Biblical Meaning of Shark in Dreams

Sharks are mighty creatures, the rulers of the salty waters. They’re notorious for their power, strength, and determination. Additionally, they’re the most feared sea creatures due to their predatory nature. 

It’s no coincidence that this fascinating creature finds its way into your dreams. A shark dream can have several interpretations. 

So, if you’re curious about the biblical meaning of shark in dreams, it’s time to find out.

Biblical Meaning of Shark in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Shark in Dreams

People think that dreaming of a shark is a bad omen. According to the Bible, a shark dream alludes to negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. Additionally, sharks are a symbol of danger, tragedy, evil, chaos, and destruction. Simply put, sharks symbolically represent tragedy.

Yet, the Bible suggests another interpretation of the symbolic shark. The shark in your dream may very well symbolize betrayal, greed, jealousy, and selfishness. You should interpret the meaning of your dream depending on which possible meaning resonates the most with you.

Even though sharks aren’t explicitly mentioned throughout the pages of the Bible, the many references to big, scary fish are considered to be about sharks. Within those same references, the listed meanings above are showcased. Let’s have a look at the supposed meaning and connect them to Bible verses:


If you feel guilty and regretful, you might have a dream about a shark. So, if you’ve dreamt of a shark, you could apologize to those who wronged you, or you wronged them, and ask God for his forgiveness.

 If you trust that you have sinned, repent for your sins and try to stay away from them. A verse such as Acts 3:19 is one of the many that encourage you to ask the Lord for his mercy and forgiveness.

After acknowledging you’ve made a mistake, don’t beat yourself about it. On the contrary, take action to change yourself for the better. Faith in God can make you a better version of yourself any day.

Terror and fright

Fellow Christians believe that dreaming of a shark indicates fear of something in your life. This fear could be the fear of the unknown or of a specific person.

Also, you might be entering a new period in your life- a new relationship, marriage, school, or job- and you’re afraid to disappoint and fail.

Moreover, you might be doing great in all aspects of life. This dream might refer to your fear of success and how it might change your life.

If you can figure out what you’re afraid of, it’s time to take a stand and face your fears. Also, remind yourself of the words of the verses Psalm 56:3 and Isaiah 41:10. They talk about how God is here for you, he watches over you, and as long as you have faith in him, you shouldn’t be scared of anything.

Destruction and ruination

A common association of sharks is with destruction because of their ability to destroy anything with their strong jaw and sharp teeth. If, in your dream, you encounter a destructive shark that disrespects its surroundings, it’s a highly serious message from the Lord. You are being watched and judged by him

From a biblical point of view, God is judgemental of those who sin and stray away from the path of God. He shows mercy to his followers by not punishing them but rather warning them. You should reflect on the near past and see whether you have done something to upset him.

A number of Bible verses, such as John 1:9, talk about how you should repent your sins.

Power and strength

Sharks are one of the most powerful creatures on this planet. Their intimidation comes from their size, sharp teeth, and mighty jaws.

 As they’re aware of their ability to rule the waters, they demand respect and won’t stop until they get what they want. Having said this, the shark in your dream may very well symbolize your influence and power in your social circles.

Additionally, the shark in your dreams may represent God’s power and might. Take this as a sign that his power is great, and you can always rely on him to be there for you. Psalm 46:1 is one of the many verses where the Bible talks of the Lord’s strength. 

Steering through life

It’s critical to remember that to move freely through life, you need to have faith in God. If you don’t trust him, he can’t help you when you need him. 

Supposing the shark in your dream was in the water, both the shark and water have a symbolic meaning. The water would be the future, the unknown, while the shark represents the challenges you are yet to overcome. The biblical meaning of water can also tell you more about this.

Two biblical verses that preach to trust in God and his wisdom are Proverbs 3:5 and 6.

A bad omen

Another symbolic meaning a shark dream has is misfortune. The biblical verse Ephesians 2:8 talks about how you can be saved from any evil on this planet solely by placing your faith in God.

If you find the shark in your dream is a sign of bad luck, pray to God and ask for guidance and help. If you’ve been good and haven’t gone against his teachings, he’s sure to help you.


As betrayal can happen to the holiest of them all, to Jesus Christ himself, it could happen to you too. As Judas betrayed Jesus, someone has their eye on you and wishes you ill. Reevaluate the people in your surroundings and be cautious.

If you feel uncertain, ask God for his guidance and wisdom. As God has felt betrayal himself, he’s sure to lend a helping hand. The Bible verse John 6:70 talks about one of the twelve apostles being evil and deceitful.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Sharks

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Sharks in Different Scenarios

If you’re still uncertain whether the shark in your dream represents your fears and regrets or is a sign of bad luck, you should analyze the scenario of your dream. 

In order to interpret the message behind your dream, let us have a look at a few common scenarios which you might dream of.

Getting bitten by a shark

Dreaming of getting bitten by a shark means that you’re targeted by either an evil entity or someone you know. Sharks are out to hurt you. 

Getting chased by a shark

This dream may occur whenever you’re sleeping in an uncomfortable environment, and you feel vulnerable.

Being stalked by a shark

Dreaming of being stalked by a shark can mean one of two things. Either an evil entity, such as a demon, is stalking you, or you’ve been stressed in the last few weeks.

Riding a shark

Dreaming of riding a shark means you’re going through a highly challenging and stressful period of your life. It may seem like every day is worse than the one before, but you must not give in to the struggle

Dead shark

Dreaming of a dead shark has multiple meanings; you should take the one that resonates with you most. The dead shark in your dream could be a challenge you’ve recently overcome or a death of your motivation. You’ve been discouraged from achieving a big goal in your life.

Seeing a shark

A tragedy threatens your relationships with friends, family, or a romantic partner. The shark you dream of is a warning sign that bad times are ahead.

Escaping a shark

The act of escaping a shark is a warning that you’re surrounded by many toxic people that weigh you down. This toxic environment isn’t good for your mental health, and you should erase those people from your life.

Escaping a Shark in a Dream

Killing a shark

If you’ve killed the shark in your dreams, it means you’ve also slain the evils around you. God sees these accomplishments and is proud of you. 

Swimming with sharks

This dream is connected to your longing for something new and exciting. You wish to go on a new adventure because you feel stuck in your current place. 

Sharks swimming in calm open water

Not all shark dreams mean something negative. Dreaming of sharks swimming in calm open water, means you’re calm even when looking directly into danger’s eyes. This indicates that you can overcome any challenge thrown your way with ease.

Shark on land

If you dream about a shark on land, it means you feel safe in the environment that you are in because you’ve overcome your fears. This is when you must thank God for his help in overcoming those same fears.

Small/baby shark

If you dream of a small shark or a baby shark, it points to your childhood. Specifically, the shark is a representation of a traumatic childhood experience.

Big shark

The big shark in your dream is one of two things: grave danger or eminent strength. Danger refers to how you’re in a vulnerable position in life. Eminent strength refers to God’s power.

Great white shark

The great white shark in your dream is there to send the message that challenging times are ahead. You should remind yourself of God’s preaches and trust in his guidance.

Flying shark

Dreaming of a flying shark is directly connected to your fear of heights.

Many sharks

Dreaming of many sharks means that the road before you is long and filled with hardship. This road refers to your journey of placing faith in God and his teachings.

Being a shark

Dreaming of being a shark means you’re highly motivated to achieve and be successful. Once you have your eye on something, you do anything to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a shark mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of a shark varies in different cultures. However, the shark is a spiritual symbol of power and strength throughout all cultures. As a spirit animal, the shark indicates spiritual protection, as well as power and leadership.

Are sharks lucky fish?

Fishermen in the US believe sharks are gentle fish and are a good omen and represent good luck. For good luck, they have given sharks all leftovers from fish for a few decades now.

How is the sea interpreted in the Bible?

As sharks are sea creators, your dream probably happened in sea or ocean waters. Considering that the biblical meaning of shark in dreams points to negativity and tragedy, the same meaning is assigned to the sea. The Bible refers to the sea as a symbol of evil and damnation.


It’s safe to say that the biblical meaning of shark in dreams is connected to negativity. The meaning of each dream containing a shark differs depending on your personal experience and the scenario you dreamt of. If you happen to dream of killing a shark, only in one situation does the dream’s meaning translate to something good. 

Nonetheless, these dreams come to you to remind you to keep having faith in God’s power. Any challenge thrown your way will be overcome under God’s guidance. He’s always watching and listening, and only if you truly love him will he help you in life.


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