What is the Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Bees

Many people have vivid dreams throughout the night. However, it may be a sign if you have recurring dreams about the same thing, like bees. Many people turn to the Bible to discover its meaning. So, what is the biblical meaning of dreaming of bees?

Continue reading to discover its symbolism, superstition, and Bible verses referencing it!

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Bees

What Is the Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Bees?

Before diving into the subject, you must understand that the Holy Book is based on symbolism. Even though you dream of bees, you should consider everything related to them. Such things can be honey, beehives, queen bees, and their actions.

Furthermore, be aware that the biblical meaning of bee dreams carries both positive and negative superstitions. The positive signs portray honorable characteristics, dedication to the divine, forgiveness, and God’s rewards. 

On the other hand, the negative signs are depicted through God’s wrath and the bee’s aggressive nature.

What does the Bible say about dreaming of bees?

The biblical meaning of bees in dreams has several different interpretations. To better understand their symbolism, let’s take a look at each meaning separately.

What does the Bible say about dreaming of bees

Portraying honorable characteristics

These insects portray many good human characteristics. Christian believers should take bees as examples for their hard work and dedication. Even though they live short lives, they’re dedicated to serving and protecting their queen. 

Furthermore, they’re peaceful creatures who attack only when they’re threatened. Don’t forget that bees die after stinging their enemy, proving their selfless willingness to protect their own.

Additionally, bees produce honey. Besides its delicious sweetness, this nectar is also related to wealth. That’s why keeping “busy as a bee” is often rewarded with God’s gratitude.

An embodiment of Jesus Christ

Bees are also closely related to Jesus Christ himself. In the Christian religion, his most notable characteristics are wisdom, strength, and perseverance. So, even though these insects are very delicate, they also have a strong spirit.

Moreover, several traditions suggest the bee is Christ’s emblem. Such an example is the Paschal candle lit for Easter. This holy object is pure beeswax, implying Jesus’ connection with bees.

Two other attributes to have in mind are forgiveness and justice. While Jesus’ forgiveness can be sweet as honey, his justice can sting like a bee.

Dualistic meaning

Bees have a dualistic meaning, both evil and good. As a bad omen, bees are described as aggressive territorial creatures. Even though they’re small, they can inflict severe damage. This description is mostly used when it comes to a swarm of bees.

On the other hand, their rich nectar is connected to God’s blessing and abundance. Their effort to protect the queen may refer to believers protecting their religion. That’s why these insects have a double meaning and should be carefully interpreted.

Bible verses referencing dreaming of bees

Bees appear in several Bible verses throughout the Old and New Testaments. If we interpret the examples closely, there are many symbolic meanings.

Furthermore, bees are only mentioned four times in the Bible. But their honey or honeycomb is included in many other verses. That’s why it’s best to interpret them all.

Bible verses referencing dreaming of bees

Bible verses about bees

The first time bees appear in the Bible is in Deuteronomy 1:44. Here, the victorious and angry warriors are portrayed as a swarm of bees. These insects are closely related to God’s wrath, which falls upon the sinner after disobeying him. We can see one part of their dual nature. Here, they’re shown as aggressors, contradicting their peaceful nature.

The other time a swarm of bees is mentioned is in Judges 14:7-9. This passage talks about the story of Samson. The bees are placed inside a lion’s carcass that Samson killed. The symbolical meaning refers to his ability to overcome a strong evil. After which, a swarm of bees portrays his reward.

In Psalm 118:12, bees are again mentioned in a swarm to refer to enemies. But this time, God’s strength and power defeat them. This alludes to having faith in the Lord even in the hardest times. So, regardless of your difficulties, he’ll guide you along the way.

Lastly, bees are also mentioned in Isaiah 7:18. In these verses, we’re met with Isaiah’s vision of God sending bees as punishment. Due to the people’s disobedience, the Lord’s wrath falls upon them.

Bible verses about honey

As for mentions of honey in the Bible, the first reference you should focus on is Psalm 19:10. In this section, the sweetness of the nectar alludes to God’s righteousness. Compared to the first mention of bees, honey is the good side of the duality.

Next, in Exodus 3:8 and 17, this nectar is used to describe a “land flowing with milk and honey.” Here, honey is God’s promise and blessing. He will guide the people of Israel to wealth and abundance due to their dedication.

Thus, the meaning of honey is closely related to a reward. The same recurs in Exodus 13:5, Exodus 33:3, Numbers 14:8, and Leviticus 20:24.

Honey is again used in the story of Samson in Judges 14:8-18. Here, it’s found inside the lion’s carcass. So, defeating a great evil always comes with a reward. It’s also used in a riddle: “What is sweeter than honey? And what is stronger than a lion?”

Lastly, in 1 Samuel 14:25-29, honey is used as a temptation. Bound by an oath, an army enters woods filled with this nectar. However, they mustn’t taste it, alluding to resistance and overcoming temptation.

Bible verses about honey

Bible verses about honeycombs

Honeycombs are mentioned in 1 Samuel 14:27. Jonathan breaks the oath by tasting the nectar without his father’s warning. Even though he’s delighted by the sweetness, he has succumbed to sin. Remember that respecting parents always plays an important role in the Bible.

In Song of Solomon 5:1, a honeycomb is mentioned right at the beginning. It refers to the sweetness of pleasure. However, remember that succumbing to bodily temptations is also a sin. While they’re only momentary, God’s protection is long-lasting.

Dreaming of Bees Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

By now, you should know the biblical meaning of bees in dreams. The next step is to discover their spiritual meaning and symbolism.

In most ancient scriptures, bees carry or allude to positive attributes. They are closely related to prosperity, harmony, fertility, luck, and wisdom. To better understand their impact, you should understand how different cultures have viewed them.

Dreaming of Bees Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The spiritual meaning of bees in other religions and cultures

The symbolic meaning of bees doesn’t only appear in the Bible. Many other sacred cultures have their interpretation.

For example, in ancient Egyptian mythology, bees are connected to the sun god Ra. He uses them to deliver messages to his followers. It’s said that when his tears fall to the ground, they turn into bees.

In Hindu mythology, bees are mentioned as helpers to the goddess Parvati. During her battle with the demon Arunasura, she used bees to defeat him. The victory was achieved when big black bees emerged from her body and stung the demon.

In ancient Greek mythology, bees represent several gods. While Aristaeus is the god of beekeeping, Apollo’s gift of prophecy came from three bee-maidens. Furthermore, the priestesses of Demeter and Potnia carry the name Melissa, meaning bee.

In Native American mythology, bees represent fierce warriors. Their ability to overpower big foes warns people not to disrespect nature.

Ultimately, the 16th chapter of the Quran is called An-Nahl and translates to bee. Muslims are taught to take bees as examples of moral characteristics. This will guide them to paradise, where honey is divine food.

Common dreams of bees

Even though dreaming is natural, recurring ones should not be overlooked. They often carry a meaningful message that you should interpret. The meaning of bees in a dream can carry both evil and good superstition.

If you want to understand their message, you should look into the actions they’re performing. Since there are several common ones, pay close attention to their actions.

Common dreams of bees

Bees chasing you in a dream

The most common interpretation of bees chasing you in a dream is an attack. The fear you experience while running away can be seen as a warning. Someone in your life may have ill intentions towards you, or a trying time is coming.

Additionally, running away may be a problem you’re dealing with in real life. Dreaming of bees chasing you may mean that you have unresolved past issues. This dream is telling you that you should stop running from your past.

Have faith in God and indulge in prayer to be taken under his protection. Trust that he will guide you to face the troubling past. So, ask for forgiveness, turn fear into strength, and don’t worry about your past deeds.

Bees attacking you in a dream

When you dream of bees attacking you, you may wake up feeling frightened. It’s an unpleasant and upsetting feeling deriving from the pain of a bee sting. When battling a swarm of attacking bees, you may be dealing with a big real-life issue.

Whether physical or spiritual, it brings fear and pain into your life. If it’s related to the material world, indulge in prayer and let God guide you. With his help, you’ll pass these trying times victorious.

However, if it’s spiritual or psychological, the most common problem is negative thoughts. You mustn’t let them interfere in your life and bring you down. Once again, indulge in prayer and ask God to free you from your burdens.

Bees stinging you in a dream

A next common bee dream is about them stinging you. Although this sounds painful and scary, it’s not always a bad superstition. However, this dream has a dual nature, just like the biblical meaning of bees.

First, it may be a warning that you’re doing something wrong or sinful. Remember that bee stings are closely related to God’s punishment. Hence, take the time and analyze your life choices and see where you can improve. Try to be moral and let God guide you down the right path.

The second symbolism of this dream is that you’re carrying around a burden. Remember that God has a plan even when dealing with heartbreaking issues. This may just be a spiritual lesson and a transitioning period.

Therefore, stay strong and let the Lord help you endure these hardships, especially since bee-stinging dreams allude to rewards after passing a trying time.

However, a bee stinging you in a dream may also be a good sign. This action is closely related to fertility. Expect good news soon if you’re trying for a baby. A recurring bee-stinging dream means that you or someone close will get pregnant.

Bees stinging you in a dream biblical meaning

Killing a bee in a dream

Killing a bee is never a good sign. Since these insects are related to luck, hurting one is a bad omen. It means you’ll be killing your good luck or potential pleasantries.

If you’ve killed a bee in a recent dream, avoid making any important decisions. You’ll be going through a period of bad luck and misfortune.

Furthermore, this dream may mean that you’ve deeply hurt someone. Whether you’ve killed their desire, dreams, or hopes, make sure you ask for forgiveness and make things right.

A queen bee in a dream

Dreaming of a queen bee indicates personal prosperity. People will see you as a leader and trust you to guide them. You need to set yourself free from your boundaries, and then you can achieve the freedom you’re longing for.


What is the biblical meaning of bees in your house?

Dreaming of bees in your house is a bad omen. Even though they symbolize good luck, they are also connected to human souls. It may even symbolize sickness or death to a close one.

Are bees a symbol of a god?

In many cultures, bees are seen as symbols of gods. This is common in Egyptian, Greek, and Hindu mythology.

What is the meaning of bee in Hebrew?

Bee in Hebrew translates to Deborah. This name is associated with two main figures. One was a prophetess, while the other was a nurse of the matriarch Rebecca.


What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of bees? With a highly important symbolism, bees have a dual nature. While most signs allude to them being good luck and rewards, don’t forget their vicious nature.

Focus on the actions they’re performing in your dreams. Only then you will decipher their divine message. Lastly, let God guide you with his wisdom and prevent you from manifesting evil out of superstition.


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