Biblical Meaning of the Color Green in Dreams

Recurring dreams often have some deeper meaning than we first realize. While some may view them as temptations, others believe that God or his angels are trying to convey a message through them. So what does it mean when you frequently have dreams involving something green? Continue reading to discover the biblical meaning of the color green in dreams and its symbolism. 

Biblical Meaning of the Color Green in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of the Color Green in Dreams

The Holy Book has numerous references where dreams hold sacred meaning. While some of them held prophetic knowledge, others were used to deliver a symbolic message. Dreams are complex occurrences, so they often require God’s wisdom to understand their deeper meaning.

The best way to discover a dream’s symbolism is to seek the answers in the Bible. Without much stalling, here’s what the Holy Book has to say about the meaning of the color green in dreams.

What does the Bible say about the color green in dreams?

The Bible mentions several colors with different meanings throughout its verses. The color green often has a dualistic nature. While in some, it carries good intentions, in others, it can be viewed as an evil omen. 

To better understand its significance, here are the most common meanings of the color green found in the Holy Book:

  • Life
  • Rest
  • Fruitfulness
  • Holiness
  • Sin
  • Sickness

Green as life

The first biblical meaning behind the color green is that of life. When you look at something green, it always gives off a vibrant and lively vibe. It represents the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature. That’s why even in the Bible, the color green has been mentioned since the creation of humanity. 

Therefore, dreaming of the color green may indicate your spiritual awakening and liveliness. Now is the time to take things into your own hands and control your life. It may also mean that you or someone close to you may be expecting new life soon.

Green as rest

The color green is often considered a relaxing and calming color. That’s why it has also been used to indicate rest in some Bible verses. We can all agree that this color is relaxing to the eyes and makes our minds calmly wonder.

Depending on your circumstances, these dreams may indicate that it’s time for you to take a break from hard work. Every person deserves to take a moment for themselves to recharge and rest. 

Green as fruitfulness

Green as fruitfulness is most often seen through growth. Just as the green trees need water to grow, so do humans need the Holy Spirit. Only by accepting the Lord in our hearts can we truly achieve the most success. Our faith in him will be praised with abundance, and our work will be rewarded. 

So if you’re dreaming of the color green, it may be the time to open your heart to the Holy Spirit. Only then will you see the fruits of your work and devotion. 

Green as holiness

The last positive attribute given to the color green is that of holiness. Therefore, it’s often mentioned in relation to the Lord himself. Since the Bible is full of symbolism and often needs thorough interpretation, the color green isn’t directly mentioned. Instead, it appears in the form of gemstones, such as emeralds.

Those having dreams of the color green are thought to have a strong connection with the Lord. They’ve embraced his Holy Spirit and will be spiritually rewarded for it. As God sits on his emerald throne, so will you stand by his side.

Green as sin

As for the negative connotation of the color green, it also represents the sinful nature of humans. While it may not be directly mentioned, it is represented through the trees. The two common sins associated with this color are lawlessness and pride. Therefore, besides its peaceful nature, green can also bring chaos.

If you have come across trees in your dreams, you can find out what it represents and the biblical meaning of trees in dreams.

If you’ve been going through a tough time, you may want to step back and analyze your actions. We often get so caught up in earthly desires that we don’t even notice if we’ve sinned. That’s why you should devote your time to prayers and ask God to guide you. Only he can open our eyes and help us be mindful of our wrongdoings. 

Green as sickness and health

Lastly, the color green has a dualistic meaning representing both sickness and health. It describes the trees, grass, and other plants as part of God’s perfect design. Therefore, alongside life, green represents healthy vegetation. 

The same attribute is seen in correlation to human health. Elders who have managed to keep their good health and prosperity along the way are often described as green trees. On the other hand, the unsuccessful ones struggling with sickness are commonly referred to as withering or scorched plants.

So dreaming of the color green may indicate that you’re on the right path and that your physical and spiritual health is good. Continue trusting the Lord for his protection, and never shy away from prayers to guide you. 

Biblical Verses Referencing the Color Green

Bible verses referencing the color green

After reviewing some of the most common biblical meanings behind dreaming of the color green, it’s also important to mention the Bible verses referencing it. 

To better understand the concept, it’s best to connect the said verses to the appropriate meaning. Here are the ones that will benefit this subject the most.

Bible verses about green as life

The first verses that mention the color green are the ones that allude to its meaning as life and growth. As mentioned, this attribute of the color green goes back to the creation of humanity. The first mentions can be found in the Book of Genesis. 

In Genesis 1:30, God created green plants to feed his creations. They are mentioned after the Lord declares that men will have power over the other animals he created. By representing the food we eat, it gives us energy and life.

As for the New Testament, another example can be found in Revelation 9:4. Depending on the translation, the color green may be mentioned directly or through the metaphors of trees. In these verses, green doesn’t only portray life, but it also represents salvation. 

Bible verses about green as rest

Bible verses that portray green as rest can be found in Mark 6:39 and Psalm 23:2. In both passages, it’s God who commands the people to sit on green pastures and grass to rest. Not only are their bodies at peace but their souls as well.

In the verses of Mark 6, they are also given food to sustain their energy. This alludes to the fact that the Lord will care for us when we need rest. All we need to do is trust in his power, and our efforts will be rewarded.

Bible verses about green as fruitfulness

The first important Bible passage that uses green as fruitfulness is Psalm 92:12-15. In these verses, it is said that those who are righteous will be rewarded with the fruits of their work. Furthermore, these believers are further described as blooming trees planted in God’s house. 

In Hosea 14:8, fruitfulness is once again mentioned in correlation to trees. Even though the color green isn’t directly mentioned, it takes the form of vegetation.

Since this attribute is gifted due to our faith in God, some verses mention the righteous people as green olive trees. One example is Psalm 52:8. As mentioned, all we have to do is trust the Lord, and his blessing will come. 

Bible verses about green as holiness

When it comes to the Lord’s holiness, there are several depictions of it in the form of green gemstones. An example of this can be found in Revelation 4:1-3

In this passage, the Lord’s throne is said to be encircled by a rainbow resembling an emerald. This green light portrays God’s holiness and power.

The second passage that closely relates green to God’s power is Ezekiel 17:24. In these verses, God highlights his might by describing the power he holds over the tall big trees. 

Bible verses about green as sin

The first instance of green as sin can be seen in Psalm 37:35. Here, the sinner is described as a wicked man flourishing like a green tree. 

In the verses of Jeremiah 11:16, the sinful human is described as a tree planted by God. However, the Lord has the power to punish their wrongdoings by setting the tree on fire and breaking its branches.

Bible verses about green as sickness

Lastly, the Bible verses that depict green as sickness can be found in Psalm 92 and Psalm 37:2. Psalm 37 teaches us that the wrongdoers who are envious will wither like grass and die as green plants. Since envy is a sin, God will deliver his punishment as he sees fit.

While the verses of Psalm 92 are already mentioned for containing the meaning of fruitfulness, they also depict sickness as punishment. The wicked are said to spring up like grass, while the evildoers flourish like flowers. God’s power is stronger than any evil, and sinners will face his judgment due to his righteousness. 

Furthermore, death and decay can also be depicted using the absence of the color green. An example of this is Isaiah 15:6

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of the Color Green

After discovering the biblical meaning of the color green, you should also know its spiritual and symbolic side. While many cultures have different superstitions regarding the subject, some attributes are recurring. 

To better understand the spiritual meaning behind them, we’ll review each of them separately.

A green forest with green trees

What is the spiritual meaning of the color green?

As a symbol of superstition, here are the most common attributes the color green carries:

  • Abundance
  • Luck
  • Envy
  • New beginnings
  • Growth


The first dream interpretation of the color dream carries the meaning of abundance. If you’ve been working hard for some time now, you can expect your toil to be rewarded. Whether it comes in the form of success or money, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. 

Furthermore, this color may also indicate that you’re in a financially stable position. So now’s the time to push through any obstacles and achieve your goals. 


The second common interpretation of these dreams is that of luck. Since this gift can come in many forms, pay close attention to even the smallest details. It can affect both your work and love life, so keep your head up. Good things are certainly coming your way!


If your dreams involving the color green cause you distress, they may also indicate envy or jealousy. This is the right time to step back and analyze your life choices. Is there anything or anyone that may cause you to feel inferior or unworthy? If so, is there anything you can do about it? 

Don’t let the success of others bring you down. Instead, focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Jealousy is often caused by low self-esteem, so try to see your worth.

New beginnings

The color green in dreams can also represent new beginnings. It’s a lively and vibrant color that motivates us to try new things and experiences. So if you’ve been struggling to escape a monotonous lifestyle, now’s the time to break from your routine.

On the other hand, if you’ve been dealing with a rough time, it’ll soon end. You’ll have the opportunity to put the past aside and start anew.


Lastly, dreaming of the color green can represent spiritual growth. Open your heart and soul to the upcoming changes and make the most out of them. Only then you can truly achieve the spiritual goals you’ve set. 

Regardless of the outcome, never lose your faith and continue walking down the righteous path

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bible’s holy color?

Most people believe that the color white is the Bible’s holy color. This is due to its purity and light. It often portrays the Lord’s forgiveness, grace, and good deeds.

What is the color of God’s glory?

God’s glory is most often represented through fire or by the color of amber. It also alludes to the Lord’s omnipresence and immanence. These descriptions can be found in the verses of Ezekiel 1:26-27


After discovering the biblical meaning of the color green in dreams, it’s up to you to interpret its occurrence in your dreams. Always remember to ask for God’s guidance through prayers so you don’t get lost in the symbolism. Despite the superstition, have faith in the Lord’s plan for you and try not to question his mysterious ways. 


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