Biblical Meaning of Missing a Flight in a Dream

There’s no better way to look into the soul than by analyzing a recent dream. With an educated and meticulous approach, we can see even the most hidden secrets and find meaning in our waking life. There is a profound biblical meaning of missing a flight in a dream, and it’s very relative to the real-life events of the dreamer.

The Bible is a gateway to discovering all messages our subconscious sends into our life. It is filled with allegories that can be easily used to interpret even modern concepts like flying and what it means to miss a flight.

There is a world to be discovered by reading into our dreams, but it takes knowing the Holy Book inside and out and having a scholar’s understanding of all the passages.

In this article, we will read into the significance of missing a flight and what steps the dreamer should take in waking life.

Biblical Meaning of Missing a Flight in a Dream

Dreaming of missing a flight

Missing flights is a common traumatic experience for people. Older people’s attitude to the prospect of missing flights has even entered pop culture through memes. People are afraid to miss flights, and that is why they arrive much earlier than advised.

Missing a flight usually means unnecessary expenses, a waste of time, or missing a good opportunity in life. It could also mean a loss of a job or not attending important events. This is why fear and uncertainty are the primary themes of these dreams, as they manifest into a much-dreaded scenario.

Biblical Meaning of Missing a Flight in a Dream

Naturally, the Bible doesn’t have any mention of aeroplanes or flights, but there are segments that we can use to squeeze out the meaning of this dream. Here are a few similar feelings to missing a flight:

  • Fear of authority
  • Anxiety for judgment day
  • Consequences of being led into temptation
  • Fear of not being accepted

Fear of authority

Missing a flight can mean fear of authority and failing to live up to expectations. It can also mean a fear of not fulfilling tasks promptly enough. Dreaming a scenario where you’re missing a plane can mean you’re being judged or you’re under pressure to perform in real life.

The feeling of being judged is usually one that causes anxiety and unrest. It can also be detrimental to one’s performance, creativity, and confidence. 

Only the highest quality people can thrive under such situations, and you will have to learn to live with this type of pressure if you want to succeed. The recommended action is owning up and taking responsibility instead of dwelling on the reality of the situation.

There’s no shortage of biblical context when it comes to situations where people are afraid of an authority figure. Whether it’s rulers or God, Bible characters constantly encounter situations where they are faced with authority and have to perform tasks to showcase loyalty or earn respect.

Here are some examples of characters that have shown bravery and poise in the face of authority and danger:

David and King Saul

Before he became king, David was a servant to King Saul. As his imminent emergence began, Saul grew envious of him and constantly tried to sabotage David’s rise.

David showcased bravery and belief in his ability to lead while also maintaining faith in God and in his people. These qualities eventually led David to become king once his chance arrived.

Marie Magdalene at the crucifixion

In this story, the authority figure is the state – the executioners of Jesus. Despite the danger, Marie stayed near the cross, and her presence is a testament to her devotion to Jesus.

Later she was one of the most prominent witnesses to his resurrection, which was somewhat of a reward for her acts of loyalty and bravery.

Moses and the Pharaoh

When Moses was originally tasked with delivering the Israelites from Egypt, he was immensely afraid of the authority figure that was the pharaoh. Even though Moses was very afraid, he continued to convey God’s message to the pharaoh and opposed his stubbornness with bravery.

After a series of plagues, the Israelites were allowed to leave Egypt with Moses as their guide. Eventually, they crossed the Red Sea and reached the Promised Land. This was a reward for the great accomplishment of Moses, who didn’t back down in the face of adversity and danger.

Missing a Flight in a Dream

Anxiety for judgment day

Many people fear death because they feel they haven’t had enough time to do certain acts of redemption. Living a life with regrets creates anxiety about the inevitable and dilemmas on how the afterlife would look like.

In the Bible, there are a few examples of people being fearful for their lives, and it almost always signifies a lack of faith. For finding guidance from the biblical meaning of missing a flight, the positive examples to follow are stories where there’s a change of attitude. 

The protagonist may be fearful at first, but then they somehow learn that there is nothing to fear and that God is with them at all times.

The disciples during the storm on the Sea of Galilee

This event is known as ‘Calming the Storm,’ and it’s one of the miracles that Jesus performed during his time on Earth. 

When Jesus and the disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee, a terrible storm hit their boat and nearly sunk them. At the time, Jesus was sleeping, only to be woken up by his panicking students asking him if he was afraid of what was happening.

Jesus just got up and ordered the storm and the sea to calm down, showcasing his power and ability to enforce his will on nature. After this, the disciples’ faith grew stronger, and they knew they were in the presence of the son of God.

King Hezekiah and his pleading to God

Hezekiah was the king of Judah, who established crucial religious laws during his reign. Eventually, he got ill and pleaded to God to spare his life because he was not prepared to die. In the end, God spared his life after listening to his pleas through the prophet Isaiah.

Peter during the crucifixion of Jesus

Peter’s fear of being associated with Jesus was so big that he denied knowing him three times, just as Jesus had predicted. Following Jesus’ arrest in the garden of Gethsemane, he was taken to face trial at the high priest’s house. 

Peter followed them to see what would happen until a servant recognized him as a part of Jesus’ entourage.

Terrified for his life, Peter denied any association with Jesus, but it didn’t alleviate the pain he felt because he remembered what Jesus said to him during the Last Supper. Peter was full of confidence that he would never perform any acts of disloyalty, but everything changed when he was faced with death.

Missing a Flight Symbolism

Consequences of being led into temptation

Temptation is everywhere around us, but even people who don’t live a God-loving life have to fight temptations to have a certain quality of life. In life, we have to resist enjoying certain things in order to achieve bigger and better things for ourselves.

The biblical meaning of missing a flight in a dream can be a manifestation of missing out on life prospects because of succumbing to temptations too often. We need to realize that distractions are mostly there to distance us from our purpose and deny us of what is truly ours.

Here are some stories from the Bible where people have failed to resist temptations.

Adam and Eve

This is perhaps the most famous temptation story of all. Adam and Eve lived a life of abundance in the Garden of Eden with just one rule: to not eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. They were led to disobey the order by a serpent and suffered the faith of being expelled from the realm. 


Though incredibly strong, Samson fell into temptation because of his love for Delilah. She was sent by the Philistines to seduce him and discover the source of his strength. Eventually, Delilah found out that Samson’s strength was in his hair, as it symbolized his devotion to God, and organized to have it cut off while he was sleeping.

After losing his superpower, Samson was blinded by his enemies, and he was taken prisoner. Had he stayed faithful to God’s commands, he would have been able to remain strong and in power.

David and Bathsheba

This is another story of lust being too great of a temptation for men in power. David committed adultery with Bathsheba leading to her becoming pregnant. She was the wife of Uriah, who was a soldier in King David’s army and, at the time, was on the battlefront fighting the Ammonites.

David desperately tried to cover his wrongdoings, but he was unable to do so. First, he wanted to summon Uriah home to spend time with his wife, but the latter was unwilling to leave his comrades on the battlefield. 

Then, in an act of desperation, David had Uriah placed in a dangerous situation, ultimately leading to her death.

The public humiliation that David had to endure afterwards was the least of his worries. He had tarnished his reputation because of his actions, and it created great turmoil within his family. On top of that, the child he conceived with Bathsheba died, which caused him further sorrow.

Fear of not being accepted

A common fear people endure is the fear of not being accepted because of a lack of capacity to live up to societal standards. This lack of self-confidence can manifest itself through various dreams, and missing a flight is one of them.


Moses displayed many doubts and uncertainties regarding his quest. One of them was whether the Israelites would accept him as their leader.

In his conversation with God, he complained about his lack of eloquence and persuasion capability. God assured him that he would be okay as he would provide him with the messages to tell the people. 

Moses’ doubts started increasing when initially, he was unable to convey a convincing message. But through his faith in God and determination to save his people, he managed to overcome his fear and become the leader that they needed.


Similar to Moses, Gideon was chosen to lead the Israelites to freedom. Much like Moses, he expressed self-doubt and didn’t think that his people would accept him as their leader for such a difficult quest.

Gideon didn’t have the pedigree of a leader and wasn’t even highly regarded by his family. God assured Gideon that he’s got what it takes and that with enough fate in his ability and in God, he can perform miracles.

In the end, Gideon gathered 32.000 people, which is a testament to his transformation. 

The lost son

During one of his teachings, Jesus told the parable of the lost son. It is a story of a son who asked to receive his inheritance from his father, and his wish was granted. The son then proceeded to squander all the money by making a series of bad decisions.

Although hungry and distraught, he still feared returning home because he expected a negative reaction from his father. After a while, he had no choice but to return, and when his father saw him, he ran from a distance to greet him. 

The father overwhelmed his son with love and compassion, he gave him the best clothes and organized a celebration to mark his return.

Missing a Flight


Although it’s a modern scenario occurring thousands of years after the events of the Bible, there’s still a deep biblical meaning of missing a flight in a dream. A person can experience this dream for various reasons, but missing a flight can be associated with anxiety, fear of not being accepted, or fear of the consequences of our actions.

This article described the many stories which describe similar fears and anxieties shared by the protagonists and how God helped them prevail.


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