Biblical Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Like it or not, spiders are a recurring dream symbol. But eerie as they may appear, in dreams, they are not usually associated with bad news! According to the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams, there can be both good and bad omens. Here, we’ll explore all the symbolic aspects of these eight-legged arachnids.

The Bible says that dreams are messages from God. So, let’s see what divine directives these creepy crawlers carry into our dreams.

Spiders in Dreams Biblical Meaning

Spiders in Dreams Biblical Meaning

Spiders have a special place in the spiritual world. They are present in ancient scripts of many cultures and religions. Even the ancient Egyptians had a spider-like deity called Neith. But what does the Bible say about these tiny creatures? 

Spiders are mostly used as a metaphor in the Bible, and in some versions of the Holy Book, they’re metaphorically presented as lizards and moths. 

“The lizard you may grasp with the hands, Yet it is in kings’ palaces”. (Proverbs 30:28)

This means that despite their small size, spiders are worthy of a King’s palace. In other words, the spider’s wisdom and skillfulness allow them to live, literally where kings do.

Spider’s web also appears metaphorically throughout the Holy Book but often in a negative context. For example, in the Book of Job, it’s used to describe something weak to rely on, like the “trust in a hypocrite”. 

“His confidence is severed, and his trust is a spider’s web”. (Job 8:14)

Similarly, the weakness and uselessness of a spider’s web are used to describe the evil actions in the verses of the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament.

“They hatch adders’ eggs; they weave the spider’s web; he who eats their eggs dies, and from one that is crushed a viper is hatched. Their webs will not serve as clothing; men will not cover themselves with what they make. Their works are works of iniquity, and deeds of violence are in their hands.” (Isaiah 59:5-6)

That said, the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams isn’t always bad. Even through the biblical lens, many dream encounters with spiders can be interpreted as a good omen.

Spiders in Dreams: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

In a biblical sense, spider-related symbols have conflicting meanings. As you can see in the citations above, in some cases, the spider’s web is considered useless, and at other times, spiders are glorified as creatures with attributes like excellence, wisdom, and patience. 

Spiders in Dreams – The Positive Side

In spite of their looks, there are many positive connotations associated with spiders in dreams. They possess intelligence, creativity, and patience– characteristics all of which are praised in biblical texts. In this context, seeing a spider in your dreams can mean a positive change in your life. 

Spiders in Dreams - The Positive Side

A higher calling and excellence

The Bible puts great emphasis on the spider’s web-waving skills. So, it’s no wonder that the spider is associated with work and excellence. 

If you dream about a spider, it may simply be a reminder of a higher mission in your life that you haven’t gotten around to excelling in. In this case, the dream of a spider urges you to follow your intuition. Step by step, it will lead you to your higher calling. 

Seeing a spider in your dream may simply mean you should wake up and nurture your creative side.

God’s wisdom

When you dream of spider/s falling from the sky, the Lord is with you, sending help from above. Why spiders? In this context, spiders symbolize wisdom and patience and help you deal with challenging issues in your waking life. In simpler terms, spiders falling from the sky can embody the answers to your prayers.

Divine protection

Spiders make and hold all the strings of their webs, so it’s no wonder they represent a higher power. Their presence in your dreams may symbolize a visit of the divine– a comforting reminder that your destiny is in safe hands. 

A spider’s web can be your symbolic defender against evil influences. The web can catch these and block their negative energy before reaching you. Another way to interpret a spider’s web is as a symbolic “chance catcher” that entraps opportunities, not allowing them to slip by you. 

In any case, dreaming of a spider’s web is a good thing if you’re not the one entrapped in it. Seeing it in front of you signifies protection and opportunities coming your way.

Personal prosperity 

Dreams of spiders making their own web are a sign of excellence. This indicates that you’re in a powerful position in your life where you control what happens to you. If the spider you see in front of you is a tarantula, you can expect sudden growth. 

Additionally, witnessing a spider web you are not entangled in your dream is a good sign. Expect good things to happen on a personal and financial plan.

Dreams of spiders making their own web are a sign of excellence

Being in the flow

Spiders don’t go running around to catch their meal. Instead, they patiently wait for the next meal to be “served” into their web. In dreams, a spider’s web can be an opportunity catcher– the Lord’s way of letting you know you’re on the right track. Dreaming of a spider web means luck and good things coming your way, even if you sit back and relax.

Overcoming obstacles

Moreover, killing a spider in dreams is a symbol of overcoming an obstacle or a concern. It’s often a good thing if you manage to kill spiders in your dream. You’ll soon conquer all your goals and overcome the obstacles along the way.

Spiders act strategically, setting a trap and waiting for their prey. Dreaming of a spider may indicate a good time to up your strategic game and reach your goals.

Spiders in Dreams – The Negative Side

Spiders in Dreams - The Negative Side

Manipulation and deceit

Lying in a spider’s web is a symbolic way your consciousness is letting you know that you’ve fallen prey to a manipulative, evil entity.

Unlike the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams, where the evil influence is a religious temptation, in symbolism, spiders may indicate a troublesome romantic relationship or a particular situation at work. 

If you’re fighting to escape from a spider’s web in a dream, your environment suffocates you. There’s a good chance you’re already dealing with a real-life situation that you can’t overcome.

Unlike bugs which usually refer to haunting thoughts, worries, and anxiety, dreaming about a spider on a web usually symbolizes a deceitful person who wants to control how you see others close to you. In this case, the spider presents you with its web of lies. Much like in real life, it’s waiting for your next move, hoping the move will lead toward your entrapment. 

Unresolved fears

Admittedly, spiders are not a pleasant sight, especially in dreams. If you feel panicky and ready to flee the spider-ridden scene in dreams, it means in your waking life, you’re running away from your own fears instead of facing them. 

Self-sabotage and doubt

If a particularly big spider pays you a visit in your dream, it may represent you! A large spider is your shadow self that needs to be heard and understood. If you have a dark side that you deny or repress, it can take the form of a spider.

Dreaming of a big spider might represent self-sabotage and doubt

Bad habits and health issues

Are spiders crawling on you? Then, you’re fighting invading thoughts and self-harming actions like addiction. Things are worse if spiders invade your hair- the symbol of vitality and health. Thus, if there’s a spider infestation in your hair and you try to get rid of them, you might face a health problem or another obstacle threatening your way of life.

Toxic environment and negativity

Seeing her majesty-the Black Widow in dreams is hardly a good sign. This black and red-dotted poisonous arachnid usually signifies a hostile, toxic environment. If you feel fear in your dream, it’s a sign of danger, threats, and negativity coming your way. 

Relationship troubles and repressed pain

A painful or sudden breakup is something no one wants to experience. So, be warned if a spider bites you in a dream. In a spiritual sense, a spider’s bite is an attack on a connection you may hold dear. Another meaning of this terrifying dream is a manifestation of a repressed pain you may deny and overlook. 

Other Symbolic Meanings of Spiders

Spiders are very popular in the spiritual world. This isn’t surprising given that, throughout history, they’ve inhabited the same living spaces as humans. 

So, generally speaking, we can talk about spiders’ symbolism for hours on end, but if we want to dig deeper into their meaning, we should be attentive to their appearance (size, form, and color).

Symbolic Meanings of Spiders

The symbolic meaning of spiders in dreams by color

Black spiders represent mysticism and originality. If you see a black spider in your dreams, it is your calling to express the creativity you’ve been repressing this whole time. Be mindful, though; dreaming of black spiders is not always a good thing. The black color is often associated with darkness and mysticism, and it serves as an omen or warning of bad signs.

Brown spiders urge for humility and awareness. If you dream of these, pay attention to small things and details in your life. Try to focus on the key aspects of your personal strength.

Red spiders bring the action! A red spider should be a wake-up call to take action. If you want to protect what you have or concur new horizons, the red spider in your dream says – the time is now!

White spiders represent simplicity and peace. A white spider makes you aware that there’s a simpler and more “to the core” way of thinking and acting. If you want a clear mind, you should tame your thoughts and get in touch with yourself on a deeper level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do spiders symbolize?

Just like the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams, spiders can have good and bad connotations in spirituality. Mostly, spiders are associated with creation, femininity, and destiny. As creatures that make their web, they are considered fortune-makers. A spider is a symbol of wisdom and power over one’s destiny.

Is it good to see spiders in your dream?

Spiders can represent anxious thoughts and fears that are subconsciously bugging you. However, these tiny creatures can also symbolize success, a higher calling, and divine protection. The best way to tell if they’re bad or a good sign in your dream is to note the feelings they evoke.

Are spiders in dreams a sign of good luck?

In many cultures and religions, spider webs, rather than spiders, are a sign of good fortune. In dreams as well, a spider web or a spider on your path can mean things are looking up for you. Spiders may represent a divine entity that’s constructing your future. 


Ultimately, the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams can be both good and bad. So, how should we interpret them? It’s easy!

If you fear these eight-legged entities in your dream, they are, most likely, the anxious thoughts and dangers that inhabit your waking life. But if you aren’t scared, spiders in dreams may mean a divine presence, protection, good luck, and personal growth. So, the next time you see a spider in your dream, don’t run or chase it away. Pay attention to it, knowing their presence can be a divine message.


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