What Does It Mean to Dream About an Old Friend?

Dreams come and go. Often, we forget about them by the end of the day. But sometimes, they’re so powerful and vivid that we keep wondering what they mean.

Usually, when we dream about our partner, family, or friends, these dreams carry strong emotions. So, it’s normal for these dreams to stick around for a while. But what about dreaming of someone from our past, someone we used to be close with a long time ago? What does it mean to dream about an old friend, for instance?

Let’s see what our dreams are trying to tell us!

What Does It Mean to Dream About an Old Friend

What Does It Mean to Dream About an Old Friend?

Generally speaking, dreaming of someone you have not seen for a while can mean either upcoming happiness or problems. The interpretations can be distinct because these dreams contain many details that directly impact their meaning.

Because of this, our best shot to help you with your dream is to take a look at several dream scenarios. Although every person has unique dreams, there’s a chance you have dreamt of your old friend in some of the following scenarios.

Dreaming of an Old Friend – Scenarios and Explanations

Running into an old friend

This is a common dream scenario. In your dream, you go out, walk in the park, go grocery shopping, or do something you usually do. Suddenly, you run into your old childhood friend.

If you’re surprised, that’s because even though you regularly go to those places in real life, you have never run into that person. Thus, this dream has an obvious meaning – there’s a big surprise coming.

Now, a lot can happen when you run into your old friend. If you dream of a pleasant chat with that person, it can mean that the upcoming surprise will be related to something you’re emotional about or something that will surprisingly revoke a feeling from the past.

However, what does it mean to dream about an old friend and not talk with them? It also means a surprise, but this time, a surprise that will not be so pleasant. You may experience something that will revoke feelings from the past and come as a surprise to you, but you’ll not be so thrilled about it.

Dreaming of attending your old friend’s funeral

Funerals are hard. Even if you dream about them, they leave uneasiness that can last the entire day. However, funeral dreams can often be interpreted as something good, depending on various factors (things you had a dream about).

Back to our topic, what does it mean to attend your old friend’s funeral in a dream? It means that you’ll finally get closure. Saying the last goodbye to your friend means finally solving and burying something that has been bothering you for years.

Dreaming about your dead friend

With dreams, nothing is straightforward because each of us feels differently and has gone through different things in life. We’re so sorry for your loss. Dreaming of them shortly after their funeral is normal and usually doesn’t require further interpretation.

However, if your friend passed away long ago and you’re dreaming of them, that’s a different story. This dream is about you, meaning you’re longing for the old times.

Keep in mind that this is not the same as nostalgia. In a way, you’re feeling nostalgic, but the reason for your longing is that you’re not overall happy with your current situation or about something specific at the time. For this reason, you want to go back, as your brain tells you those were the better days.

Dreaming about your old friend-with-benefits 

Now, if your old friend was more than a friend a long time ago and you’ve dreamed about them, the dream interpretation will depend on multiple factors.

If you have a sexual dream, you have to ask yourself whether everything is okay with your sex life. It’s not unusual for people with an active sex life to have sexual dreams. However, they don’t dream of their old friends. Therefore, that dream means you’re not satisfied with the current situation.

On the other hand, if you have a non-sexual dream with that particular friend from your past, it means you’re bored or have not grown up yet. You don’t have sexual feelings for that person in real life, but you’re dreaming of them because they remind you of times when you weren’t committed to anything or anyone.

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What does it mean to dream about an old friend? As mentioned above, there are so many possible interpretations that it’s impossible to cover them all.

We talked about four common dream scenarios and tried to include at least two interpretations of each one. However, you should remember that many other factors impact the general meaning of your dream, such as items you see, places you visit, other people, your clothes, etc.

Hence, if you want to understand your dream better, it’s best to write down everything you remember and connect their meanings into one overall interpretation.


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