What Is the Most Dangerous Zodiac

Some people believe that the signs of the zodiac are directly related to a specific predisposition to crime. Together with astrologers, psychologists study the identities of criminals. They are increasingly inclined to claim that there is a direct link between a person’s birthday and the types of crimes he is prone to. So, what is the most dangerous zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign influences the way of thinking, emotions, actions, and ultimately the overall karma of a person. Is it possible that the moment of our birth and the arrangement of the planets at the given moment motivate us to do bad things? Today we will find out which are the most dangerous zodiac signs in terms of statistics.

What Is the Most Dangerous Zodiac

The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs According to the World’s Forensic Scientists

Fire signs – Sagittarius, Aries, Leo

Out of these three signs, Sagittarius is predisposed to various types of deeds. And most importantly – he is difficult to catch.

Aries is always armed to the teeth criminal. The lion is dangerous in general because his self-confidence allows him to easily commit various offenses.

Air signs – Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

If we compare all these signs, talking about what is the most dangerous zodiac sign, Libra are the ones who are most prone to commit crimes.

They are very dangerous and often well-armed. Gemini is often caught in various scams. Aquarius goes against the law in the name of revenge. Read more: Who is Aquarius Most Sexually Compatible With

Earth signs – Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

This category of signs often falls behind bars. They are certainly leaders when it comes to what is the most dangerous zodiac sign.

Taurus is the most temperamental and dangerous. Virgo is a little cowardly, so they are always armed to the teeth. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a master at his ability to escape punishment after committing a crime.

Water signs – Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Surprisingly, Cancers most often end up in police stations. Usually, they do not act for themselves, but for loved ones.

We can surely say that Cancer is the scariest zodiac sign, especially when he is scared. Scorpio and Pisces lag behind in this regard.

What Is the Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign After All?

So, after dividing the zodiac signs into groups according to the element, who should we distinguish? What is the most dangerous zodiac sign of them all?


Here is the most dangerous sign. They are very mean – yes, that’s the right word for Cancers. Besides, they are very secretive. You will never learn about their secret maneuvers. Cancers are very good at pretending to be very greedy and innocent. However, the truth is very far from this image.

They honestly have a vague idea of ​​reality and live in their world where nothing matters. For Cancers, even the strongest friendship would lose all meaning if their interest no longer connected them to that person. This is just another reason to put them first when it comes to what is the most dangerous zodiac sign.

They are guided by strong instincts and would not hesitate to listen to their inner voice. Even if it makes them lie, steal, or hurt someone. Cancer is ready to achieve his goal at the cost of everything. The stubbornness that shows this sign can cause great damage. Beware of him!