Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Falcon

Falcons are majestic birds, and seeing them is not an everyday occurrence. Sometimes falcons may appear in your dreams, which can signify magnificent things entering your lives. There is a profound biblical meaning of seeing a falcon, but interpreting its significance requires a deep spiritual understanding of the narrative.

Sometimes indirectly, falcons are referenced in the Bible on several occasions. Using the Bible may effectively decipher the significance of symbols from our dreams. To determine what a dream means, we must apply the context of the dreamer’s life.

The article will discuss the biblical meaning of a falcon and how to interpret the vision to get guidance.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Falcon

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Falcon

Falcons aren’t even explicitly mentioned in the older versions of the Bible. This is because the words hawk and falcon meant the same thing when the Bible was written, and a clear distinction hadn’t been made between the two birds.

Falcons belong to the same group of birds as eagles and hawks, otherwise known as birds of prey. It is only fair to assume that the narrator referred to falcons at least a few times in the numerous mentions of hawks and eagles.

Another similar example is the word vultures which is used interchangeably for birds of prey and actual vultures. Biblical meaning of seeing a vulture can give you a lot of insight on the biblical portrayal of falcons.

The sight of a falcon is glorious. They have different wingspans and are very effective predators that feed on other birds that they catch mid-flight. Everything about the falcon symbolizes grace and mastery of the skies.

That is why the image of this bird is related to God’s protection and guidance. The falcon and other raptor birds are popular choices of logos and crests precisely because of the divine message they convey with their appearance.

Falcons in the Bible

Falcons are only mentioned in newer versions of the Bible. However, linguistic data and their prevalence in the region of the events imply that falcons were often referenced under different names, like hawks and vultures.

They appear in different contexts in the Bible, and that’s why understanding the biblical meaning of seeing a falcon requires a comprehensive study of the passages and knowing about the bird itself.

Here are the passages where falcons are mentioned:

Deuteronomy 14:3

In the book of Deuteronomy, rules are laid out for what animals the Israelites should eat and what animals they should avoid. There were mentions of several birds, including falcons.

The forbidden animals were considered unclean, primarily because of hygienic reasons, as some of the unclean animals are scavengers and carry many diseases. But some may have found themselves on the forbidden list because of the symbolism they carry.

Story of Job

Job was a devout believer in God who often prayed to God and lived a happy and prosperous life. God took everything from him abruptly to test his faith.

In 39:26, God talks to Job to explain how every event happens by his design. He used the allegory of how birds of prey fly southwards without anyone telling them to do so.

In 28:7, Falcons were mentioned to explain how there’s no corner of the earth that they haven’t seen. This refers to the falcons’ superb eyesight. In some versions of the Bible, it says vultures instead of falcons in this passage.

The moral of this story is that no matter how wise you get, God will always be the wisest, and things that are beyond our understanding are sometimes solved by having more faith in Him.

Isaiah 34:15

Falcons are used in this passage of the book of Isaiah to describe how God’s judgment will look like. He describes how owls would lay their eggs in Edom, and falcons would gather there for mating. This is to paint a picture of abandonment and destruction.

Other possible references

Falcons and birds of prey, in general, are often used synonymously in the Bible, but unlike other vultures, falcons rarely eat carrion. Falcons are significantly smaller than eagles and unlikely to be mistaken for them. Instead, they are commonly mistaken for hawks as they are similar in size and appearance.

For example, Leviticus 11:16 is the same event described in Deuteronomy 14:3, but falcons didn’t get a mention there.

Other Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Falcon

Other Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Falcon in a Dream

The falcons are glorious creatures, and seeing them in a dream tends to be a positive sign more often than not. These birds carry significant symbols of freedom or God’s intervention.

Here are the most common dreams involving falcons and what each of them means:

Flying with a falcon

A recent or upcoming liberation from something that causes stress can manifest itself through such a dream. Flying alongside a falcon represents the independence you gained and the relief you feel.

If you can identify the thing weighing you down, you should hurry to free yourself from the burden and start living more freely.

Flying with a falcon can also mean a strong partnership that is difficult to attain. Falcons are mostly solo birds; the symbolics can be interpreted as having a powerful partner.

A hunting falcon

Falcons feed on birds like pigeons or ducks. Interpreting this dream requires knowing the type of feeling it gave you and what role you assumed in the dream.

If you feel empowered when dreaming, then it’s about seizing the right moment. Acting promptly is necessary for living a life of abundance, but identifying the moment can be difficult.

Dreams are often messages that God sends to instigate a reaction. A falcon hunting in your dream usually means that something you’ve been preparing for is finally a viable option. You must pounce on the opportunity like a falcon pounces on his prey.

A falcon flapping its wings

A falcon’s wings represent freedom and vitality. A falcon flapping its wings to fly or to show off usually represents the dreamer’s need to unleash creativity. Working on projects or jobs with limitations to creativity may cause you to dream such dreams, and in such cases, a change might be necessary.

A falcon eating

A falcon eating its prey is a sign of power and success. Additionally, it is an indication of spiritual strength and material abundance. If the falcon eats peacefully, the dreamer is at peace and nourishes a close relationship with God.

In other scenarios, a falcon eating might not be such a good dream. If the bird is feasting on a live animal, it is a sign that you have done wrong to someone. You should think about the possibility that you’ve hurt a friend or a relative and consider the possibility that you’ve done it unconsciously.

Another bad scenario is if the falcon is hungry or struggles to eat. It is a sign of spiritual conflict and internal struggles of the dreamer. These conflicts can prevent you from fulfilling your potential, and it’s best to address them promptly.

A sick falcon

Dreaming of a sick falcon is a sign of your vulnerability. It serves as a reminder to address your weakest areas emotionally to shield yourself from negative influences.

If you feel vulnerable and need support, you should rely on God’s strength to overcome your issues. Regarding your mental health, there’s no shame in seeking support and advice from family and friends.

A sick falcon may signify spiritual decadence on your behalf and the need to connect with something more significant.

Falcon eggs

Seeing falcon eggs usually signifies new beginnings. If you have this kind of vision, then you better prepare for something big entering your life after a dull period. A new offer professionally or a new relationship advancement from an unexpected person can be on the cards.

Falcon eggs can mean that you’ve some unfulfilled potential; it can be a talent to perform well in specific jobs, sports, or art, but for some reason, you’ve stopped practicing it.

Encountering eggs in your dream can mean many things, and applying context from waking life to provide meaning is crucial. It may signify the birth of a new relationship and even the expansion of the family.

Falcons fighting

In nature, falcons often fight to protect their territory from other falcons. In dreams, this can be a manifestation of inner battles and conflicts you might be experiencing. Inner conflicts can be intense, and this dream can signify a need for a quick resolution.

The vision of birds fighting is a sign of hostility, and you should be careful about new people in real life as not everyone might be warm and welcoming. Dreaming about falcons fighting can represent you entering unknown waters romantically with someone already in another relationship.

This dream is a sign of caution and should not be taken lightly.

A pet falcon

Falcons can be domesticated to a certain extent, and dreaming about having a pet falcon usually happens when searching for someone to trust. The scenario of this dream can vary, but usually, it’s when a falcon lands on your hand.

You often yearn for someone you can trust and tell them your secrets. Falcons represent trustworthiness and connection. The act of releasing them is with having the trust that they would return, and the connection has gone full circle once the falcon lands back on your hand.

Needing a friend is a common desire, but you can’t just build friendships whenever you need someone to talk to. Relationships require maintenance, and if you’re having these visions, perhaps it’s time to call an old friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.

A falcon fighting a snake

The battle of good against evil is all around us. You may have seen something that instigated strong emotions or might be in the middle of such a battle yourself. The triumph of the falcon over the serpent represents a triumph of good against evil; it can signify overcoming illness or repenting from sin.

Falcons are often associated with knowledge and wisdom, while snakes are correlated with evil and sin. Therefore, the symbolism in your dream may be to fight evil with the power of knowledge.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Falcon

Roaming outside of the biblical meaning of seeing a falcon, the birds have a deep symbolism for many cultures and civilizations throughout history. Falcons were a holy animal in ancient Egypt and were associated with Horus, the sun god. Some Native American cultures consider falcons to be messengers with the spirit realms.

When it comes to falcons and falconry, the Middle East is perhaps the most advanced culture. Falcons are considered prestigious pets reserved for nobility, and some interpretations of dreams may differ over there. Visions of falcons are associated with strength, bravery, and perseverance in the Middle East.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Falcon


How many times are falcons mentioned in the Bible?

Falcons are directly referenced on three occasions in the Holy Book.

How do you know that the bird from your dream was a falcon?

While falcons aren’t overly distinct from other birds of prey, you can recognize them by their smaller size or the dark, mustache-like markings on their cheeks.

You don’t have to be a falconer or an expert on birds of prey to recognize that the bird in your dreams is a falcon. In dreams, you often know what you’re dealing with without having much knowledge of the subject.

If you’re unsure that the bird from your dream is a falcon, they are similar to eagles and hawks. They are smaller in size and have excellent sight. Like other raptor birds, falcons are superb hunters and have a fair amount of symbolism associated with them.


Falcons are majestic birds famous for their speed, eyesight, and hunting skills. Even though they are reminiscent of hawks and other birds of prey, falcons still carry their unique symbolism.

When the Bible was written, the term falcon didn’t exist yet, but there is evidence pointed out in this article that falcons have been referenced several times under different names.

In the Bible, falcons help convey a message through allegory or are branded as unclean birds regarding eating.

The biblical meaning of seeing a falcon in a dream requires interpretation while considering the dreamer’s life’s context. The birds appear in various scenarios, each representing a different message for the dreamer.

In other cultures, falcons are regarded differently, with different symbols used regarding the meaning.


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