What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes

Many people dream about snakes. Snakes are complex symbols because they can have both positive and negative meanings. To understand what does it mean when you dream about snakes, it is important to consider your own personal experiences with snakes.

It is also essential how the snake is perceived in your culture. For example, if you have a snake as a pet, then your dream will have a different meaning for you than for a person who hates snakes or is terrified of them. So what does it mean when you dream about snakes?

Meanings of Dreams About Snakes


For many people, dreaming about a snake can invoke fear. Snakes are unpredictable and can strike at any time without warning. In this sense, if you see a snake in your dream, it is a symbol of something in your life. It is probably unpredictable and out of your control.

You are afraid of the unknown. This is one of the most common interpretations when it comes to what does it mean when you dream about snakes. That is especially if you dream about snakes everywhere.

Hidden threats

As snakes are sometimes difficult to see and glide in bushes, they are also a symbol of hidden threat and / or betrayal. They always wait for the perfect opportunity to make a move. If the snake bites you, then the dream is trying to warn you of something in waking life that you are not aware of. This could also be a warning about something that is yet to come to the surface.

When interpreting what does it mean when you dream about snakes, we must pay attention to the snake itself. If you see a baby snake in your dream, it means that you underestimate the threat. On the plus side if you kill the snake or if the snake is dead, this threat has passed or that you have overcome it.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes


As creatures that glide on the ground, snakes can also be a symbol of your subconscious. A snake dream can be a warning or a message from your subconscious.

If the snake is friendly, you probably need to undertake some healing process for your body or psyche. If your dream is about a snake attacking you, it is a sure sign that there is a problem or challenge that you are still procrastinating to face. Read more: What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone?


According to the Freudian doctrine of thought, the snake is considered a phallic symbol. This is how Freud’s followers answer the question of what does it mean when you dream about snakes. According to them, the snake means temptation, repressed thoughts, raw sexual energy, or forbidden sexuality.

In particular, if you see a snake on your bed, it suggests that you feel sexually defeated or sexually threatened. You may be inexperienced, nervous or just can’t handle sex. If you are afraid of the snake, these are your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment. If you dream that you are admiring snakes, it means that you are looking for intimacy or sexual satisfaction. You lack sensuality and passion in your life.


When we talk about what does it mean when you dream about snakes, let’s not forget that with the ability to shed their skins, snakes represent a transformation. If your dream leaves you with a positive feeling, it is a positive change, self-renewal, growth, knowledge and wisdom. This is also true if the dream is with a snake in your house.

What new changes have taken place in waking life or what are you looking for to change it? Look for an answer in your dreams. For example, if you dream of a red snake, it emphasizes the positive characteristics of change, as well as your fiery passion. If you have fought the snake, it means you are fighting change. You love things the way they are.


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