Biblical Meaning of Hotel in Dream

Often dreams can be challenging to interpret and can leave you confused. For instance, you may dream of a hotel even though you are not in one or planning to go there. So, why are you dreaming of one? Is there a biblical meaning of hotel in dream?

Believers interpret dreams as messages from God. In the Holy Bible, dreams are how the Lord communicates with his chosen people. So it stands to reason that there is a deeper meaning to your subconscious conjuring up unusual scenarios. 

But finding out the exact meaning of your dream can be challenging. Dreams’ meanings can differ depending on the feelings and circumstances surrounding them. Let’s dive deeper to discover a hotel’s possible meanings in a dream. 

Biblical Meaning of Hotel in Dream

Biblical Meaning of Hotel in Dream

When reading the Bible, you are unlikely to come across the word hotel as it is a term coined in modern times. Instead, in the Holy Bible, hotels are referred to as inns. There are many instances in the Old and New Testament mentioning hotels. 

The biblical interpretation of dreaming of a hotel can be one of several things:

  • Temporary home
  • Place of rest
  • Hospitality
  • Spiritual improvement
  • Guidance
  • Change

Hotel in a dream according to the Old Testament 

In the Book of Exodus (Chapter 4 NIV), Moses and Aaron go together to meet the elders of Israel. During their journey, they stop at an inn serving as a temporary shelter, symbolizing the need for rest during times of transition or travel. 

As a place of transition, many believers have different interpretations of the meaning of hotels in the Book of Revelation (21:10-14 NIV). In Revelation, when Apostle John reveals his vision of New Jerusalem, he portrays it as a city with walls and gates. 

Bible scholars interpret the vision as a representation of the hotel as a transitioning place for travelers to New Jerusalem. 

Hotel in a dream according to the New Testament 

The New Testament is perhaps the most well-known part referencing hotels. Notably, Luke 2.7, ISV references the Birth of Jesus Christ, who was born in a barn as no rooms were available in the inn. 

Mary and Joseph had to stay in the manger, where Mary gave birth to Christ. This account of Jesus’s birth for believers represents the importance of hospitality to those in need of a place to rest. It also represents humility as it highlights the humble beginnings of Jesus Christ

What Does the Bible Say About a Hotel in a Dream?

If you often dream of a hotel, it may be God trying to convey an important message through your subconscious mind. Seeing a hotel in your dream may symbolize the need for rest, change, or a haven from the troubles that bother you. 

However, to interpret the correct biblical meaning, you must consider the context, feelings, and scenario. The dream may be an omen or a sign of good things in your future

The most frequent interpretation of a dream involving a hotel is as a representation of the church. In the Bible, the church is often described as a haven for believers to find peace and rest. It is where you find support and guidance during your spiritual growth in your faith.

Rest and rejuvenation 

As we mentioned, hotels, or inns in the Holy Bible, are places of refuge where weary travelers are able to rest for the night. Dreaming of a hotel while you are going through turbulent times in your life may signify your need for rest

The dream may represent that you are on a spiritual and emotional journey. As your faith is put to the test, you may need to take a step back and find refuge before continuing on the path of improvement. 

Need for peace in difficult times

When you face difficult times, it may seem like there is no end to your challenges. It is in these difficult times that you have to keep your faith strong. Remember that tough times don’t last forever. 

One sign that peace is on the horizon may be dreaming of a hotel. Take it as a good sign if your dream is filled with peaceful imagery, serenity, and comforting feelings. 

Feeling lost

If your dream of a hotel is full of unease and ominous feelings, it may represent your daily struggles. The dream may indicate that you are feeling lost and unsure about the future. This uncertainty might make making decisions difficult due to fear of possible consequences. 

It is good to take some time for self-reflection and seek guidance. For example, you can visit your church. You will find your way back through prayers, meditation, and the support of a minister or pastor.

Spiritual growth and transformation 

You may not notice your progress as you grow on your faith journey, but that does not mean there is none. Dreaming of a hotel is one way God may tell you that your spiritual transformation is on the right path. 

Embrace the changes coming your way and keep making good decisions.

Bible Verses Referencing Hotels

Bible verses referencing hotels 

The Bible has many instances where providing shelter to others is referenced. Even though the word hotel is not specifically mentioned due to being a term coined in modern times, it is synonymous with inns and the command to be hospitable to others. 

  • Luke 2:7 ASV. An account of the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger as there was no room available in the inn for Mary and Joseph. 
  • 1 Peter 4:9 NIV. This Bible verse tells believers to show hospitality without complaining. You should always show hospitality and offer shelter and food with both your hands and heart. 
  • Exodus 4:24-26 NIV. The verses reference the lodging where Moses took respite on his way back to meet with the Elders of Israel after his journey to the mountain of God. 
  • I Peter 2:5 KJV. The church represents a temporary spiritual lodging that the Lord has given believers while on the mortal plane. 
  • Romans 12:13 ESV. This verse tells believers to always be ready and unafraid to provide help and shelter to those in need. 
  • Hebrews 13:2 ESV. It references how believers should not refuse or neglect to offer shelter and food even to strangers. 

Dreaming of a Hotel: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Spiritual meanings and the symbolism of your dreams are often linked to your subconscious mind. For example, dreams show us desires and fears that we may be consciously unaware of. 

Dreams are also how your guardian angel sends you warnings and helps guide you on the right path of your spiritual journey. 

Hotels as dream symbols may represent a transitional period in your spiritual development. This is because hotels in the waking world are temporary places to stay, usually when traveling. 

As temporary places, hotels also symbolize one’s need to rest and recharge from what emotionally drains them. Dreaming of a hotel can have several spiritual meanings based on the dream scenario. 

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of a hotel

There are many possible spiritual meanings of dreams about a hotel. But, to discover the exact meaning of your dream, it’s important to think about the exact dream scenario

Try to recall the details surrounding your dream to discover what the universe is trying to tell you. 

The biggest indicator of your dream’s meaning is your feelings while dreaming. The feelings surrounding dreams show if the underlying message is positive or a warning. 

The dream’s symbolism also depends on the state of the hotel, the presence of other people, the rooms, etc. 

Empty hotel 

It may reflect your anxieties if you dream of a hotel where you are the sole guest. An empty hotel may indicate that you feel lonely and alienated in your life. Through a dream of an empty hotel, your guardian angel tells you to reach out to your loved ones

You may not even know you feel lonely and are pulling away from friends and family. Your subconscious is manifesting your feelings to make you aware of them. Don’t ignore the warnings from the universe, and reach out to your loved ones for support

Luxury hotel 

It is a positive sign when your dream scenario unfolds in a luxury hotel. So, if you are uncertain about some changes in your life, the angels send you a message of reassurance. For example, if you are considering changing your career, you may worry about the risks. 

In this instance, the dream serves to remind you that some risks are worth it and can lead to positive changes in life. Dreaming of being in a luxury hotel may also mean your future is prosperous. 

Hotel on fire 

It may be a good sign if you dream of a hotel on fire. Most see fire as a destructive force, but dreams involving the four elements often represent good things. Spiritually, fire symbolizes rebirth and energy

The dream, combined with the hotel as a symbol of transition, may mean that you must let go of the past and embrace new opportunities. You may be experiencing significant changes in your life, like moving or starting a new relationship. 

Dreaming of a hotel on fire is the universe telling you to embrace the changes as they lead to happiness and spiritual growth. 

Lost in a hotel

You may dream about being lost in a hotel if you struggle to find your true purpose in life. You may feel unfulfilled with your career or you may be unsure about your real goals and life path. 

It is important to remember that everyone feels lost at certain points in life. Your life journey and spiritual growth are not always a linear path. Having ups and downs is normal, and how you build a stronger connection with your spiritual self and the universe

When you feel lost, you can pray or meditate to clear your mind and seek guidance from higher powers. 

Haunted hotel

If you dream of a haunted hotel where you are stuck, it may mean that you have to deal with your past before moving on in life. The dream of a haunted hotel may occur when you leave a relationship. 

Just because you left the relationship physically doesn’t mean your mind has done the same. To transition into the next phase of life, you must address your past and fully leave the person behind. 

Dealing with and moving on may mean that you need to talk with your ex-partner and get closure. Once you deal with your past, you can move on with your life toward positive changes and find happiness. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of a Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dreaming of a hotel a good or a bad sign?

The underlying message of your dream about a hotel is usually positive. It represents that you are on a good path in your spiritual development. But dreaming of a hotel may also be a sign from your guardian angel to take a step back and reevaluate your priorities in life

What does a hotel symbolize biblically?

Biblically, hotels represent hospitality and the importance for believers to provide shelter to those in need. According to the Bible, believers are to provide shelter and food to everyone in need, no matter if they are strangers. 


As you can see, the biblical meaning of hotel in dream may have several interpretations. The dream of a hotel may represent one’s need for rest, spiritual improvement, guidance, and change. 

Consider the feelings and details in your dream to figure out the exact meaning and message God may be trying to send you.


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