Signs Twin Flame Is Thinking of You

Soulmates are an all too familiar concept, thanks to the multitude of romantic movies, novels, and fanfictions available out there. You may have even daydreamed about having one. But forget soulmates, twin flames are the most talked about topic right now.

A twin flame is a person with whom you share the same soul. A one-of-a-kind connection that transcends all boundaries of time and space. Why settle for something casual when you can experience something much deeper and divine with your twin flame.

So, are you curious about your twin flame? Then this article is just for you. Get ready to embark on a journey to search for your “true other half” as we list signs twin flame is thinking of you and everything you need to know about it down below.

What Exactly is a Twin Flame

We’ve heard of heroines proclaiming that their partner is “the one”. While a soulmate is a good match in itself a twin flame goes beyond that. You experience the true feeling of “oneness”.

The philosopher Plato also mentions the first meeting between twin flames in The Symposium:

“When a person meets the half that is his very own then something wonderful happens: the two are struck from their senses by love, by a sense of belonging to one another, and by desire, and they don’t want to be separated from one another, not even for a moment.”

Signs Twin Flame Is Thinking of You

When you meet with your twin flame at the right time when both are ready, your whole worldview changes instantaneously. According to spiritual mentor Mateo Sol it’s like an “existential earthquake”.

Your twin flame triggers a spiritual awakening and both of you reflect each other’s strengths and weaknesses like a mirror. Seeing your insecurities and emotional wounds projected in your twin flame might cause distress but it can be a very healing experience leading to growth, self-love, and acceptance of your true self when you overcome it.

A twin flame doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic as it can even be a deep friendship. Twin flames are driven by an innate and ardent desire to achieve their goals of doing good in the world and the fiery attraction never dies out even when you separate and reunite.

Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

Instant Attraction

The stars align when twin flames unite. From the moment you meet each other, you feel an invisible pull towards your twin flame. While it can be a sexual attraction, it’s mostly about just wanting to be near them due to the strong magnetic connection at an energetic level.


When you meet your twin flame a nostalgic sense of familiarity is ignited as if you’ve known them throughout your life.


Meeting your twin flame and being around them feels like you’re in a safe space where you’re not afraid to be your authentic real self.

Inexplicable Emotions

Twin flames exist on a spiritual level so once you meet them you’ll feel a sudden rush of feelings that are hard to explain. Every sensation increases in intensity and your whole world is shaken.

Mirror Effect

Twin flames act as a mirror, displaying each other’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities which can be hard to accept as nobody likes to witness their faults out in the open. But, if you overcome this initial awkwardness you’ll experience freedom and empowerment like never before.


With your twin flame you’ll share mutual interests, values, preferences, and desire to achieve something be it food, movies, books, or even opinions, etc. You may even have similar childhood experiences that are often traumatic.


There’s a great sense of understanding between you and your twin flame which makes it easy to talk to each other. Even without speaking you’ll be able to read each other’s minds as your souls are interlinked.

Change in Perspective

When you’re in a twin flame relationship you start thinking differently and you’re excited about what the future holds for both of you. You start thinking about new ways of doing things, attain new values, and look for ways of loving and supporting each other.

Signs Twin Flame is Thinking of You

Isn’t it an exciting thought that somebody is thinking about you at the moment? If you’re not alert enough you might miss the various signs and signals in your twin flame relationship. So, sharpen your senses and read below to know the signs twin flame is thinking of you.

Sudden Heartaches

Feeling a sudden throbbing in your heart is one of the signs twin flame is thinking of you. Sometimes, these heartaches are so intense that you feel like your heart will burst when your twin flame misses you.

Some people experience physical symptoms such as nausea or dizziness and feel dysfunctional due to the deep longing their twin flame feels for them.


Twin souls are essentially part of the same soul. So when your twin flame is thinking about you, a sudden rush of energy fills you up. This energy is unlike any other and only belongs to your twin flame.

Along with a strange feeling, you’ll sense an energetic pull at your heart too. But, if you resist it you’ll feel discomfort and hopelessness within yourself. A feeling that you’re hiding a part of yourself will keep bugging you.

Appearing in your Dreams

Does your twin flame often appear in your dreams? Are you unable to forget about it? Then this might also be a sign that you’re thinking of your twin flame or they’re thinking of you.

Dreams provide an ethereal space where you and your twin flame can connect soul-to-soul which happens when you cannot meet face-to-face. So, whenever you have such dreams remember to be attentive as they may hold a deeper meaning and messages.

You “Feel” Them

You and your twin flame share a spiritual connection at an astral level. So, no matter how much is the distance between you two, you can still feel everything your twin flame is feeling — their moods and even their presence around you. If they’re feeling happy, anxious, hopeless, etc. you’ll also experience them with the same intensity.

This profound understanding of each other that you both share will continue to grow as you spend more time together.


Twin flames share the same energetic frequency. Your vibes are in sync.

The deeper your bond grows, the more powerful is your telepathic connection. When you reach peak telepathic arousal with your twin flame, you’ll be able to tap into each other’s emotional state, intuition, consciousness(thoughts), and intimacy vice versa. Read: What Does It Mean When a Person Is Intuitive

As your telepathic bond grows stronger there’s a high chance that you will experience a sudden feeling of loneliness or enthusiasm based on how your twin flame is feeling. This is another sign that your twin flame is thinking of you.

Telepathy - Signs Twin Flame Is Thinking of You


You already share a telepathic link with your twin flame. So, you might feel certain vibrations throughout your body and have sudden thoughts or visions of them when they think of you. There may be times when you feel sexually aroused and even climax when you’re alone. This is one of the obvious signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

Twin flames are like pieces of a puzzle—they complete each other. They share a soul intimacy that surpasses sublunary levels so, you can even make love telepathically as your connection deepens.

Even when you try dating others during separation nothing can compare to how your twin flame makes you feel. The comfort and familiarity that you feel from your twin flame are deeply satisfying, to the point of obsession.


You may feel a surge of warmth and a euphoric feeling to the point that people ask you if anything good happened. Even though nothing particularly good happened you seem to radiate positivity and can’t stop grinning.

This fuzzy feeling is one of the signs twin flame is thinking of you. So, even from a distance, your twin flame is sharing their loving and motivational energy which cheers you up even if you were feeling blue.

Butterflies in your Stomach

We often get butterflies in our stomachs when we’re around our crushes. But, this is also true for twin flames. They might be daydreaming about you and immensely misses you since you’re bound together by an inexplicable force.

Feeling Flushed

Another common sign is that your face feels flushed and slight tingling sensations are felt all around your face. Your cheeks and ears start to feel hot which can be a common symptom when your twin flame thinks about you. But this alone won’t count as a definite sign unless you feel it along with other symptoms mentioned above.

Universal Signs

Call it a coincidence or a miracle but twin flames receive various signals from the universe. It can be in the form of strange patterns of numbers(11:11), through music, an out-of-the-ordinary experience, or an odd statement someone made which you can’t forget about. All of these are signs twin flame is thinking of you and is channeled through the energy you share.

Beware of Fake Twin Flames

Sorry to bust your bubble but, as magical and fairytale-like meeting your twin flame sounds, it’s not always the case.

A fake twin flame does exist and you may confuse a fake one as the real deal. You might even rush into a relationship too quickly the second you notice little hints and signals (Slow down!).

We can’t stress enough the fact that no matter how precious a twin flame is, remember to think of yourself first. This can be challenging since the pull of a twin flame energy can be quite compelling.

To find out if you’re in a false twin flame relationship make sure to introspect. Ask yourself if you’re feeling anxious or if something is a little off when you’re together. Similarly, a fake twin flame is also likely to have doubts, commitment issues, and an unwillingness to fight through tough times together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find your twin flame?

There’s no exact method. You’ll find your twin flame only when both of you are ready for your spiritual awakening and not because you’re desperate for a relationship. So, it’s important to focus on your goals first and let the universe run its course. Remember not everyone is destined to meet their twin flame.

Is it possible that you might not end up with your twin flame?

Sadly yes. Despite the connection and physical attraction, there is a possibility that you might end up dating or even marrying someone who is not your twin flame. You’ll experience sudden emotions and heartaches whenever you think about them. It’ll be painful but the moral of the story is: you made a choice about what’s best for you and that’s what matters.

Is love important in a twin flame relationship?

Not always. Twin flames can be lovers and have a passionate relationship but it can also be between two close friends. Twin flame relationships are not only about love but about growing emotionally, physically, and spiritually with your destined ‘soul’s mirror’. Together you embark on a journey beyond the earthly realm.

Can a twin flame be a soul mate?

Yes, your soulmate can also be your twin flame. But there are some differences between twin flames and soul mates as both serve different purposes. Soul mates are there to support you and help you grow. Whereas twin flames appear when you both are ready to serve a larger purpose for the betterment of the world. A twin flame relationship can be full of turbulences as compared to a soul mate relationship which is more peaceful.

Are zodiac signs helpful in finding our twin flames?

Zodiac signs are extremely popular for matching your compatibilities with a potential partner. Whether you’re a Capricorn or a Pisces, you can use your Zodiac signs to find your twin flame in terms of compatibility factors such as personality, strengths, love, sex, and communication.


Twin flames share incredible energetic compatibility as they’re sharing one soul. As you share a sacred one-way bond that doesn’t happen to everyone, it’s crucial to treasure it. But being twin flames doesn’t mean you’ll be together 24/7. As much as your bond is important to awaken your spirituality, it’s equally necessary to focus on your self-growth too. In this way, true growth and enlightenment can be achieved to their fullest.

In any case, whether you spend your life together or decide to part ways, a twin flame relationship certainly changes you and the way you perceive life in the process. So, treat it as an important life experience.

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