Saint Anthony Prayer for Lost Things

Prayers in the Bible are the only way Christian believers communicate with God. Since the beginning of the religion, many verses in the scripture depict people crying out to the Lord, asking for guidance, health, and strength. However, many also use the Saint Anthony prayer for lost things such as objects, faith, love, and more.

Believers or unbelievers, prayers significantly impact one’s mind and body. These small but powerful words can bring peace and comfort to anyone who truly means them. But what is the purpose behind prayers to Saint Anthony for lost things?

Continue reading this article to discover everything you need to know about these prayers and their receiver.

Saint Anthony Prayer for Lost Things

The Saint Anthony Prayer For Lost Things Biblical Meaning

Saint Anthony is one of the most renowned saints in the Christian religion and Catholic Church. He is portrayed as the one who’s holding baby Jesus in his arms. However, you can also find him holding a lily, a book, or all three at the same time.

Saint Anthony was born in 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal, and was named Fernando at Baptism. The story of Saint Anthony is very special and one to look up to.

His life represents what kind of life every Christian believer should aim to live. His life was filled with love, faith, understanding, and dependence on God. His strength to face any conditions and considerations for others made him the saint that he is.

However, it may be hard to handle anything coming our way. That’s why many believers turn to prayers to ask God to guide them through troubling times. Saint Anthony is favoured and beloved in the Christian religion.

He is almost always responsive to anyone aiming their prayers toward him. His intercessory powers before our God are powerful and required for many hurting souls.

Saint Anthony Prayer

What does the Bible say about Saint Anthony prayer for lost things

Losing something sentimental and valuable to your heart can be devastating. You may look for it for hours, days, months, or even years but still turn empty-handed. Luckily, Christian Catholic believers have someone they can turn to.

Saint Anthony from Padua is known as the patron saint of lost and stolen things or articles. Many believers are familiar with invoicing prayers to this saint to find lost items. This may include many things, from physical objects and items like a book, pictures, and wallets to something more significant like love, faith, and peace.

Why is Saint Anthony known for returning lost things?

The reason why Saint Anthony is known for finding lost things is because of a book he had lost in his lifetime. While teaching at a Franciscan monastery in Montpellier, he always kept a book. The book was of the Psalms, which he had copied by hand.

However, in the 13th century, books were very hard to get to and nearly impossible to copy. One day, one of his novices decided to leave Franciscan, and he took Anthony’s book with him.

Anthony became deeply devastated, thinking he would never return the book. Although, with faith in the Lord, he prayed for the young man to return and give his book back. Shortly after, the boy returned, returning the book and asking Saint Anthony for forgiveness.

The book is said to be stated in the Franciscan monastery in Bologna, Italy. After Saint Anthony’s death, this story spread around like wildfire. He became known as a powerful patron saint for lost things, and his reputation only grew over the years.

Bible verses for Saint Anthony prayer for lost things

In the Bible, there are many verses and prayers you can use for lost things. With these prayers, you may find the path to the sentimental object or need you’ve been looking for a long time. Some of the most common verses for lost things lie in Matthew 7:7, Luke 10:11, and Genesis 26:32.

However, Saint Anthony is the best saint to turn to when losing something. He holds the most special power received from God for restoring lost things. Legend has it that if these prayers are said during the evening or close to objects related to Saint Anthony, it may increase the chances of being heard.

Furthermore, numerous versions of these prayers exist, all seeking Saint Anthony’s help. So, here are some of the most common prayers to this Holy Saint for lost things:

Bible Verses for Saint Anthony Prayer for Lost Things

Traditional prayer to Saint Anthony for lost things

The first one we’ll look into is the most common and traditional prayer believers use to turn to Saint Anthony for lost things.

The prayer starts with glorifying Saint Anthony and referring to him as the perfect imitator of Jesus. You’ll be asking him to grant you what you’ve lost through the power invested in him by God. However, after this, you can try asking him to at least restore tranquility or peace of mind so you don’t mourn the materialistic items but rather focus on your spiritual self.

Furthermore, you will ask him to remain in possession of all that is good and pure: God. You will offer everything you possess in this materialistic world only to have your greatest treasure. This is your eternal life with God and your spiritual connection to Him.

Prayer of a petition to Saint Anthony

In the second prayer of petition to Saint Anthony, you’ll start by praising him and his gifts gifted from our Lord. Then go on by saying the miracles he has done and his happiness in receiving baby Jesus in his arms.

Continue by asking him to do this favor for you through God to retrieve what you’ve been missing. Pledge your promise to be kind and selfless for people experiencing poverty as he was in his time and still is. Ask him to exalt the glory of God through him and return your lost object or feeling.

Dedicate your life to the service of God and live as the teachings of the Gospel say. Ask for his blessing to be good, faithful, and pleasing to our one true God.

Prayer to Saint Anthony for help in troubling times

The next prayer we’ll discuss is to Saint Anthony for help in troubling times. In this prayer, you’ll start by addressing him and his glory. Then ask him to reach down from the kingdom of Heaven for your hand so that you know you have his support and love.

Then ask for his assistance and protection for those in need and during troubling times. Ask him to obtain your needs, such as strength, love, and faith. Heed his guidelines and lessons to remain humble and thankful as he was.

Prayer to Saint Anthony for obtaining things

The prayer for obtaining things starts with a greeting and praising Saint Anthony and his powers and miracles. Through his good deeds and selflessness, he gained these abilities to grant needs and desires to anyone who truly and sincerely needs them.

Then, state your thoughts and plead for his mercy to obtain your needed item, object, or material. Ask his sympathetic heart to grant and whisper your wish to baby Jesus, who loved to be folded in his arms.

Finish your prayers with genuine gratitude and faithfulness. Remain living by the Gospel and stay true to your Lord, Jesus Christ.

Prayer to Saint Anthony for help in finding a home

Regarding prayers for finding homes, Saint Anthony may be the best one to pray to. Your prayer can start off with stating what you desperately need at that moment. Ask Saint Anthony to help you find a home to live in and be happy.

Pray you to find a home where you can eat, sleep, rest, and pray. Knowing that Saint Anthony has the power to help you with this difficult task is what really matters. Having faith and depending on him to guide you now and forever will find you a home.

Short prayers to Saint Anthony

If you’re looking for very short prayers, you can say to Saint Anthony he will hear you regardless of the prayer. Here are two of the most common prayers to him for lost things:

“Dear St. Anthony, please come around: something is lost, and it cannot be found.”

“St. Anthony, the servant of Mary, obtain for us greater devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.”

Saint Anthony Prayer For Lost Things Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

There are many saints depicted holding items in their hands. However, through iconography, we can understand the Christian faith and its symbolism. These items and icons display the life of these saints. The items in saints’ hands are believed to be their instruments of salvation. They are the tools by which God saved and glorified them.

You can find anything from saints holding a cross, a scroll, the Gospel book, a small church building objects, and weapons in the form of swords, lances, or shields. As we’ve mentioned before, Saint Anthony is typically depicted by holding three things in his icons.

One is baby Jesus himself, wrapped around his hands. You can also find icons of him holding a lily or what is believed to be the Gospel Book. Furthermore, in some cases, you can find him holding all three at once. You’re probably wondering why this is.

Here is the spiritual and symbolic meaning of items being held by saints.

Person in the woods praying

Spiritual meaning of holding baby Jesus

Next to the Mother of Christ, Saint Anthony is most often depicted holding baby Jesus. This icon is among the most favored and beloved icons in the Christian faith and Catholic churches.

This holy representation holds great significance to believers and is one of the most honored guests a saint may receive. Saint Anthony holding the child Jesus Christ depicts salvation and grace. It represents the power bestowed in him to antsy your prayers for lost things.

Furthermore, this represents the freedom of choice granted to all of us. Saints do not choose whether they’d be wise hermits, virgin martyrs, or evangelists. However, they’re the ones who choose whether to accept the role God gave them or not.

This only shows God’s perfect plan, divinity, and grace. It also depicts His unconditional love for us since He gave us the freedom to choose how to live our lives.

Spiritual meaning of holding a lily

There are many saints presented in icons holding flowers, especially lily flowers. From ancient times to this day, these flowers donate beauty and harmony to Christian icons and paintings.

Furthermore, according to the Bible, a lily holds great symbolism and spiritual significance. In many different cultures and religions, the flower is often associated with funerals and death. However, the lily carries a different story and meaning among Christian believers.

This gracious flower is mainly associated with the Virgin Mary since it represents purity, innocence, and fertility. This sums up the symbol of Jesus’ mother. Moreover, the Bible’s spiritual meaning of a lily flower represents love and devotion.

Spiritual meaning of holding the Gospel Book

In the New Testament, we encounter the Apostles as they guide believers and keep them strong in faith. So, it’s only fitting to present them in icons holding their greatest weapon of all: The Gospel Book.

Their teachings and preachings are grounded in The Gospel. They proclaimed these overseers to the good and faithful believers. So, Saint Anthony held the book as an instrument through which God granted him sainthood.

Furthermore, holding the Gospel represents holy devotion, undivided faith, and unquestionable loyalty to his religion and one God.

Biblical Meaning of Holding the Gospel Book

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you pray to St. Anthony?

More than often, if prayers are filed with sincere thought and open heart, they’re almost always answered. One way or another, you may not always find your missing item, but you will find comfort one way or another.

Why did St. Anthony become a saint?

Anthony died in 1231 when he was 36. After his death, the church declared him a saint because of the many miracles he had done during his life.


In conclusion, prayers have been a primal way for believers to contact God, since the beginning of religion and faith. We use prayers for various needs and desires. Whether it’s for strength, health, or a missing item, we often turn to Saint Anthony prayer for lost things to comfort ourselves.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the spiritual significance and symbolism of prayers to Saint Anthony.


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