Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream

Christians eat eggs in abundance during Easter as they represent new life and rebirth. But have you ever dreamed about eggs? They can appear in different dream scenarios, and all carry significant symbolism. Keep reading to discover the biblical meaning of eggs in a dream and what they signify in spirituality.

People have interpreted the meaning of eggs in a dream differently. Luckily, the Bible includes mentions of eggs to explain their meaning to the believers of the Christian faith. 

The world of spirituality also considers eggs as a powerful symbolism. If you see eggs in your dream, the divine universe is trying to send you a message.

Are you curious to find out? Let’s dive in.

Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream

The biblical meaning of eggs in a dream may be different for everyone. Eggs are seen as powerful symbols. And when appearing in a dream, eggs serve as a reminder to be thankful. They can also bring luck your way. God always rewards his believers for their good deeds.

Eggs usually appear in dreams to express a positive meaning. They are a well-known symbol in many religions, including Christianity. The Holy Spirit may also show eggs in your dream as a sign of encouragement. From a Christian point of view, eggs carry good fortune and prosperity.

In the Bible, eggs are mentioned to symbolize hope.

What does the bible say about eggs in a dream?

Many people find the biblical meaning of eggs in a dream mysterious. Although these important symbols are seen as signs of peace, they can also bring revelation. 

Eggs rarely appear in dreams to signal evil energy present in your life. But some dream scenarios point to warnings sent by God and his angels.

Thus, depending on how an egg appears in your dream, determine its meaning by considering the below-mentioned visual illusions.

Large eggs

The Bible considers large eggs as a sign of big opportunities and positive changes in your life. Many believers see large eggs as a blessing from God. So, if you encounter a large egg in your dream, something good will happen to you in the near future. 

Small eggs

Tiny obstacles in life cause many people to give up hope. So, whenever God wants to tell you to keep your chin up, he may send a small egg to your dream. He is trying to tell you that you can overcome the challenges life throws at you if you have faith. Be patient and accept God’s protection to ensure you are on the right path.

Rotten eggs

One negative interpretation of eggs in a dream is connected to rotten eggs. In your dream, you might see an egg that has gone bad to the rancid smell you are about to experience in the dream. This dream scenario might signify you have been tricked by evil forces.

However, if you want to achieve peace, God will forgive you. He only sends a rotten egg in your dream to remind you of the sinful consequences. Believing in the power of the Church can purify your sins and restore your faith in religion.

Snake eggs

If you dream about snake eggs, you might be going through a stressful period in your life. Snake eggs in a dream can also symbolize upcoming troubling times you must be aware of. Usually, snake eggs will appear in the dreams of those who are uncertain about their future.

Also, people sometimes interpret snake eggs in a dream as a warning sign. Maybe God is trying to tell you that someone laid their evil eyes on you. He reminds you to stay careful and away from Antichrist individuals. 

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Double-yolk eggs

The biblical meaning of a double yolk egg has been considered very important for a long time. This is because the Bible states that an egg with two yolks is a good omen. A double-yolk egg can also carry the meaning of fertility and hope for a better life. For some, it may signify the birth of twins.

Broken eggs

The biblical meaning of broken eggs in a dream symbolizes struggle. Perhaps you have recently experienced disappointment and failure. You may feel broken inside, just like the egg you are dreaming about. 

Eating eggs

This dream scenario is very rarely reported. Eating eggs in your dream can mean many things. But what is the biblical meaning of enjoying a meal with eggs in your dream?

The first interpretation is explained with the dreamer taking proper care of their body. Eggs are highly nutritious and healthy. The second, more symbolic, interpretation of eating eggs in your dream is connected to your dedication to religion. It also alludes to your strong belief in God’s plan for you.

Buying eggs

Are you spending money even when you are sleeping? If you buy eggs in your dream, you invite positive energy to come into your life. However, depending on the other details in the dream, the Bible connects the dream of buying eggs with a contrasting interpretation. It might mean evil energy wants to consume your thoughts.

Receiving eggs

Giving and receiving a gift is always a good thing. Often gifts signify happiness, celebration, love, and contentment. If you dream about receiving eggs, your wishes will soon come true.

Another biblical meaning of receiving eggs in your dream might be a sign of finding out a big secret someone is holding from you

Bible Verses Referencing Eggs

Bible verses referencing eggs in a dream

Eggs are mentioned a few times in the Bible. According to the verses, we can interpret the biblical meaning of eggs in a dream. We should see biblical scriptures as a primary source for explaining our dream scenarios and what they mean for our lives.

Job 39:14

In this verse, eggs are a symbolism of unawareness and lack of protection to the most fragile ones- our children. It’s explained how ostriches don’t offer protection to their eggs and how it’s not in the ostrich’s mother nature to care for her children deeply. 

And this verse may be seen as a reference to humans. The verse compares ostriches to humans who commit sins without knowing.

Isaiah 59:5

This verse emphasizes the importance of ignoring evil forces and falling to temptations. Dedicated believers of the Christian religion should know better. Thus, having a strong faith in God’s teachings will help you avoid developing dangerous habits and venial sins.

Deuteronomy 22:6-7

Achieving peace in your heart has much to do with patience. That’s what this verse is trying to highlight. Birds are often stripped away from their nest by hunters. This verse encourages you to change your old ways and become a more tender-hearted person. 

Jeremiah 17:11

Some birds hatch eggs that are not theirs. They steal them from other mother birds and claim them as their own. Through the mention of eggs, this verse points out humanity’s foolishness. Some think they can take the easier route in life and don’t need God’s guidance. But they are wrong. In the end, they’ll prove to be fools.

Luke 11:12

If an egg has recently appeared in your dream, you can refer to this verse in the Bible. It states that taking care of your loved ones is your responsibility. You should focus on providing a good life for your family without becoming greedy. Wealth is a luxury, but it can also be poisonous.

Eggs in a Dream Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Eggs are given symbolic meaning in the world of spirituality. They signify positive progression and a promising future. Many cultures worldwide see eggs in a dream as their sign to start their spiritual journey.

Since the dawn of time, eggs have been more meaningful than just being a healthy addition to your meals. It’s believed that eggs carry the spiritual meaning of creativity and the human ability to improve the world through actions.

Thus, if you see an egg in your dream, this is your signal to connect with the spiritual universe. The spiritual energies carry the ability to enlighten your mind and give you peace. An egg appearing in your dream can also mean a revival of your strength to start over and never give up.

What is the spiritual meaning of eggs in a dream

Some people see eggs as a sign of eternity. They believe that if you have faith, you will receive spiritual enlightenment. The appearance of eggs may be seen as very simple and not special at all. But it carries nutritious value. 

Eggs are also connected to Christ’s tomb. Believers of spirituality see eggs as the tomb from which Jesus was resurrected after being put on the Cross. Thus, eggs preserve life just like a tomb protects babies.

The symbolism of eggs in a dream

Eggs are highly symbolic in many cultures. For centuries, they have been believed to symbolize rebirth. However, eggs carry even more significant symbolism. They signify hope and trust in God’s plan for each and every one of his children. 

An egg shelf may seem very fragile and easily breakable. However, it holds so much strength to produce a new life. Eggs can appear in the dreams of new mothers to provide peace of mind that their womb is healthy, but also that when the child is born, it will be healthy. They symbolize the successful deliverance and protection of their baby.

In addition, the most commonly associated symbolism with eggs is new beginnings. It can symbolize the start of your spiritual journey, bringing a new life into the world or developing a renewed sense of hope. Eggs are also a symbol of good luck and a destined future.

Good fortune

The spiritual symbolism of eggs in a dream is connected to good fortune. Your guardian angel is sending good luck your way to help you succeed in accomplishing your desired goals. The Holy Spirit also signals a fortunate occurrence that will be highly beneficial and prosperous for your life. You will likely achieve great things soon if you see eggs in your dream.


God has a plan for all people who are dedicated to the teachings of the Church. He is willing to guide those that have faith and a good heart. Thus, by sending you eggs in your dream, the angels might tell you you are destined to succeed because God has blessed you. With the Holy Spirit by your side, you can achieve everything you put your mind to.

Fresh start

Believers of the Christian religion eat eggs during Easter to celebrate God’s rebirth. In the same way, God is sending you eggs in your dream to tell you it’s time for a fresh start in your life. Let go of all past doubts and failures. Start fresh and create a new life to change your life positively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an egg in a dream represent God?

An egg in a dream can represent God’s message. He may be informing you of your blessings. However, he also points out that your journey is not over yet. Although the Holy Spirit has blessed you, you must keep praying to earn this gift from God.

What is the meaning of boiled eggs in a dream?

The meaning of boiled eggs in a dream has been interpreted in many different ways. The most commonly known interpretation is that boiled eggs represent the birth of a healthy child. It can also mean God gave you good health due to your dedication to the religion.

Can eggs in dreams symbolize superstition?

People believe that eggs in dreams bring either good or bad luck. This is all based on superstition. Some even ignore the biblical mentions of eggs in a dream and create their own meanings. God is telling them to be more reasonable and aware of the symbol of eggs.


The biblical meaning of eggs in a dream can have positive and negative connotations. But, the positive interpretations outweigh the negative ones. Either way, it’s a sign sent by God alluding to a specific meaning and symbolism. Eggs don’t appear in dreams by chance. God’s messengers carry them in your dreams.

Eggs in your dream may be your sign to restore your faith in religion. They might also appear in dreams to guide you through your spiritual journey. You can interpret the meaning and symbolism of eggs in your dream based on your current life ordeal.


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