How to Overcome Addiction Biblically

Often, when people find themselves struggling with any type of addiction, they turn to faith and religion. For some people, this is their only saving grace, searching for how to overcome addiction biblically.

Drug addiction, smoking cigars, gambling, and watching too much pornography are only some types of addiction that can change your personality and damage your health.

How to Overcome Addiction Biblically

What Does the Bible Say About Addiction?

The impact of harmful addictions on people is mentioned many times in the Bible. It is stated that no matter what you are addicted to, God can help you free yourself from temptations.

Desires are connected to the abuse of substances in the Bible. To overcome addiction with the help of God and holy spirits, a person is required to free the devil and evil thoughts kept inside.

It is believed that if an addict fully devouts himself to God, he will eventually be purified from all his sins. God forgives his people even when they don’t keep promises to themselves.

What does the bible say about all types of addiction?

Different types of addiction are listed in the Bible. The verses used to refer to these addictions offer a metaphorical description of the reasons why people struggle with sobriety:

Alcohol addiction

Dangerous consumption of alcohol is described as damaging the intellect of human beings. The mind is occupied by devouring thoughts, which leads to difficulties with sobriety. In this way, the soul is also affected, and a person cannot deal with this addiction without support.

A person's hand is chained to a bottle of wine.

Sex addiction

Addiction to sexual immoralities is highly frowned upon in the Bible. This state of mind is a reason why people do not feel close to God and cannot enter his kingdom unless they take control of their lives.

Drug addiction

Abuse of substances such as drugs plays tricks with human psychology. It is described as a problem that can hardly be solved without a biblical approach to addiction. 

Drug addicts in the Bible seem hopeless that one day they will find the courage to fight against it.

Bible verses about addiction

Addicts often rely on bible verses to break addiction with the hope of getting better. The Bible is often used as a guide in terms of overcoming addiction biblically.

  • Galatians 5: 19- 21

In this verse, all sins connected to impurity, jealousy, and rage are listed. This verse serves as a warning for people that they will not be able to have a true connection with God if they don’t control their emotions and bodily urges.

  • 1 Peter 5:8 

This verse is included in the Bible to encourage people who seem to fall into addiction. It reminds humanity that all of these addictive thoughts are only present in your mind, and if you decide to alter them, you will not become just another victim of the Devil.

  • 1 Corinthians 10:13

Uncontrollable temptations are mentioned as the main reason why people fall into relapse after they come out of a sobriety program. It also reminds the people close to the addicts that hope is present and given by God, even if they are not able to feel it.

How to Overcome Addiction Biblically

Everyone who struggles with any type of addiction should always be aware that God is watching their behavior. With that in mind, people who struggle with addiction should keep praying.

Addiction cannot be overcome easily, which is why people need God’s strength and wisdom to guide them through this difficult journey.

By keeping bible verses to break addictions in their thoughts constantly, people will be able to focus their attention on finding a program that can help them deal with this complex issue.

What the Bible says about overcoming addiction

Just as the Bible includes verses that explain the reasons for developing addictions, it also offers supportive lines for people who are doubtful of the Christian response to addiction:


Once you overcome addiction, keep praying to God so that temptations don’t overcome you. Your soul is more powerful than your body, and it can fight against any evil desire.

A person's hands are clasped together in prayer.

Be respectful

If you want to beat addiction successfully, you have to be humble. Showing God that your ego is not stronger than your will, is what will get you grace and spiritual guidance.


Faith can heal any person if they truly dedicate themselves to religion. All of the suffering and pain will be gone as soon as you start believing in God and practicing daily prayers.

Bottom Line

Patience and excessive addiction bible study can help any addict come to terms with the root of their problem. Only in this way will they be able to understand the meaning of the verses. 

Addicts not only put their health in danger, but they also hurt their loved ones and bring them fear and sadness.


Will God forgive me if I have an addiction?

God is our savior, and sorrow follows when we go against his beliefs. However, God forgives his people and frees them from all evil if they pray, which shows that they fully believe in the power of religion. 

The Bible doesn’t judge, and it presents techniques on how to overcome addiction biblically. 

What is the biblical definition of addiction?

The Bible defines addiction as immoral action that humans are accountable for. They abuse substances because their impulses and urges get out of control.


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