15 Biblical Meaning

Have you seen the same angel number so many times now that there is no chance that it is a coincidence? Be sure it is not a coincidence but a message from the higher forces. 

If the number that has started to follow you around is 15, it represents spiritual growth. Taking this time to reflect and connect with the higher forces is only one of the numerous messages the number 15 conveys to you. 

However, as a believer in the Christian God, you should keep in mind that biblical numerology gives numbers a different meaning than numerology in general. Having that said, the number 15 biblical meaning is different from the number 15 as an angel number.

15 Biblical Meaning

The Number 15 Biblical Meaning

According to Christian prophecies, the 15th day of the 7th month resembles the coming of the Millenium. It is characterized by a time of rest from all sins caused by Satan due to his binding on the Day of Atonement. It is said that on this day Christ shall reign supreme over the entire world. He will bring salvation along with his reign, which will become God’s great spiritual harvest that will last for 1,000 years. 

Moreover, other restful holidays are associated with the number 15. For believers of the church, of importance is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This day symbolizes resting after being cleansed from all evil and sin by Jesus Christ. Additionally, Israeli children celebrate this day because it celebrates rest after a long harvest season. The day is known as the Feast of Tabernacles

Appearances of the Number 15 in the Bible

The number 15 is one of the few numbers that is explicitly mentioned within the Holly Book. Moreover, it is mentioned countless times. Some important instances are the following:

  • God gave King Hezekiah an additional 15 years of life while he was on his deathbed
  • 15 Old Testament books can be found in the Book of 1 Peter
  • Abigail and Miriam, two of the most important and famous women of God, are names that are mentioned exactly 15 times each.
  • The Book of Genesis tells the story of Abrahams’s vision of his descendants. The vision came to him on the 15th day of Nisan
  • The people of Israel are set free on the 15th day of Nisan according to Exodus

The 15 Promises

The Book of Matthew, the first book of the New Testament, contains a list of his 15 promises to Christian people:

  1. Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:3)
  2. We are filled with righteousness (Matthew 5:6)
  3. We meet God (Matthew 5:8)
  4. We are called children of God (Matthew 5:9)
  5. Our names are known before God the Father (Matthew 10:32)
  6. We are given rest (Matthew 11:29)
  7. God counts us as members of his family (Matthew 12:50)
  8. We are fully converted (Matthew 18:3)
  9. We will be great in the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:4)
  10. We will be able to receive Christ (Matthew 18:5)
  11. Our demands of others are fulfilled (Matthew 18:19)
  12. Christ is with us (Matthew 18:20)
  13. We are saved (Matthew 24:13)
  14. We serve Jesus by serving others (Matthew 25:40)
  15. Jesus is always with us (Matthew 28:19) 

Digit’s Breakdown of the Number 15 According to Bible Symbolism

As in numerology, astronomy, and similar studies, the Bible has identified a meaning within numbers.

  • The meaning of number 1 in the Bible symbolizes union and God’s dominion over all that there was, there is, and will be. 
  • The meaning of number 5 in the Bible symbolizes charity and the clemency of God. This indicates that God gives a blessing to all that he made to be perfect.

What Does the Number 15 Mean in Hebrew?

According to the Hebrew Bible, the number 15 has two translations; its spiritual translation and literal translation. 

Spiritual translation

The Hebrew Bible suggests the spiritual meaning behind the number 15 is going into a new direction in life. A noteworthy example of this instance is the 15th time that the name of Noah is mentioned.

The 15th time the name Noah is mentioned is in the book of Genesis, which covers the story of boarding the ark during the Great Flood. Noah building the ark and gathering the animals and his family so they could repopulate the world was an obvious step towards a new beginning – a new direction in life. 

Literal translation

Strong’s Concordance and Brown-Driver-Bringgs (dictionaries of the Old Testament) provide an English translation of the number 15 on a morphological level. Both dictionaries give an identical response, thus validating the biblical significance of the number 15. This number translates to the words “desire” or “longing”.

However, these words have a very sparse mention throughout the Holly Book. Three of six versions of Bible translations mention the two words but do not explicitly mention them. Moreover, the word “desire” is found only in the King James Version, in the verse Job 34:36

Angel Number 15
source: www.christianitytoday.com

Other Meanings of the Angel Number 15

Contrary to their name, angel numbers do not derive all of their meaning and symbolism from the Bible. Angel number 15 can also give you some insight into other spheres of your life. 

Meaning in love

If you ever question your love life, the angel number 15 will only bring good things your way. Because of your unwavering affection for them, your partner is always content. If the number 15 appears frequently in your life, you are most probably a sensitive, gentle, giving, and reliable person. Your romantic life is a perfect example of all these traits.

Meaning in career

Higher powers are urging you to face your anxieties in terms of your career. You will position yourself for success by coming to terms with your current situation and reflecting inward. Otherwise, you will merely be dragging yourself down the sidewalk of the road to failure.

Meaning in family

Family values are inherent in angel number 15. It inspires and urges you to appreciate your family more since it includes tranquillity and joy as well. Be in their aid when needed, and strengthen the bonds. 

Meaning for twin flames

The number 15 indicates that you are successful in finding your twin flame and that your love is sincere and untainted. The number sends a message of support from higher forces. Keep in mind that finding real love is never simple but always worthwhile. The prize for sticking it out through the bad patches will be a love that was genuinely meant to be.

Bottom Line

Overall, the number 15 is an important one with a wide range of connotations. It is a potent representation of both recovery and rest, as well as taking on new responsibilities in life. Like all biblical numerals, the meaning can be overtly obvious or hidden in broad daylight.

It goes without saying that studying the number 15 biblical meaning can reveal some interesting interpretations of the holy texts. In general, all numerals found in the Bible have intriguing truths about how the Bible’s teachings function and how they may be understood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the angel number 15 lucky?

Yes, the number 15 is a sign of luck. It carries great power and conveys positive messages. Be mindful of how you will use that power.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 15? 

First, you should look around you and then reflect. You should find what you need to change. That change will bring along a fruitful period for you in many spheres of life.


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