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Wealth and abundance can come to us in several ways. But more often than not we find ourselves held back by our limiting beliefs or deep-rooted fears. You might want that promotion but you have been too shy to ask for it. Or maybe you lost some money in a business dealing and have been tied down by debt ever since. What if you had a time-tested way to get through your financial rut and attract more money? Do you know what is the most powerful stone to attract money?

Crystals are not only used to help with emotional needs but they also are used as money-attracting tools. Whether you want to become more mindful of your expenses, make more money, or get yourself out of debts, gemstones can come in quite handy. Have you been meaning to try the most powerful crystals for wealth but don’t know how to? Here’s a guide acquainting you to some wonderful crystals and their usage to set you on the path to abundance. Let’s check it out!

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Money Crystals for Wealth

Most Powerful Crystals for Wealth

There are various potent crystals for prosperity and abundance available out there. But we are going to introduce you to the best 6 that are sure to change the face of your bank balance for good. Here we go!


Aventurine, aka the stone of opportunity, is believed to be the most powerful stone to attract money. Having an important business rendezvous or meeting with a financial advisor this afternoon?

Why not consider carrying Aventurine along for it can bring good luck by opening doors of prosperity for you. You can program your stone to receive all kinds of abundance, be it health, wealth, or relationships.

One easy way to use Aventurine is to hold it over your heart chakra and meditate with your intention to attract more money. You can also place it in your money drawer at your store or in your child’s piggy bank. Better still, put it in the dish in which you toss loose change at the end of the day. You must give this brilliant stone time to take control of your life and before you know it, your finances will start to look great.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye works by improving your luck and grounding your energy so you can handle the tough financial decisions well. This crystal does not bring you money directly but sets a foundation of self-reliance for you.

It helps you understand that you’re not dependent on anyone for wealth and you must find your own path. This crystal is available in various hues, but the golden Tiger’s Eye is the most powerful gemstone for money.

Since this crystal makes you more mindful of the money you have, you can carry it while shopping. It will deter impulse buying and give you the wisdom to spend with care. Another way to use it is to hold it close on a full moon night and chant positive affirmations. You can also ask for good fortune and abundance to come your way. After doing this, just leave the crystal out in the open overnight. Read more: What Stone Brings Luck and Money

Crystals for Wealth


Citrine that’s popularly called the Lucky Merchant’s Stone is easily the most powerful stone to attract money. If you are looking for success in your personal business or a new career, Citrine is your ideal crystal.

It not only brings cash flow but also helps you overcome roadblocks when it comes to saving money. Apart from that, Citrine also heightens your awareness about sharing your fortune with your fellow beings.

Wondering how to use citrine to attract money? You can place Citrine pieces in various corners of your workplace or home to create an energy grid throughout. You can infuse your drinking water with the energies of this crystal by placing it in your water bottle. You’d rather be meditating with this gorgeous magic crystal? In that case, place it in your hand while meditating and it amplies your intention for attracting money. Read more: Which Crystal Is the Most Powerful

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is the crystal of the truth. Unlike other money stones, it attracts money by uncovering your financial truths. Were you cheated in a business or did you lose money to a borrower? Wearing Blue Kyanite can help you regain your lost wealth or pull yourself out of longstanding debts. This high-vibration crystal has the capability to ground you and stimulate your higher mind, which makes it one of the most powerful crystals for wealth.

Since blue kyanite is powered by water energy, it must be placed in the northern corner of your house. Another way to use it is to take a piece of Kyanite in your hand, aim it at your throat chakra and visualize your money dreams.

You don’t necessarily need to direct this crystal by intention, but if you do, the results could be even better. If you’re fond of jewelry, you can wear this lovely crystalline gemstone in a necklace or bracelet as well.


Looking for a gemstone for winning the lottery? Well, here’s a crystal that is popular for its luck attraction capabilities. Jade is an eye-catching crystal that increases your positive energies so you are not only attracting money but all kinds of abundance in your life.

It will also bring clarity when you are in the middle of financial negotiations and investment deals. Do you feel you’re not worthy of receiving wealth? Jade is one crystal that will keep away these self-limitations.

A jade elephant with its trunk raised makes for a great symbol of prosperity. You can keep it on your desk or in your living room showcase to attract abundance. According to Feng Shui, Jade must be placed in the Southeast nook of your property for best results. You can also get a Jade fish and place a coin in its mouth to bless yourself with wealth.


Pyrite is widely known as Fool’s Gold, but there’s nothing foolish about it when it comes to harvesting money. It tops the list of the most powerful crystals for wealth for its strong wealth manifestation energy. Are you often conned out of money when entering contracts that affect your finances? Bring a piece of this useful crystal along in such money meetings and it protects you from the negativities.

Here’s how to use pyrite to attract wealth – take at least 5-10 minutes each day to meditate with pyrite to establish a bond with its reflective energy. While doing so, set your intent for wealth and abundance by chanting mantras or thinking positive thoughts.

You can also put this crystal in a bag and hang it on your main entrance. Doing so will protect your space from negative energies all while attracting abundance for yourself and your family.


There is no harm in seeking wealth for yourself as long as you do it the right way. Hard work is definitely the basis of wealth, but sometimes, you feel stuck and you can’t see your financial situation getting better. That’s when it’s time to take help from the age-old magic of crystals. These high-vibration tools have the ability to turn around your life for good if used properly.

Take a look at our list of dynamic gemstones that can help you bring your finances to life. You are sure to find the most powerful stone to attract money that resonates with you the best. Trust the process and let prosperity come to you in the best of ways!

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