Best Self Love Affirmations to Practice

Self-love is extremely important for everyone. It is the one thing that can help you come out of any kind of situation and deal with all issues. Sending positive vibes to the universe through positive self-love affirmations is powerful and liberating.

All of us have been too critical of ourselves at some point. We fall into the cycle of negativity and hold ourselves back from realizing our true potential. Along with missing wonderful opportunities, we also unknowingly manifest the negativity into our lives. Self-love affirmations are what you need to change your mindset and the energy sent out to the universe.

Self-Love Affirmations

Self-Love affirmations are powerful statements and can change our belief about everything. For the highest effects, self-love affirmations are practiced either first thing in the morning or right before going off to sleep. This helps the subconscious in absorbing affirmations easily. They can also be written down in your daily journals, sticky notes or notebooks.

The method of infusing these affirmations into your life is up to you. What is important is that these affirmations become a part of your life. If you use them regularly, you will soon notice the difference they are making.

Best Self Love Affirmations to Practice

Spiritual Self-Love Affirmations

Spiritual self-love affirmations help people in discovering the purpose of their lives, along with clarity and meaning. Spirituality should not be confused with religion. Spirituality is in context with your connection to something bigger than yourself. It is typically the search for the meaning of life and universally affects all of us as human beings.

Self-Love Affirmations to Practice

  • Forgiveness is my haven. Letting go of my anger and resentment preserves my mental and physical health.
  • I can control my circumstances. This world is full of opportunities and magic and I am a part of it.
  • I can put my beliefs into action. The foundation I build is strong and it empowers me. I am motivated to take care of my well-being.
  • I attract nature and its abilities to change my physical conditions. Nature is repairing and restoring my body.

Positive Affirmations for Intrusive Thoughts

Thoughts that fill you with worry and keep coming back to you are the negative thoughts which need addressing. There may be various things which bother you by repeatedly being in your thoughts. It can be stressful situations, difficult memories from the past, overthinking or anything else.

Merely saying something and expecting it to happen may sound unbelievable at first. But the idea is to keep repeating so that gradually they seep into your subconscious and settle there. You must change the direction in which your mind thinks. Because this thought process is causing you harm by being intrusive.

Self Love Affirmations to Practice

Ways in Which Positive Affirmations Help with Intrusive Thoughts

  • It will reinstate the belief that these thoughts are yours and therefore you have the power to control them.
  • The affirmations will support you to make way through intrusive thoughts and come out of them.
  • Your emotions bind you to your intrusive thoughts and make it difficult to push through. Positive affirmations will help you detach from them.

Affirmations to Practice for Intrusive Thoughts

  • I control my thoughts.
  • I can stay in the present moment.
  • I will pay more attention to facts to figure out a solution.
  • I have control over my anxieties.
  • I am aware of my obsessive thoughts and I can control them.

Affirmations for Self-Love and Confidence

We say and think so many things about ourselves that are negative. Everything that we say, everything that we think is an affirmation. Every thought and every sentence confirm what we want in life.

Affirmations are an important part of breaking the cycle of negativity, building confidence and loving yourself. The first thing you need to do is clear the negativity that is holding you back and pave the way for self-love and confidence.

Affirmations You Can Practice

  • I motivate and inspire myself.
  • There is nothing that I cannot overcome.
  • I have everything I need.
  • I love the person I am.
  • I deserve good things in life.

Self-Love Words

Self-love words are just positive words that replace the negative dictionary you are following. Think about how you think and talk about yourself. Notice all the sentences and words that you have been using to describe your feeling. Now replace those negative words with self-love words.

One tip is to choose a self-love word every day and use it throughout the day for yourself. For example, if you choose ‘blessed’ as your word for the day, used blessed as many times as possible. For example, “I feel blessed for this life”.


Simple changes in your thought process can take you a long way. Inculcating affirmations for self-love into your life is simple but it needs consistency. It should not be difficult to talk about yourself with love and acceptance. Feed yourself with love and let the energy speak for itself.

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