Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Vulture

Seeing vultures in a dream can have multiple meanings and depends on the dream’s context. Over time, scavengers appearing in a dream have developed both good and bad interpretations, and nowhere more so than in the Bible.

Vultures in the Bible refer to all raptor family birds like eagles, hawks, falcons, and the common vultures.

Vultures are ugly and feed off of dead carcasses. A common mention of the vultures is that they are unclean and not for eating. Another context where vultures are mentioned is when people are negatively compared to them.

In the article, we will explain the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture and help you interpret your dream correctly.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Vulture

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Vulture

Having a vulture appear in dreams is not uncommon. It is even recorded in many modern stories and famous literary works like The Waste Land, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Old Man and the Sea.

In these works, the protagonists either see a vulture in their dreams or they themselves become a vulture. The origin story can be traced back to the Bible.

The biblical portrayal of vultures is that they are the end product of sin and disobedience. They serve as a threat or as a reminder for people to repent.

For example, destroyed cities had vultures settle nests in them; defeated armies were left to be eaten away by vultures and other animals, and many other examples where these birds symbolized destruction.

Vultures in the Bible

There are several direct mentions of vultures in the holy book. They are prevalent in the Bible because they carry the symbolism of death and destruction.

The events of the Bible took place in the Middle East, and vultures were a common sight there. Israelites probably saw them flying in circles over carcasses or feasting on dead animals regularly.

Being eaten by birds of prey after death was considered the most terrible and dishonorable thing

Other terms refer to vultures, but they have sometimes been used more broadly to refer to other birds. The Bible uses birds and animals as symbols and metaphors, so not all references to vultures should be taken literally. Instead, more attention should be paid to the context.

Bible verses referencing vultures

Here are some verses and the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture:

David threatened Goliath (and vice versa) that he would leave him to be eaten by birds.

After the battle of Armageddon, an angel called for the birds of prey to come and feast on the flesh of kings, generals, and their horses. The angel referred to it as “the great supper of God”.

When the Gibeonites were avenged, Saul’s descendants were killed, and their bodies were left to be eaten by birds of prey. Saul’s concubine kept guard to prevent such dishonor.

In this passage, vultures are mentioned as the birds that will feed on the corpses of those who disobey God’s commands.

In this verse, the clean and unclean animals were discussed. Various birds, including vultures, were deemed unclean and should not be eaten.

Here is an example of the term vulture being used more broadly, i.e., to describe either a hawk, a falcon, or an eagle.

God talks to Job about the behavior of vultures, and how they fly high and see everything from far away. God also mentions how they’re not afraid to feed on dead animals, which is how they survive.

With this, God is reminding Job of his power and wisdom.

Vultures are used as a metaphor for the destruction that will come upon the people. 

Here vultures are mentioned as providers of punishment to whoever disrespects their own parents.

This verse speaks of the desolation of Edom, with vultures making their nests in the ruins of the city. 

There is a segment where Abraham has a vision that he chases off birds feeding on the carcasses of animals he had prepared for sacrifice. 

The prophet has a vision of vultures eating the body of Gog and the Magog army.

Bible verses referencing vultures

Various Interpretations of Vultures in Dreams

As with any dream that contains symbols, the interpretation of a vulture will depend on the context of the dream and the context it can be applied in your life. 

Throughout history, vultures have appeared in dreams, and here are some of the scenarios in which they appear:

Flying vulture

It is usually seen flying in a circle. It’s the most common way people dream about vultures. Seeing a flying vulture in your dream can have multiple meanings, both negative and positive. 

It can mean danger or an incoming threat, as vultures usually appear when they have spotted a weakness. Vultures are creatures associated with fear and anxiety; dreaming about these birds can represent your inner feelings.

Observing a flying vulture in a dream can also have a positive meaning. Since vultures are able to soar high, it can mean an ability to see things more clearly or having gained a higher perspective for a certain situation.

Landing vulture

If you see a vulture landing in your dream, chances are that it has a positive meaning. A landing vulture may signify something negative coming to a conclusion. It can be a job you dislike or a toxic relationship.

Moreover, a landing vulture can signify trouble, but it depends on how aggressive it appears in your dream. If, after landing, you can see it going after you or something with the intent of eating, then the latter description may be more fitting.

A vulture eating a carcass

This is a stomach-turning sight and cannot represent anything good. A vulture eating a carcass can mean you are too stressed or surrounded by people who affect you negatively

It can also be a task you need to finish but lack the energy to do so. You can take it as an omen to start turning your life around by cutting off whatever is making you feel bad.

Dream interpretation of a vulture eating a carcass

Dead vulture

If you see a dead vulture in your dream, it’s usually a sign of good luck. It may be an omen that your luck is changing, and that change is just around the corner.

Although in some famous literary works, a dream of a dead vulture has been used to depict the absolute decay of the soul.

Talking vulture

Dreaming of talking vultures may represent an unfulfilled need for connection with a like-minded person. It is a deep urge to communicate with someone about something. It can also be your subconscious telling you that you need to speak up about something you’ve been quiet about.

Vultures are relatively ugly creatures, but they do have an old and wise look. Vultures with human characteristics in dreams can mean confidence, assertiveness, and wisdom.

Getting attacked by vultures

This one is pretty straightforward. People in your circle are attacking you or are being passive-aggressive, and your soul is telling you to stay away. It can also mean that someone close to you is about to disappoint you.

Knowing a painful secret about someone close to you may cause you to dream of such images. It is not uncommon that this is caused by people in your surroundings that are too demanding towards you, like perhaps asking favors or borrowing money.

Being surrounded by vultures

Imagine being surrounded by vultures in real life. There is no way to interpret this as a positive thing. The first interpretation would be that you are under a lot of stress.

Dreaming about being surrounded by vultures can also be interpreted as bad luck, especially if you’ve had a few unsuccessful attempts at a certain thing recently. It can mean that there is a conspiracy against you or that you are part of a conspiracy against someone.

Black vulture

Dreaming of a black vulture is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your stomach and maybe stop doing certain things that don’t feel right

If you pay more attention to the vulture’s color, black usually means repressed emotions or thoughts.

Black vultures are protective of their nests and are known to attack to protect their children. In this context, having such a dream could be another representation of danger in your life. Either you need to protect someone, or you need protection for yourself.

Dream interpretation of a black vulture

Sleeping vulture

This may just mean that you need a rest. The vulture’s calmness can represent that you need to distance yourself from everything that wastes too much of your energy.

Another interpretation for a sleeping vulture can be hidden potential. Vultures are often associated with unfulfilled potential and opportunities for prosperity. A sleeping vulture could represent the potential in you for great things. It may be a sign that you need to pursue higher-end goals.

A sleeping vulture is a common symbol people receive in their dreams. It is often interpreted as the beginning of something good or the end of something bad. The vulture being asleep may symbolize patience or the need for patience in your life.

Vulture eggs

If you saw vulture eggs in your dream, it may be a sign of new beginnings or new opportunities. Both vultures and eggs signify rebirth or restart. It can also mean that you need more nourishment.

Vulture babies

Seeing vulture babies in your dream can represent that someone in your surroundings should be taken care of better. It can be someone disadvantaged, traumatized, or an older person. It can even be someone who you don’t know and needs help.

This is a sign that you need to be more attentive and compassionate about other people’s struggles.

Babies represent growth and the potential for change. Vultures as a dream symbol also represent a potential for change, so baby vultures are a double sign of change coming into your life.

Vultures are a symbol of rebirth as much as they are of death. Having baby vultures in your dream is a positive sign. Vulture babies potentially represent a period of renewal and positive transformation.


Is there a positive context associated with vultures in the Bible?

There aren’t any clear examples of positive context regarding vultures in the Bible, but there are some which can be interpreted as positive. In Matthew 24:28, vultures are used as a metaphor for the people that will gather around the Son of God once he returns.

What other animals from the Bible are associated with death and destruction?

Other animals associated with death, decay, and destruction are lions, snakes, and scorpions.

How are vultures perceived in other cultures?

Vultures are associated with positive and negative contexts in other cultures and religions. For example, because of their ability to eat decaying meat, they are considered a cleansing symbol.


It is not uncommon to have vultures appear in dreams. Seeing a vulture in your dream can be interpreted both positively and negatively. It depends on the context of the dream and how you can apply it in real life.

The biblical meaning of seeing a vulture is one of death and destruction. These birds were prevalent in the area of the events in the Bible, and society was repulsed by how they ate and survived. This led to vultures symbolizing decay, death, and destruction.

Seeing a vulture in your dream is not inherently bad, as it can sometimes mean good luck.


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