Biblical Meaning of Hugging in Dreams

Even if you are not a hugger in real life, you understand that hugging shows emotions, affection, and support. Dreaming of hugging might stimulate positive feelings when you wake up. But you probably wonder about the biblical meaning of hugging in dreams. 

Stay tuned to learn every biblical and spiritual interpretation of hugging in dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Hugging in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Hugging in Dreams

When you dream about something, you think about what God wants to tell you through that dream. Biblical interpretations of dreaming of hugs can give you a strong insight and comprehension of your life.

According to the Bible, dreaming of hugging shows affection, love, empathy, happiness, relief, and acceptance. It might also indicate trust, peace, reconciliation, and comfort.

To understand your dream thoroughly, you must analyze your current life and try to associate the dream with reality. Only that way you can fully comprehend the meaning of your dream.

Biblical Interpretations of Hugging in Dreams

Since dreams are messages from your guardian angel, it is good to know what they mean. Read the following interpretations and try to understand what your guardian angel wanted to tell you.

Love and affection

Dreaming of hugging might be a confirmation that you are a compassionate person. Still, it can also mean your romantic relationship may improve or reach the next level. 

So, if you are in a relationship, your dream about hugging means that God blessed your love, and your relationship will become stronger.

On the other hand, if you are single, this dream means you may meet someone. However, be careful until you see that this person is the right partner for you.

Remember that if you wish to have a successful relationship, you need to believe in God. He will acknowledge your faith and prayers and protect your love.

The concept of love and support is mentioned in many Bible verses. For example, this passage, John 15:12-13, states, “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”


If you have been in a difficult situation, having this dream might indicate that the hardship has passed, and now you feel relieved. It might also be a sign that heaven will bless you.

However, remember that life will put obstacles in your journey now and then. You should be strong, determined, and ready to face new challenges.

As this verse states, Timothy 2:15, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”

You must be dedicated, disciplined, and hard-working to resolve problems and feel relief.

However, you are only human and sometimes can not change things. Therefore, you should pray to God to guide you through life.


Dreaming about hugging is a sign that you need to leave your guard down and start trusting others. Everyone may have been disappointed, but that does not mean to doubt everyone and stop trusting.

Remember that God sends everyone on your journey with a certain purpose. Some people are in your life to support you during difficult times. Therefore, if someone offers help, do not stubbornly refuse it. Having someone to count on in times of trouble is a blessing.

God teaches you that you need to share life with other people. Happiness and joy shared with others are doubled. Trusting in people who genuinely care about you is a good trait of Christians.


This dream might indicate two things in terms of reconciliation. First, it may mean you will be reunited with a forgotten friend. Second, it may be a sign from your angel that you need to fight to keep your struggling relationship with a certain person.

Regardless of your situation, through this dream, God wants to tell you that life is too short to hold a grudge or feel anger toward someone.

Instead of feeling hate, anger, and resentment, consider why God gave you a second chance with someone. Sometimes putting your pride aside will ensure you have beautiful moments with someone.

It is important to remember that there is no place for evil in your life. Living a happy life without regrets is possible if you try resolving situations peacefully, without rage.

Meaning of Hugging in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Hugging in Dreams Based on the Dream’s Situation

Seeing other people hugging

Hugging might remind you of your Christian values if you dream of other people. If you had this dream, you probably had a situation where you should have shown compassion, but you did not do that. As a believer, you should act as God teaches you.

Dreaming of others hugging might be a connection to your waking life if you are facing troubles in the relationship with a partner or a family member. The dream is a message to peacefully bury the past and look into the future. You can do that if you learn to forget and understand that no one is perfect.

Being hugged by a stranger

This is a very positive dream since it means that something beautiful may happen in your life shortly. God is the only one that knows what that is. However, you should be prepared for good news and opportunities. 

Do not be afraid if a problem arises in the meantime since God teaches you to be patient and persistent.

Hugging a stranger

If you dream of hugging someone you do not know, that is your subconscious talking. If you hug a stranger, you want to reach or connect with someone.

This dream might warn you to be cautious since some strangers can be dishonest to you.

Although the Bible teaches you to be kind and welcoming, you must also be cautious toward new people.

Hugging someone for the last time

Hugging someone goodbye in your dream is a message from your guardian angel that some of your closest people may go away in the near future. Although it is normal to feel sad, parting ways with people who were once important to us is also a normal part.

Not everyone is supposed to be in your life until the end. God has a plan for you. You might not always understand it, but it is always for your best.

Hugging Jesus

Dreaming of hugging Jesus has two interpretations. The first is that you understand that your sacrifice will lead you toward better things, while the second is that you will start having faith in your life.

Hugging a dead loved one

Dreaming of hugging someone close to you who is no longer alive means that you feel things between you two were left undone. You are subconsciously looking for closure. God assures you through this dream that your loved one is in a better place.

Hugging yourself

If you hug yourself in a dream, you long for self-love and acceptance. On the other hand, this dream might indicate a desire to be at peace with who you are. 

According to the Bible’s teachings, you must love yourself. Your body is like the temples of the Holy Spirit.

Hugging a spiritual figure

You need protection and guidance if you hug an angel or other spiritual figure. This dream also represents a spiritual awakening.

Hugging a friend or a relative

If you hug someone close to you, it means that you need emotional support. On the other hand, hugging a friend or a relative in your dream may represent your wish to connect more with that person. 

Through its passages, the Bible highlights the importance of love and unity. Your dream is manifesting this unity. 

Spiritual Meaning of Hugging in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Hugging in Dreams

The spiritual interpretation of hugging in dreams varies based on a few factors like you are giving or receiving hugs. 

Dreaming of hugging someone

A crucial factor for correctly interpreting your dream is who you are hugging. Let’s see some examples below:

  • If you dream of hugging an enemy, it symbolizes that you want to connect with that person before the betrayal. 
  • If you dream of hugging someone close to you, you are ready to help and support them.
  • If you dream of hugging an ex-partner, it means that you feel loss or nostalgia. You might be nostalgic for home if you live far away or miss someone.
  • If you dream of hugging someone and feel anxious, it means that your past experiences block you from trying something new.
  • If you dream of hugging a stranger, it means that you should be open to new relationships.
  • If you dream of hugging a child, it might mean you have a strong relationship with your child or desire to be a good parent.

Dreaming of being hugged

You can find the interpretation of your dream based on who hugged you. Remember that your subconscious often influences your dreams. Therefore, dreaming of being hugged by someone might indicate that you want or seek something missing in your life.

  • If you dream of being hugged by someone you like, it means that you are under a lot of stress.
  • If you dream of being hugged by someone you have a close relationship with, it means that you want to resolve an issue with them.
  • If you dream of being hugged by someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, it is a sign to avoid an upcoming awkward situation.
  • If you dream of opening your arms to hug someone who wants to hug you simultaneously, it means that you are ready for new opportunities, such as a new job or another new beginning.

Particular hugging dreams interpretations

Besides the most common hugging dreams and their interpretations given above, We will go deeper and explain what other less common hugging dreams symbolize.

Hugging a colleague in your dream

This is a positive dream since it signifies that you will progress at work. You might get a promotion or a pay rise. On the other hand, this dream might indicate that your friendship with a colleague or colleagues will become stronger.

Hugging you lover

Dreaming of hugging your lover means that your relationship will get better. Moreover, this dream may mean that you will see an improvement in different aspects of your life.

Hugging your friend

This is a positive dream regarding your social life. This dream indicates that your circle of friends is growing, and you will spend amazing moments with them.

Receiving a strong hug

This dream shows that you are thankful for everything you have in life.

Hugging your pet

This dream is a revelation of your positive characteristics. You are a loyal and faithful person and a good friend.

Hugging your teacher

If you dream of hugging your teacher, you must be more responsible.

Being hugged by someone respectable

This dream indicates that you are a respected person in your community. Your work is always acknowledged and appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you dream of hugging your crush?

You often dream about what you long for and desire. This is the most obvious interpretation: you dream about what you want to do in waking life.

What does it mean when you dream about a big hug?

Dreaming about a big, strong hug symbolizes joy, acceptance, protection, and happiness between two people.


The biblical meaning of hugging in dreams is associated with love, acceptance, relief, trust, reconciliation, and comfort.

As with any other dream, to have a correct interpretation, you have to consider the circumstances you are in, in your waking life. Sometimes, you are the only one that can interpret your dream.

Spiritually, dreaming of a hug has mainly positive meanings related to readiness for new beginnings.


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