What Does the King of Cups Mean in a Love Reading

Tarot cards’ meaning allows us to find answers to questions for which we are not clear. Of course, each of us goes our way. Tarot cards show which part of the road we are in, what the obstacles are, and what we can change to reach a satisfactory end, especially in love. So, what does the king of cups mean in a love reading?

Tarot Cup Cards Meaning

The cards of this paint are connected to the element water. They symbolize calmness, sensuality, tenderness, variability, and the feminine/yin/principle. They are also associated with intuition and talent. As well as the ability to receive signals and connect to “subtle” worlds.

King of Cups Card

King of cups meaning for the questioner

King of Cups(astrologically under the influence of Cancer) is the altruist of palace cards. Especially if it is in combination with the Star. Usually, this card shows an empathetic attitude in the questioner who wants to help the people around him. The person who is to be foretold is ready to help them and look for ways to alleviate their suffering as much as his strength allows.

The King of Cups is not an idealist like the Knight of Cups, who believes that he can make the world a better place on his own. No, King of Cups is aware that he can only help the people around him. He hopes that the chain will not be broken further.

King of cups meaning in love reading

When it comes to what does the king of cups mean in a love reading, it can be interpreted in several ways. The card often shows doctors. Another profession it can symbolize is that of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts. Also artists, painters, musicians. This can refer to the person you love or who has feelings for you.

King of Cups can be a person who has deep feelings, someone in a serious relationship. He is a family type, loves children, loves animals. Sometimes he loves the cup. But less often than other palace cards from paint cups. The King has much more balance, he is not necessarily subject to his feelings. He manages to balance them with the intellect and a healthy understanding of the world around him. When it comes to what does the king of cups mean in a love reading, maybe the above-described person is the one for you. Look around for him!

As a piece of advice to you, this King may invite you to be generous and compassionate to someone around you. Maybe someone needs your help. And when we make a connection with what does the king of cups mean in a love reading, it is a sign that you should pay attention to your loved one.

As a tip for communication, the King of Cups advises paying attention to the emotional side of the problems to get to the source of the conflicts. It also encourages you to take care of your partner and predispose him to sharing and openness.

What does the inverted king of cups mean in a love reading in Tarot?

The inverted King of Cups signals either exhaustion caused by too long giving to others or too much dependence on the well-being of others. In the first case, you may feel exhausted by the fact that in your relationship you are constantly giving, helping, trying to be there.

When this goes on for too long, think about what the king of cups means in a love reading when he is inverted. Maybe it’s not bad to withdraw emotionally from the situation and wait to see if the one who constantly complains about your problems will not be able to solve them himself. Sometimes we become so engrossed in our role as a savior that we forget that we are not the only way out for our friends, family, or partner.

What Does the King of Cups Mean in a Love Reading