family struggled.

Dreaming about elevators can be a manifestation of having ups and downs in life, just like David, who went from the bottom to the top and then fell again. A dream about elevators can mean you’re becoming too focused on your own success. It could also mean that you’re about to face the consequences of a sin you made in the past.

Jesus descends to Hell

Jesus’ descent into Hell is referenced in the Apostles’ Creed, and it is a biblical story, even though it is not in the Bible. After his crucifixion and subsequent death, Jesus descended into the Underworld before his resurrection on the third day.

The meaning of this story is that Jesus offered redemption to all souls that had died before he was walking among the people. Applying biblical meaning to a dream about elevators can be used in the context of this story.

You may be going down the road of sin and darkness the same way Jesus was descending into Hell. This dream may signal the need to offer guidance to someone that needs help or redemption for someone that had made a mistake.

The Fall of Lucifer

The story about Lucifer’s fall is a famous one, and it was told in Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ezekiel 28:12-18 in the Bible. Lucifer was a mighty angel who rebelled against God and was cast down from Heaven.

Lucifer became proud and wanted to take God’s place, and he even led a mutiny against God with other angels. This led God to demote Lucifer to earth.

The fall of Lucifer can be interpreted as a warning against giving power to feelings like pride and greed. In the context of a dream about elevators, this story can be applied to reading your dream as it has some applicable components like descending and everyday feelings people feel, like greed and pride.

If you dream that you are coming down, you should know that you can get back up by following the ways of the Lord.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Elevators

Discovering the general meaning of a dream about elevators will require some application of context from our normal life and connecting events that may have led us to dream specifically about elevators.

Any dream interpretation will require considering real-life events, but we should also pay attention to the dreamer’s feelings. Sometimes, our most suppressed thoughts surface as dreams or nightmares.

Here are some possible spiritual interpretations of the dream:

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Elevators

Lack of control

Riding in an elevator evokes feelings of not being in control, and it is part of the reason why people are scared to ride them. Once you press the button and the elevator starts moving, a feeling of powerlessness overwhelms most people, even though they are the ones that have set the direction and destination of the device.

This is a powerful analogy with life. Although we choose where to go and the direction of how we get there, the journey’s outcome is still outside of our control. You may be stressing about something that is out of your control, or you may be feeling like you are forced into doing something in your waking life.

This dream may be an alarm to regain control of your life.

Rise and fall

The most basic role of the lift is probably the most obvious interpretation and a great metaphor for life. If you feel you’re doing well at the moment, dreaming about elevators may be the signal that happiness is coming to an end. Likewise, if you’re doing badly, you can rest assured that it will end, and dreams of riding elevators may signal you need to turn things around.

Feeling stuck

Dreaming about being trapped in an elevator is relatively common. It is a manifestation of feeling stuck in real life. It can be work-related, a relationship, health, or something else.

Feeling trapped in an elevator can be a terrifying experience, and dreams are sometimes very realistic, making us feel similar to how we would feel in the actual situation. That’s why, if you start having such nightmares, it is time to do something about your real-life situation that is causing this.

Other potential meanings of being stuck in an elevator can be anxiety, lack of personal space, and fear of judgment.

Fear of heights

It largely depends on how you feel during the dream and the context of your dream. Dreaming about elevators can be a manifestation of your fear of heights. You may have recently encountered a situation where you had to look down, and you couldn’t face your fears.

If feelings of anxiety and awkwardness overwhelm you while you’re having the dream, and if you are going up or down at high speeds, your fears could be bothering you. The best way to overcome fears is to confront them, so find a way to face your horrors if you want to make them disappear.

Imposter Syndrome

Language matters. Not just in general but in our subconscious mind as well. Taking the elevator is often related to taking a shortcut. Dreaming about riding the elevator to reach a certain point while everyone is taking the stairs may mean you feel you have received something undeserved.

It can be a job you were offered or a promotion without merit. It can also be about a relationship you entered too quickly. Moving into a new environment or a circle of friends can make you feel lonely no matter how warmly people accept you. Feelings of loneliness can manifest themselves with dreams of elevators.

Inner turmoil

Everyone goes through a mental health crisis with conflicting feelings and feelings of inadequacy. Usually, the way to manifest inner turmoil is by spinning, and you could be experiencing a spinning elevator in your dream.

If you find the dream uncomfortable, then it may be time to start taking better care of yourself.


The biblical meaning of elevators in dreams can be connected to famous stories in the Bible like Elijah, The Tower of Babel, Jacob’s Ladder, King David, etc. It is up to the dreamer’s specific conditions for how they’ll interpret these dreams. But, generally, it is not a good dream to have.

Although it can mean rising above situations and positive change, riding elevators is usually associated with feelings of awkwardness and anxiety in real life. Elevators show up in dreams as manifestations of these feelings and represent a lack of control, turmoil, inadequacy, or feeling stuck.


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