Biblical Meaning of Flowers in a Dream

In the Bible, dreams represent a communication tool between God and humans. It’s known that God shows up in dreams when he has a message to convey. He prefers to use images that symbolize the message he’s trying to tell you. Having said this, the biblical meaning of flowers in a dream is something you shouldn’t overlook, but rather interpret. 

Among the symbols, different types and colors of flowers are there to tell you different messages sent from the heavens. Objectively, flowers are associated with beauty, grace, elegance, and playfulness. 

However, the Bible has much more to say about the flowers that appear in your dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Flowers in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Flowers in a Dream

Dreaming about flowers is a good omen. Generally, they symbolize virtues like happiness, love, beauty, and hope. Additionally, they can represent longing, mourning, and apologies

There are many different messages that flowers send us when they appear in dreams. The meaning is different depending on the color, type, and quantity of flowers. Also, you need to recall what happened to the flower. Did you pick it, did you plant it, or did someone give it to you?

Let’s have a look at each meaning.

Biblical meaning of flowers in a dream according to color


Since the color white is associated with purity, so are white flowers. A white flower represents a good heart, grace, and elegance. If you dream of one, it’s reassurance that you are a kind-hearted person. 


In the Bible, red flowers symbolize bloodshed. To be more specific, Jesus’s blood during his crucifixion. A dream with a red flower might indicate that you will be required to make a sacrifice of some sort.


According to the Bible, pink flowers symbolize relationships. It could be any relationship, from platonic to romantic love, friendship, or lust. 


Purple flowers illustrate God and his divine powers. If you dream of a purple flower, it’s a message that someone is watching over and guiding you. It means that you will reach spiritual fulfillment soon.


The color blue is known to promote calmness and leisure. Dreaming of a blue flower may indicate that you’re content with who you are and that you’re cool under pressure. 

However, it could imply that you need to slow down to collect your thoughts. Perhaps you’re biting off more than you can chew. Spend some time reflecting and praying.

Additionally, take notice of whether it’s light blue or dark blue. Dark blue flowers indicate sadness. You might dream of a dark blue flower if you’re going through a difficult period.


According to the Bible, yellow flowers represent happiness and joy. They serve as a reminder from God to spread positivity wherever you go. Also, it’s a reminder to nurture the relationships you have with people and cherish the small moments. 


Orange flowers signify joy and happiness as well. Whether you dream of a yellow or orange flower, the message you need to interpret is the same. 


The Bible talks of green flowers by connecting them to envy and jealousy. The green flower in your dream may mean that you have these feelings, or that someone is eyeing you. There’s someone in your life who hold resentment towards you


Dreaming about a black flower indicates that something in your life will come to an end. It’s possible that you’ll lose your job or that a relationship will end. It’s also possible that something bad will come to an end. If you’re sick, you’ll be better soon. 

Colorful flower

If your dream consists of many flowers in different colors, or a flower that has all the colors on it, it’s a good sign. Dreaming of such a colorful flower means you’re a good person

You’re kind-hearted, pure, and have a strong relationship with God. Also, you’re happy and spiritually accomplished.


Meaning of different types of flowers in a dream according to the Bible 


This flower represents healing. If your health isn’t in the best condition, God is telling you that you’ll soon get better.

If you’re healthy and know someone struggling with their health, the dream is about them. Tell them to continue having faith and hope since healing will come soon.


Anemones encourage you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze what kind of person you are and use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Additionally, God is sending a message that you need to accept who you are. If you love yourself as much as you love God, you will achieve your full potential. Only then you’ll achieve great things. 


A bellflower is a direct message from the heavens that God is watching over you, and all your needs will be met. He’s heard your prayers and is now answering them. You just have to keep having faith in him and his work

Balloon flowers

If you happen to dream of a balloon flower, God is reminding you of your strength. Not in the physical sense though. He’s reminding you how durable you are. You can withstand so much and quickly recover.

Having this in mind, if you feel pressure from your environment, don’t succumb to it. Don’t let a harsh environment break your spirit. Use the opportunity to become stronger.


These flowers signify personal growth. You’ll soon enter a new phase in your life where significant character development will happen. 

Blooming begonias assure you that the following period in your life will only be beneficial. Good things are coming, but you have to remember to be patient. 


The Bible says that this flower encourages people to be mentally stable. This flower brings the message to never be worried or anxious about anything. 

What is meant for you, will come to you. What is not for you, will leave. God has a plan for everybody.


They symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. If you happen to dream of a daffodil, it might be a sign of new opportunities coming your way. Be open to change and embrace it. 


Daises are shown in dreams to remind you that you need to take a step back from your hectic life. Whatever you’re doing right now isn’t good for you, it’s draining you. You need to simplify life and enjoy it more.


Prosperity is on its way to you if you dream of a hydrangea flower. They are associated with abundance as well as beauty. 

You might go through a physical or spiritual glow-up. Don’t be surprised if you start getting more and more compliments each day. 


Lilies are mentioned in the Bible as well. Jesus talks about them when referring to God’s care. It explains how God cares for nature, the animals, and the humans he created. 

If the sight of a lilly pops into your dream, it could very well represent personal growth. This is due to the general association of lilies with growth and development.


Poppies are associated with death. Yet, the biblical meaning of a poppy flower in a dream isn’t that someone will die. 

A poppy means that you should find time to relax and unwind. You’ve been working hard, and you need to rest. 

Also, it could be a manifestation of your fear of death. 


As expected, roses are associated with love, desire, passion, and romance. The rose is mentioned in the Bible to represent these same things. If you dream of a rose, it represents the deep love you have for another person or God.


This flower represents joy and happiness. A sunflower might come to you in a dream when you’re going through tough times. It’s a reminder to stay positive because after every bad period comes a good one.


Tulips symbolically represent perfection in the spheres of physical beauty and love. Dreaming of a tulip is a message for you to be more confident and practice self-love.


There’re two takeaways from dreaming about wildflowers.

You either have to take a breather and relax, or you’re accomplishing great things in life and should move forward. 

If you feel burned out lately, take some time to rest and avoid taking up more work this period. If you feel motivated and hyped, continue with your current work.

Meaning of Flowers in a Dream

Biblical meaning of flowers in a dream according to quantity

A single flower

If your dream about flowers includes only one flower, it signifies rebirth, a fresh start, and a new beginning. Additionally, it means a celebration is on the horizon. 

A bouquet

A bouquet of flowers signifies that an abundance of fortune is waiting for you in the future. The bouquet in your dreams is a sign of good luck. 

A flower field

The chance of you dreaming of a flower field is only possible if you’re in a relationship. This is because this dream is connected to romantic relationships

A flower field is a good sign, a sign that you and your partner are doing great. Your relationship is thriving, and so are both of you. 

Biblical meaning of planting a flower in a dream

The action of you planting the flower signifies your future. The hard work you do now is the seed you plant in your dream. The flower blooming is the life you’ll have because of all the work you accomplished. 

Take this dream as a good sign from God. He notices your enthusiasm and drive. He’s watching over you and will give you the strength to accomplish all that you wish to.

Biblical meaning of picking flowers in a dream

Picking flowers in a dream indicates learning and new knowledge. This period in your life is all about building yourself, and this requires learning new things,

You can expand your skill set and go on new adventures, all while strengthening your bond with God. By developing yourself, you also have more to offer to the world.

God sees this and is grateful that you’re helping him by giving back to humanity.

Biblical meaning of giving a flower in a dream

The only people you would give a flower to in a dream are those who you love the most. The love that you have for them is so strong that it manifests in your dreams as well. 

Biblical meaning of receiving a flower in a dream

When dreaming about receiving a flower, take notice of who gives you the flowers. The person that gave you the flowers is grateful to have you and thanks God constantly for you being in their life. You should take action to show this person how much they mean to you as well. 

What Are the Most Used Bible Verses Referencing Flowers

There are numerous mentions of different types of flowers throughout the Bible. Let’s have a look at the verses referencing flowers:

Rose of SharonSong of Solomon 2:1

Lilly of the valleyPsalm 118:24

DaffodilsSong of Songs 2:1-3 and Isaiah 35:1-2

DaisyActs 9.

Roses – They’re mentioned more than 40 times throughout the Bible. The first mentions are in Song of Solomon 2:1, and the most mentions are in Psalm 146:5-10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flower is a symbol of the Holy Spirit?

The flower that symbolizes the Holy Spirit is the dove orchid. Among Christian texts, you may find it mentioned by the names the Holy Ghost orchid or the Holy Spirit orchid. This orchid represents the Holy Spirit due to the dove-looking shape in the centre of the flower.

What flower means a gift from God?

Jasmine is said to represent a gift from God. This is due to the Persian meaning of the words. Jasmine in Persian means ‘gift from God’.

What flower was God’s favorite?

God’s favorite flower is the lotus flower. It’s said that the lotus flower symbolizes fertility and divine beauty.


Depending on your dream and the flower in it, the biblical meaning of flowers in a dream differs. How you interpret the message from the dream is determined by the type and color of the flower, as well as what you do with it.

You should remember that if you happen to see a flower in your dreams, don’t ignore it, since it’s a message from God. He’s trying to give you a message and you should never look the other way when flowers are in question.


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