Biblical Meaning of Candle in a Dream

Candles have been part of the Christian religion for thousands of years. The creation of candles allowed people to connect to God and their dead loved ones and tell their prayers while lighting a candle. It is common to dream of a candle. Let’s see what is the biblical meaning of candle in a dream.

Moreover, you will find out the spiritual meaning of different dreams about candles and their symbolism.

Biblical Meaning of Candle in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Candle in a Dream

Dreaming of candles can have various interpretations based on the situation in your dream. However, dreams are influenced by our unconscious mind. It is important to analyze your real life to understand your dream fully.

The Bible interprets dreaming of a candle as a symbol of hope, safety, comfort, confidence, romance, and guidance.

The holy scripture will guide you to discover the message of your dream and act accordingly.

Biblical interpretations of seeing a candle in a dream


If you feel sad or disappointed, you might dream of candles. Through this dream, your guardian angel wants to inform you that you should not lose hope and have faith that everything will be good in the end.

Among the verses that mention candles is Psalm 18:28: “For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.

When you are weak, have faith and believe that God will enlighten you and protect you from evil

When times are hard, don’t forget the inner strength God gave you to believe that light always comes after darkness.


Dreaming of a candle might represent a warning that you need to pray and ask God to guide you during your actions. 

The verse from Job 29:3 says: “When his candle shone upon my head, and when by his light I walked through darkness.

Bear in mind that you can achieve many things by yourself, but you should always be thankful to God for the strength and guidance he gives you.


Another biblical interpretation of dreaming of a candle is to have confidence. Consider this dream a message that you should not be ashamed of who you are. Moreover, if you dream of a candle, you might have doubts about a decision you made.

Consider the verses of Luke 11:33: “No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand where its light can be seen by all who enter the house.

The message here is to be confident and believe in your talents and capabilities. You are free to be whoever you want. You should not be afraid of taking opportunities.

The most significant thing is to work on your personal growth instead of considering what others think of you.

Biblical meaning of a candle based on your dream

Now, you will discover the meaning of dreaming of a candle in different scenarios.

Dreaming of lighting a candle

If you light a candle in your dream, then you are calm and hard-working. This means that you can grow, learn new skills, and be confident and successful. 

Since you are doing the right thing, you will make better relationships with people in the future.

This dream is a message to continue believing in God and doing the right thing. That way, you will become stronger and resolve problems easily.

Dreaming of many candles

If you dream of a room full of candles, it means that God is on your side and he is protecting you. However, this does not mean to stop working on your personal growth and improvement.

Being humble is a noble virtue. Even if you make a mistake in your life, it is your responsibility to apologize and try to correct your wrongs.

This way, God will always have your back.

Dreaming of a broken candle

If you have this dream, it is time to take new chances. Being open to new opportunities will lead you to success. Those who are afraid of grabbing new possibilities waste their potential.

This dream reminds you that you are in this world to become the best version of yourself, to learn and grow. To achieve that, it is important to accept challenges.

Dreaming of a white candle

If you see a white candle in your dream, you must be at a spiritual revival and personal growth stage. You’re probably learning to balance as well. All these things lead to success and happiness.

Since you are experiencing a good period, it is time to enjoy and celebrate. You can do that by starting a new hobby or going on vacation.

Keep in mind to always thank God when you feel happy.

Dreaming of a black candle

Having this dream may indicate that you are a decent and determined person. But at the same time, this dream testifies that you are overly focused on your obligations

It is important to learn to balance and spend more quality time with your loved ones instead of working all the time. Remember that our time in this world is short. Therefore, appreciate the moments you spend with the people you love.

Dreaming of a red candle

Dreaming of a red candle shows that you are an energized and disciplined individual. On the other hand, this dream may show that you are hiding something from everyone. 

Don’t be afraid to find someone you can trust and tell your fears to. You will feel better. Besides finding your strength and support in God, it is good to have a loyal friend.

Dreaming of a pink candle

This dream is associated with your love life. Seeing a pink candle in your dream means that your relationship will be more solid than before

If you are single, this dream indicates that you are a wonderful person. You may meet someone soon. Pay attention to signs showing you that this partner is the one for you.

Pink represents love and passion. A pink candle symbolizes beautiful things in your love life.

Dreaming of a blue candle

The blue candle shows that you are a calm, affectionate person. People love having you around them. They feel comfortable with you.

Remember that being kind and supportive to everyone is nice, but don’t forget to focus on yourself as well.

Dreaming of a yellow candle

A yellow candle can represent various things. It can represent a search for fortune, power, or enlightenment. If you have this dream, it means that you will find what you are searching for. 

On the other hand, dreaming of a yellow candle also symbolizes calmness, tranquility, and harmony. You probably found what you needed, and now you feel satisfied.

Candle in a Dream Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Spiritually, dreaming of candles is a sign that you need guidance in your real life. Besides looking for spiritual guidance, this dream could symbolize several other things, like hope, enlightenment, a good end, and spiritual growth.

Candle in a Dream Spiritual Meaning

Interpretation of different dreams of candles

Let’s see some spiritual interpretations of dreaming of a candle in various scenarios.

Dreaming of blowing candles

If you blow candles in your dream, then you are lucky. Something that you wished for will become true. However, to achieve that, you have to keep believing in God. 

On the other hand, if the candles were blown by someone else, it indicates that that person will try to impact your decisions. You should be confident and not let anyone else influence your choices.

Dreaming of a candle wax

This dream stands for something bad that is going to happen soon. It may be a problem arising, a family loss, or a separation from someone.

Dreaming of candle dripping

On the contrary, seeing a candle dripping in your dream shows that while these problems might happen, you will still build strong relationships and have mutual understanding with your family.

Dreaming of someone interrupting you while you light a candle

This dream is a warning that your life will not be easy because you will frequently face obstacles. You should be determined and patient and try to overcome every hardship.

Moreover, this dream is a message that you need to be sure who your true friends are and be cautious of people who try to hurt you.

Dreaming of walking around with an unlit candle

This dream might symbolize that you are suffering but that there is a person who can help you. Don’t be proud and reject support and help from someone with good intentions.

Dreaming of lighting a candle that belongs to someone else

This dream conveys that if you light someone else’s candle, yours will not go off. This means that you will not lose anything if you are kind to others.

If you light another person’s candle, you might be compassionate and supportive, which is why people want your friendship.

Dreaming of purchasing a candle

Buying a candle in your dream shows that you have decided to continue your education and personal growth. 

Dreaming of a candlestick holder

If you see a candlestick holder without a candle, it means that someone will abandon you. However, you have to be strong to overcome this lonely phase. 

Dreaming of candle burning steadily

This dream indicates that you are at a peaceful stage in your life.

Dreaming about a scented candle

If you like the aroma of the burning candle, it means that your work will pay off. If you are not fond of the candle’s scent, you will have some negative results at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does candlelight symbolize?

The candlelight is a symbol of birth, death, sacredness, and resurrection. The light represents the good things you are waiting to see at the end of the tunnel.

What does a flame represent in the Bible?

A flame represents excitement in Proverbs 29:8, shame in Isaiah 13:8, and search for purity in Revelation 1:14, where the eyes of God are described as “a flame of fire.”

Bottom Line

The biblical meaning of candle in a dream is related to hope, spiritual guidance, love, comfort, confidence, and safety. Candles are rooted in Christianity. Believers light candles when praying for health, protection, and their wishes.

Dreaming of a candle might have different interpretations based on the circumstances in your dream.

Spiritually, seeing a candle in your dream indicates that you are on your spiritual journey and seeking guidance. Moreover, it can symbolize hope, enlightenment, growth, and good results.


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