Biblical Meaning of Rainbow in Dream

In Irish culture, it is said that a rainbow is a path to a leprechaun’s lair, where he guards a huge pot of gold. In Greek mythology, the rainbow is the deity Iris, a messenger goddess. As the rainbow is differently interpreted in many cultures, it has various meanings for different religions, especially in dreams. For Christians, there are many interpretations of the biblical meaning of rainbow in dream. 

Biblical Meaning of Rainbow in Dream

The Biblical Meaning of Rainbow in Dream

Rainbows are frequently used as symbols in the Bible to represent God’s agreements with people and his promises to them. God supposedly promised in the Book of Genesis’ account of Noah’s Ark that he would never flood the Earth, and as a guarantee, he put a rainbow in the sky.

Given this, the Bible interprets a rainbow dream as a symbol of God’s faithfulness and commitment to watch over and provide for you and other people. It could also serve as a reminder of the hope and fresh starts made available by God’s love and grace.

Mentions of rainbows in the Bible

The rainbow is explicitly mentioned in the Bible three times. The mention of the rainbow can be found in the following verses:

Genesis 9:12-17

In Genesis 9, Noah and his family are described as exiting the ark and assisting the heavenly Father in accomplishing his plans for his offspring.

They were a family in a similar circumstance to Adam and Eve since they were the sole family on Earth. However, Noah’s family had the advantage of being aware of his chronological and spiritual history prior to the flood.

The rainbow came to symbolize God’s kindness and love for Noah’s family.

Ezekiel 1:28

A rainbow is part of a description of Ezekiel’s vision of God and his splendor.

He has chosen symbols and metaphors to express the magnificence of God and heaven since it’s difficult to capture the scene using mankind’s language. The rainbow serves as one of these symbols.

Revelation 4:1-3

John’s future vision begins in Revelation chapter 4. In heaven, John notices a door opening. He is urged to enter and view God’s plan from a heavenly perspective.

There, he sees God’s throne and the world in all its heavenly splendor

It is around God’s throne that he sees a rainbow.

Rainbow Dreams According to the Bible

7 Take-Aways From Rainbow Dreams According to the Bible

Jesus’s blood and sacrifice

When you see a rainbow in your dream and the color red shines the brightest out of any other, it’s a reference to Jesus’ atoning death for your sins.

Red is a spiritual symbol of life and blood. According to the Bible, the color red refers to the blood of Jesus, who served as God’s sacrifice to atone for human sin.

As a result, anytime your attention is drawn to the red hue in the rainbow, it’s referring to Jesus, who died for mankind’s sins.

Happiness and joy

If you happen to dream of a rainbow in which the color yellow significantly stands out, it symbolizes happiness and joy.

Yellow spiritually represents cheerfulness, pleasure, and contentment. The yellow hue has a similar meaning in the Bible.

Consider this as a reminder to have fun, laugh until your cheeks ache, and just be joyful.

A personal message 

Consider the account of the great flood and Noah’s dialogue with God following it. God promised mankind that he would never again do damage to us by placing a rainbow in the sky.

Except for Noah, no one else is known to have reported witnessing the rainbow. This might be seen as a promise made specifically to Noah. Consequently, seeing a rainbow in your dreams can be a promise from God to you

If there were any other individuals in your dream, try to recall if they also witnessed it. Examine the setting of the dream and the happenings in your waking life to decipher the message. 

Live a holy life

A rainbow serves as motivation to live a virtuous life before God. God uses the colors of the rainbow to convey his message about holiness.

Every time the seven colors of the rainbow are added together in physics, white light results. White is a symbol of holiness in the spiritual realm.

God may be motivating you to live a life that is more devoted to his will and purposes by using the rainbow as a symbol.

Keep your promises

God considers Christians as his children. You are also a child of God. Therefore, as his children, Christians share some of his characteristics.

God is urging you to keep your vows and stick by your word whenever you see a rainbow in your dreams. You can demonstrate your status as God’s child in this way.

God loves you

If you see a rainbow in your dreams, this is a sign that God loves you. Every time he shows you a rainbow in your dreams, he wants you to be aware of his affection for you. 

We have been cherished eternally by God. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s unending love for people.


According to Revelation 10, angels may have rainbows around or on their heads. In light of this, angels may manifest on Earth as rainbows. 

It may very likely be an angel in your dream if you sense a supernatural presence and see a rainbow. Additionally, if you dream about a rainbow and its hues are moving quickly, it may be an angel. 

Biblical Meaning of the Colors of the Rainbow

The Biblical Meaning of the Colors of the Rainbow

Seven colors make up a rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Let’s have a look at what each color individually means according to the Bible:

  • Red. Blood of Jesus, love of God, the blood of the lamb, salvation, or atonementOrange. Deliverance, the fire of God, or passionate praise
  • Yellow. Faith and glory of God, anointing, joy, or happiness
  • Green. Growth, restoration, praise, prosperity, a new beginning, or flourishing
  • Blue. Heaven, the Holy Spirit, or authority
  • Indigo. Revelation, the divine, authority, or holiness
  • Purple. Wealth, royalty, priesthood, kingship, or mediator

Spiritual Meaning of Rainbow in Dream

Ultimately, dreaming of a rainbow is a symbol of fortune and good and joyous times ahead. Although almost all rainbow dreams mean something positive, different rainbow scenarios have different meanings.

Seeing a rainbow

Regardless of the sort of dream, seeing a rainbow in a dream indicates that you are moving in the correct direction.

The rainbow has a strong connection to both your spiritual path and your beliefs. It is a reminder for you to maintain your faith and persevere in pursuing your most essential objectives. 

Seeing a rainbow in your dreams is a reminder to keep battling if luck hasn’t been on your side throughout life.

Rainbow in the sky

A rainbow in the sky displays your distinct beauty and individuality. It also shows you that you’re quite capable despite life’s hardships. 

However, if you sense that the sky is coming closer to you, it implies that life is difficult for you.

Rainbow at night

It would be amazing to see a rainbow at night.

The rainbow represents your undying faith and your ability to persevere and triumph despite difficulties.

Spiritual Meaning of Rainbow in Dream

Rainbow in water

A harmonious connection with friends and those you love may be indicated by seeing a rainbow in water in your dream. This means that you have a strong sense of civic responsibility, which is crucial for your personal development.

A rainbow reflected in water also may represent all your future expectations. It’s a sign that your passion is still strong, therefore, everything will work in your favor.

Rainbow in the sea

This kind of dream suggests that you’re on course to experience prosperity.

It’s not possible to see in the depths of the deep sea. However, this doesn’t imply that your future will be gloomy and unsettling.

This dream also advises you to concentrate on your work since good outcomes will come as a consequence.

Rainbow in a pond

This dream indicates that you’ll soon travel overseas. Additionally, there’s a chance you’ll connect with powerful individuals who will have a good influence on your life.

Rainbow and rain

Rain and a rainbow as symbols depict two distinct things. First, you have to struggle with the storm. It portends that you will face trying and tough circumstances in the future.

The rainbow’s colors, however, imply that you will be prosperous in the future. Generally, you’ll prevail over all the unpleasant things that will happen. You will survive the storm.

This dream interpretation may cause you to fear the future. However, this is merely a reminder to stay focused and keep working towards your goals.

Rainbow and Rain Dream Meaning

Double rainbow

It suggests that you may have discovered your mental tranquillity in this existence.

You now understand where you should concentrate all your attention and the value of giving it your all in order to get the desired income.

Triple rainbow

Although they’re uncommon, triple rainbows do appear. Some believe that this dream indicates that you and another person will be lucky in the upcoming period. You’ll get to let someone else benefit from your good fortune.

Others, though, think that having a triple rainbow in your dreams will bring you three times the luck. 

Many rainbows

The presence of several rainbows in a dream portends good fortune and abundance in romantic relationships. Keep in mind that every rainbow is an image in itself. Each rainbow represents a different emotion.

One rainbow represents your emotions, and the emotion of the person you love makes up the remainder.

Fading rainbow

Dreaming about a fading rainbow isn’t a promising sign. According to this dream, your aspirations and dreams won’t be realized at this time of your life.

You shouldn’t be discouraged since it simply indicates that there’s a good chance of your goals being achieved eventually. Everything will come out perfectly if you only put in a little bit more effort. 

This dream is also trying to remind you not to worry about things too much. Life is too short to waste it worrying.

Painting a rainbow

Children frequently draw rainbows on walls, windows, and on the sidewalk. As a result, your dream serves as a reminder to surround yourself with joy and innocence at different points in your life.

You’ll go through various experiences that embody the innocence of a kid. This will allow you to experience friendships and relationships from a different and unique perspective.

Golden rainbow

Dreaming about a golden rainbow provides important life insight. Your dream of achieving professional and financial success will come true. This is the starting point in your career.

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

This dream foretells the luck you’ll attract in life as a result of your efforts. It usually relates to taking pleasure in monetary benefits. The catch is that indulging in money and material things will be a rare occurrence in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dreaming of a rainbow always a good sign?

Since rainbows are commonly associated with hope and fulfilled promises, rainbow dreams are a positive sign. Rainbow dreams also serve as encouraging reminders to keep going and not give up.

What does it mean if you dream about a black rainbow?

A black rainbow is a bad omen. It represents manipulative people with bad intentions. The black rainbow in your dream might be someone in your life who is pretending to be a friend but might hurt you soon.

Final Thoughts

The biblical meaning of rainbow in dreams is direct and unambiguous. According to the Bible, the rainbow in your dream symbolizes God’s assurance of protection and provision. However, bear in mind that each person’s interpretation of their own dream may vary.

In the end, only you are capable of understanding the significance of your dream. It could be beneficial to take into account the context of the dream and your current life events to understand the meaning behind your dream better.


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