Biblically Accurate Angels

The Bible describes God’s messengers differently than angelic, winged human-like creatures with white robes. There are some biblical depictions of angels as warriors with specific features that many find terrifying. So, how should we interpret the appearance of biblically accurate angels?

Art presents angels differently than the Bible. Artists imagined them as baby-faced divine creatures ascending from the sky. But the biblical descriptions of angels contradict this popular belief, presenting their strange and almost fearful appearance.

In addition to what people believe angels look like, they have also misinterpreted their duties. Believers think angels only help God deliver his messages. But their role in God’s heavenly kingdom is much more powerful and significant.

Biblically Accurate Angels

Biblically Accurate Angels

God gives angels the purpose of visiting people who need guidance and protection in their lives. Many people have reported seeing angels in their dreams, but we can’t be sure if these are truly angels or a product of the human imagination.

It’s believed that God created many types of angels. But the Bible doesn’t mention or describe every kind. Luckily, some biblical verses contain descriptions of certain angels we can use as points of reference to get a clearer picture of their appearance.

Regardless of how they look, biblically accurate angels carry energy and power given by the Holy Spirit. He created them for a specific reason – to help him rule heaven effectively and spread wisdom to his followers on Earth.

What does the Bible say about biblically accurate angels?

The Old Testament describes angels as carrying swords in their hands to protect believers from evil. The New Testament portrays them as God’s messengers informing the Christian followers of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Bible usually describes angels as having deep and loud voices that echo through God’s paradise, contrary to how gentle we imagine their approach to be. Also, some biblical mentions of angels state that they have eyes on their wings.

Angels follow God’s orders, and they share his words with those devoted to the values and beliefs of the Christian church. Many believe that if we let angels guide us through life, we open our hearts to welcome divine energies and connect with God on a personal level.

Now, let us examine the appearances of certain angels mentioned in the Bible to give you a clear understanding of how they differ from artistic portrayals. There are seven types of biblically accurate angels in the scriptures.

Angels of the Lord

The Bible mentions a specific type of spirit sent directly to people on Earth, called angels of the Lord. They carry out God’s commands and transfer the messages from heaven. Usually, angels of the Lord appear as humans in front of believers.

Many think that the first angel of the Lord to appear in human form was Jesus Christ. These angels are assigned to bring glory to God and act on his behalf. 

Cherubim angels

Cherubim angels have the most unusual appearances described in the scriptures. They are mentioned as creatures with four large wings. They have four faces: a man, a lion, an eagle, and an ox.

It’s believed they were stationed at the gates of heaven to protect it. Often, they were sent to travelers to guard them from danger. The name Cherubim is associated with wisdom, and Ophaniel, Rikbiel, and Zophiel are the most famous ones.

Seraphim angels

One kind of angel having eyes on its six wings is a Seraphim, symbolizing judgment and knowledge. God created these types of angels to praise him and bring his glory to light in the heavenly kingdom. 

Symbolic angel names mentioned as Seraphim angels in the Bible are Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel.


Archangels serve as protectors against everything evil on Earth. In the Holy Book, three archangel names, Gabriel, Michael, and Rafael, are mentioned.

St. Gabriel’s name means power of God. He is described in the Bible as God’s closest helper, standing right beside his throne. He appeared before Mary to inform her that God had chosen her to carry Jesus Christ and be his mother.

St. Michael is one of God’s archangels with warrior-like abilities. In the scriptures, he is described as fierce and powerful, having the strength to fight against rebels like the Devil. God sends him to Earth to guide people in distinguishing good from evil.

St. Rafael is believed to bring healing and emotional peace to believers. Biblical mentions of this archangel describe his ability to restore a man’s sight. He also protects relationships and uses his mighty powers to unite two soulmates. 

Guardian Angels in Bible

Guardian angels

Just like God created angels to protect heaven, he also created angels to protect his followers on Earth. Guardian angels are assigned to guide people through hardships in life and offer protection for those who show they are devoted to religion and the teachings of the church.

Angels of judgement

God punishes those who disobey him and don’t show repentance. To bring judgment to the disobedient people, he sends his trusty angels to perform divine acts for him. According to the Bible, God often sends the angels of judgment as a warning sign to remind people of the consequences of their sinful behavior.

Angels of destruction

Unlike the other types mentioned in this list, the angels of destruction are briefly referenced in the Bible. It’s believed they bring destruction and death to those who fall into temptations easily and embody antichrist characteristics.

Most used Bible verses referencing angels

Some types of angels mentioned above are described in the following biblical verses. Their godly abilities are often referenced throughout the Bible. But some lines in the holy book clearly state that people should only cherish God instead of focusing on angels.

Isaiah 6:2

This verse explains how the seraphim angels obeyed God’s commands and followed his example. It also says that these types of angels could fly very fast over God’s throne.

Luke 1:26-38

This verse contains a full description of God sending his angels to tell Mary that she will be the one to give birth to God’s only son. Specifically, he sent archangel Gabriel to Mary’s living place, Nazareth, and presented himself as a faithful servant to the Lord.

Bible Verses Referencing Angels

Jude 1:6

Some angels rebelled against God and were banished from heaven’s gates. According to this verse, the angels underestimated God’s authority and forgot that they were his creations by rejecting salvation.

Hebrews 1:4

Spiritual beings like angels have been worshipped throughout history. This verse reminds believers that Jesus Christ is superior to angels because his position is divine. He is not just an angel in a human form. God gave him the role of a creator.

Revelation 19:10

Just like God created humans, he created angels in the same way. They are also his servants and devoted followers like Christians. This verse highlights God’s ability to create, and angels and humans wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for him.

Matthew 16:27

Regardless of what people accomplish, their lives will eventually end. Jesus will visit them accompanied by his angels and honor his father’s name. This verse says that everyone will be repaid for their good or evil deeds and receive a deserved judgment.

Revelation 12:7

This verse is a description of war taking place in heaven. Archangel Michael recognized Lucifer’s evil intentions and decided to cast him out. Michael and his angels successfully defeated Satan and cleared the heavenly kingdom from demise.

Psalms 91:11

This verse ensures believers that God will send his angels to assist and guard them whenever they need. Angels have the ability to offer God’s protection to the followers of the Christian church and guide them to safety.

Mark 8:38

Jesus regards the new generations as adulterous and sinful. He reminds the disciples to be aware of shameful behavior in order to avoid punishment. In this verse, Christ assures them that he will return with his angels after being put on the cross to witness how ashamed people will be after they betray him.

Psalms 34:7

The angel of the Lord in this verse refers to Jesus Christ. He assures us that his spirit is always with us, just like his father. God can send his angels without people noticing their presence. However, their energy is so dominant that many can feel it.

Should I Be Afraid of Biblically Accurate Angels?

In the Bible, angels are often quoted saying “fear not”. This is because the appearance of angels might be unusual to the point of becoming scary. Also, many believe angels were given spine-chilling features to scare the Devil’s followers away.

Existing illustrations of angels are often confusing to people because the creatures have animal-like features combined with human characteristics. It’s difficult to determine whether angels are male or female because of their androgynous appearance.

You shouldn’t be afraid of biblically accurate angels because God sends them. They aim to offer believers help instead of causing an eerie feeling. Their presence is as powerful as God’s. Therefore, you should not run away when you feel it.

Spiritual Meaning of Biblically Accurate Angels

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Biblically Accurate Angels

Angels carry deep spiritual significance, offering comfort and peace for those dealing with troubles in life. Their presence is interpreted as a sign from God, telling people he is always watching and providing blessings to faithful believers.

The appearance of angels is also often seen as a symbol of good luck and a chance to connect with the Holy Spirit and the divine universe.

What is the spiritual meaning of biblically accurate angels?

God sends celestial and mysterious creatures like angels to represent faith and encouragement. Often, people can become lost in their worlds by dealing with problems, and they need angels to guide them through difficult life periods.

The symbolism of biblically accurate angels

In the world of spirituality, biblically accurate angels can symbolize many things. The concepts connected to their symbolism always aim to empower God’s followers and emphasize the importance of trusting God’s plan for everyone’s lives.

Guidance and protection

Not only are angels given the ability to offer guidance to Christians, but they can also protect them from harmful situations. They can heal sicknesses and give strength to avoid people from falling into temptations.

Spiritual enlightenment

If an angel appears in your dream or as a physical sign before you, God is trying to tell you that you are going through a spiritual awakening. By believing in divine energies, you develop a sense of faith needed to start your journey toward spiritual enlightenment. 


Those who believe in the power of angels also understand the importance of fighting for justice and bringing the truth to light. God doesn’t let his followers fight alone. He sends his divine messengers to help and remind you to never give up on accomplishing your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is God described in the Bible?

Most people imagine God as a man. But believers are taught that God has no gender, and there are no accounts of God being described as having a physical body. According to the Bible, God is only a spirit. However, in most contexts, God is referenced as man-like by analogy.

Does a person have only one guardian angel?

Matthew 18:10 states that each follower has one assigned guardian angel to watch over them. But God has the right to take the guardian angels away from believers if they start losing faith in religion.

Who are the most known angels?

Since many names are mentioned in the Bible, it may be difficult for believers to remember each angel. The most well-known one is Daniel because he was one of God’s messengers who brought the news of Christ’s birth to Christian followers.


Believing in the power of angelic presence is a personal choice. No one can scientifically prove angels exist. But many can sense the high vibration, trusting in God’s power to deliver the strength they need by sending angels on Earth in various forms and on different occasions.

Therefore, the purpose and symbolism of biblically accurate angels can be interpreted in many ways. You must open your heart to receive their energy to guide you toward the right path.


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