Do Cats Go To Heaven?

Everyone loves their pets. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, their innocent and loving lives may change ours forever. That’s why losing them can be one of the most devastating things ever. So, do cats go to Heaven? This article will provide all the information you need and whether you will see them in the afterlife.

The idea that your beloved cats may be waiting for you in Heaven can comfort many people. In our lives on earth, these pets can be with us for a short period of time of 10 to 15 years, sometimes even more. That’s why many people wonder whether they’ll see them again. Luckily, you’ll find out everything you need to know in this article.

Do Cats Go to Heaven

Do Cats Go To Heaven?

Regardless of your religion, culture, and faith, you’ve most likely wondered about the afterlife at least once. If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably wondered the same thing about your pet. These questions are significantly interesting for theologians to consider, so there are various theories and answers.

Even though we’ll never truly know whether we’ll see our pets in the afterlife, some of these theories may put our hearts at ease. Various religions suggest different concepts of the afterlife of pets. Some believe they come back reincarnated, while others believe they go on to live with their Gods.

Some religions also have theories that cats lack souls and the concept of free will. So this indicates that they are not subject to either punishment or reward, thus not having an afterlife.

However, in the Bible, there’s no specification of whether cats really go to Heaven. But, many verses in both the New and Old Testament suggest that all animals, therefore including cat family members, will go to Heaven.

Bible and Cats Going to Heaven

The Bible does not talk about salvation in the same manner as humans. We differ from animals in many ways. Many Christian believers see the difference in their rational souls and freedom of will. However, various opinions and theories surround death and the afterlife in general.

This phase in our lives is one of the saddest but most certain realities. Our grief and devastation cannot match other sorrow or loss like death. Since Adam and Eve have revolted against God, all creations, including cats, are bound to experience death, Genesis 3:14-19.

However, this does not make God cruel or ruthless. God is familiar and feels our loss and grief. Through Psalm 34:18, we see that He cares when we lose our precious pets and understands our pain. As stated in Matthew 10:29, God cares about every little creature on this earth, and not one dies without His knowledge.

On the other hand, many argue that animals cannot reach salvation. Because we as humans can appreciate the difference between good and evil, animals cannot. Thus, they cannot be judged since their actions are not free-willed or conscious but instinctive.

Bible Verses Referencing Cats

Although the Bible implies that there will be animals in Heaven, it doesn’t specifically mention domestic cats. Many scholars agree that the kingdom of God is sometimes depicted with poetic standards. So, we should take the presence of animals literally.

The first verse that teaches us about animals’ afterlife is in Romans 8:21-22. In this verse, we understand that God’s creations, including animals and cats, will be set free and welcomed in His Kingdom. This is because we all have been groaning together and carrying burdens and pain from birth till death.

Furthermore, the verses of Psalm 36:6 teach us of God’s kindness, divinity, and love. He saves all men and beasts without exceptions. Even though we sometimes do not understand His ways, our Lord always does the right thing.

Bible Verses Referencing Cats

What is the new earth and what will it be like?

The most renowned description of Heaven is among the verses of 2 Peter 3:10-13, Revelation 21:1-5, Isaiah 65:17-19, and 66:22. Through these verses; the Bible teaches us of the new earth and everything in it. The phrase new earth suggests that the afterlife will be something different and new. However, the New Earth will still share some similarities with the Earth we are currently living in.

These verses align with many beliefs and theories while also connecting many previously confusing statements to many believers. For example, in the verses in Isaiah 65:25, the Lord says that the wolf and the sheep will graze together, the lion will eat like an ox, and dust will be a serpent’s food. He continues to state that they shall not hurt or destroy all His holy mountains.

This suggests that the wolf is the same animal on the new earth but different since it does not need or want to attack the sheep. The verses can also refer to cats, as the lion does not require killing to survive.

Why are animals welcomed on the new earth?

Many believers or unbelievers often wonder why animals go to Heaven. Here on earth, God created a purpose for each and every one of them. However, in the kingdom of God, everyone will have everything that’s required and much more. So, why are animals in Heaven?

These divine creatures are also a part of God’s divine creation, just like us. As we glorify Him, so do animals. From the giant elephant to the smallest ant, they reflect God’s attributes and divinity, as stated in Romans 1:19-20.

After the fall, animals greatly suffered because of a sin that was not theirs. But these creatures never rebelled against God; people did. As shown in Romans 8:21, animals are only innocent victims affected by our rebellion against the one and only creator.

The verses only confirm the animals’ purity.

Do Cats Go To Heaven: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

In every religion and tribe, cats are known to have great spiritual significance and symbolism. Even though their meaning varies from culture to culture, oftentimes, they’re looked at as creatures with a higher power. For some, they may be a guardian angel, a messenger from the heavens, or even a symbol of evil, a tempting spirit that serves the Antichrist.

However, in the Christian religion, cats signify the sin of pride. These witty creatures are a symbol of independence, patience, and self-sufficiency. Cats remind us to put our faith and reliance on God’s perfect plan and guidance, not our merits.

Furthermore, they are a representation of purity and innocence, which indicates divine attributes and holiness. So, whatever the case may be, many believe we may see our furry friends in Heaven, waiting for us to live an eternal life together.

Even though no one has an exact or guaranteed answer, there are many speculations and theories of where they might go.

Do Cats Go to Heaven Spiritual Meaning

What do different religions say about a cat’s afterlife

Seeing our pets in the afterlife is not guaranteed. The afterlife itself is a theory no one can genuinely confirm. The only comfort we have is God and His words he sent us through the Bible.

However, many other tribes and cultures have their own interpretations and beliefs about the afterlife. Not only do these religions believe in the reincarnation of people, but they expand this concept to the realm of animals as well.

Every religion and culture based on reincarnation is defined as a rebirth of the soul. These believers suggest that we are a living essence in a temporary physical vessel before indulging in the spiritual world.

In following religions, you’re about to discover that reincarnation is also possible for our pets.


Hinduism is one of the oldest and most renowned religions regarding reincarnation and spirituality. This religion has a deep and complex concept about the soul’s rebirth. Believers of Hinduism suggest that humans and animals have souls and are caught in the cycle of life.

However, Hinduism is based on the concept of karma. This means that depending on the deeds you’ve done, you’ll be reincarnated in a “higher” or “lower” form. You may be reincarnated in an animal or “lower” form if you lack spiritual knowledge, self-awareness, and intelligence.

That’s why animal mistreatment is considered bad karma, which can lead to a lower form of reincarnation.


Sikhism has a similar concept of reincarnation and multiple life cycles, such as Hinduism. These cycles continue until our souls reach ultimate spirituality and escape death once and for all.

However, only human souls are believed to be able to reach ultimate salvation and become Gurmukh (one with God).


Furthermore, the religion of Buddhism differs from Hinduism in several ways. For instance, the concept of karma is a little different in this culture. Karma is an ever-changing state of human essence and being.

There are six realms that you can be reincarnated from, of which three are considered to be holy and heavenly. However, the other three are considered evil and hellish. Unfortunately, animal reincarnation is believed to fall under the category of hellish realms.

Moreover, like Hinduism, in Buddhism, reincarnation into an animal is thought to be a step back from spiritual enlightenment. This painful cycle only ends when one achieves enlightenment and complete control over earthly desires.

As a result, Buddhists believe their pets, whether cats or dogs need help achieving a higher power. Therefore, many believers of this faith perform religious activities in their presence to help these lost souls.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, it’s no surprise cats were worshiped, praised, and thought to have higher powers. But, Egyptians did not believe in reincarnation. They believe that the spirit of their Gods rested in the cat’s bodies. So, cats would go on to do great things in the afterlife for their masters.

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Cats Afterlife
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do religious scholars disagree about the afterlife for cats?

Many religious scholars don’t believe that we’ll see our cats in the afterlife since there’s no specific mention that cats will go to Heaven.

What does God say about losing your cat?

The verses in Ecclesiastes 3:18-20 are the most profound and evident verses, which state that “all go to one place”. This means that all of God’s Creation will go in one place, so grieving pet parents don’t have to worry whether their pet is in a good place.


Ultimately, do cats go to Heaven?

Cats have a significant and deep spiritual meaning in various religions. While some believe they return reincarnated, others suggest they have a higher power.

In the Bible, there are no specific mentions that cats go to Heaven. However, many believe God has a place for them all, and we’ll see them in the afterlife. So, any grieving pet parent is comforted through the scripture that you’ll have a reunion with your pet in the Kingdom of God.

Hopefully, this article has comforted you and provided helpful information regarding your cat’s afterlife.


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