What Does Falling in Your Dreams Mean?

Dreams may help us explore our hidden parts and understand our life’s significance while asleep.

Each night, your soul departs from your body and enters other realities while sleeping. When the soul feels like there is a need to return fast to the body, the vision of falling from a high place appears in your dream. But what does falling in your dreams mean?

Many interpretations exist, but this dream can have a much deeper spiritual symbolism. If you want to discover everything, keep reading!

What Does Falling in Your Dream Mean

What Does Falling in Your Dreams Mean?

Although it might seem uncomfortable and terrifying to dream about falling, these dreams carry a fascinating meaning. A woman dreaming of falling is her being erotically tempted or led by instinctive desires. 

In spirituality, this dream denotes fear of loss and despair. You don’t have to fear anything, as everything in your life unfolds as it should. 

Furthermore, your higher self is sending you a message that a big and important event is happening in the future. Let’s find out the other interpretations!

The Bible

What does falling in your dreams mean? According to the Bible, dreams of falling symbolize fear of failure and loss. This is a message from your guardian angels that you should fear nothing as God’s word will not stumble. You shouldn’t despair, as God will help you overcome all the obstacles.

Something good will happen when you least expect it, and you should move forward in your life with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

The Quran 

Similarly, in Islaam, dreams about falling are connected to certain worries of the dreamer about defeat, loss, troubles, and sorrow. 

If you are going through a bad period and losing hope, this dream conveys that you are strong enough to overcome all the troubles, and the grief and sadness will soon be over.

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Other Possible Interpretations

Loss of emotional balance or self-control

Usually, dreams about falling are provoked by psychological causes. Symbolically speaking, they express a loss of emotional balance or self-control.

Maybe you are experiencing worry and anxiety in your waking life or letting yourself get carried away. This dream reflects insecurity, low self-confidence, collapse, and inability to take care of a situation.

Oneiromancy also connects this dream with someone lying about you and can be a prediction of economic losses.

Deeply rooted insecurities

Falling in dreams is often connected to the dreamer’s deep, rotten insecurities and instabilities. You are feeling that you are failing in life, both socially and professionally. This dream indicates inferiority in certain circumstances like work or school. 

Moreover, you are overwhelmed by the challenges you are facing in your life, and you constantly worry that you aren’t going to reach your goals.

Being erotically tempted 

According to Freud, dreams about falling are more frequently characterized by anxiety. If you are a woman, the symbolic meaning of this dream is giving in to impulses and erotic temptation. You feel powerless in this situation and might feel like you cannot control your instincts.

Alternatively, you need clarification on whether a relationship is going in the right direction. Maybe you and your partner aren’t open enough about your feelings. So, your lack of communication is causing you stress and worries.

Your higher self is warning you of an upcoming surprise 

Your higher self speaks through dreams, often signaling you about a happening in the future. This can signal a forthcoming positive or negative surprise for which you must prepare.

These challenges might be related to something you’ve outgrown, and now you are ready to leave it behind. There is a release from your emotional or mental patterns, which you’ve been holding from the past, and you are overcoming the challenge.

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You Are Tempted to Achieve More

You are tempted to achieve more 

Dreams of falling from a height can be interpreted as building up desires and fantasies we strive to realize. Aiming for more and going even higher whenever we reach a certain level. 

Maybe you are satisfied with your success at the present moment, but this dream represents your subconscious. You are guided not to give up and settle at any point when achieving even greater triumph is possible.

Dreaming of falling is your wake-up call that there is more to explore, and you should keep going just to see what happens.

Lack of support from your closest family and friends 

Throughout our childhood, whenever we fell on the ground, our parents picked us up and tried to console us to calm us down. 

So, this dream can be connected to this part of our life when we rely upon others’ help to stand up again. You might not be getting the support of your closest family and friends, causing you emotional distress.


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