How to Handle Gossip Biblically

People can talk behind your back because they have nothing better to do. But God is strongly against gossip, and that’s depicted through various Bible verses. Keep reading to learn how to handle gossip biblically and achieve peace of mind.

While many people see gossip as a form of entertainment, believers of the Christian Church try to stay away from it. However, devoted Christians can also sometimes fall into temptation and indulge in gossip. But if they realize their mistake and ask for God’s forgiveness, he might listen to their prayers and offer to guide them through their revelation.

How to Handle Gossip Biblically

How To Handle Gossip Biblically?

When learning how to handle gossip biblically, you must start with yourself. Do other people’s opinions matter to you, or are you only interested in following God’s word that leads to righteousness? 

Believing in Christianity and having strong faith don’t make you stone-deaf from gossip. You might hear it even if you don’t want to. Listening to gossip doesn’t make you a sinner, but spreading rumors and gossip makes you one. If you are against gossip, you must be aware of things you can do to stop it.

People will always gossip, regardless of their beliefs and values. But if you train your mind to avoid hearsay, you will feel free of negative energy. The Bible can help you achieve that, echoing God’s principles to distinguish right from wrong.

What does the Bible say about gossip?

The Bible encourages believers to pray for wrongdoers, including gossipers, wishing them peace and a better life far away from rumors. 

They might not know better or lack religious education that might help them focus on themselves rather than on other people’s lives.

The Holy Book considers gossiping a malicious act that can be stopped if people become aware of their actions.

Spreading negativity

Rumors are spread faster than we can imagine and are often based on lies. According to the Bible, when we share information about someone else’s life, we spread negativity and might end up hurting someone’s feelings without intention. Even if the rumors turn out to be true, refrain from talking about someone behind their back. If you listen to someone spreading rumors about you, try to remain calm and seek God’s guidance. God is always with us for better or for worse.


The Bible says that gossip creates conflict between people, it ruins friendships and relationships. A remaining gossip can prolong conflicts, and people are very quick to judge, which is described as a selfish trait in the Holy Book.

When you talk about someone else, or vice versa, you might end up breaking someone’s trust. Gossip travels fast, and it will eventually reach the other person. Instead of fueling the fire, you should try to stop the quarreling and focus on peace rather than rambling half-truths. 

Too tempting to resist

Often, people cannot resist falling into temptation. What’s forbidden is often sweeter and even more irresistible than doing the right thing. But the Church offers protection to those who acknowledge they made a mistake and repent for their wrongdoings.

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What Does the Bible Say About Gossip

How should Christians respond to gossip?

The Bible teaches believers many things, including ways of responding to gossip. It includes some important lessons Christians should learn if they want to stay true to the values of their religion and receive God’s protection.

Hold your tongue

God gave us control over what comes out of our mouths whenever we try to speak. The Bible says we should always be mindful of our words to ensure we don’t hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally.

Some people use their words with malice to intentionally make someone feel bad about themselves. These people embody Antichrist values and have a deep hatred in their hearts, consumed by evil energies.

When Christians engage in conversations, they should always use uplifting words and aim to encourage the other person instead of putting them down. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

Confront Gossip

Christ’s followers should attempt to stop the gossip instead of letting it progress further.

Believers of the Christian Church see God as a guide through every life situation. When it comes to gossip, God regards it as unhelpful and unproductive. Thus, remind gossipers of the counterproductive nature of gossip and what hurtful messages can do to a person.

Redirect The Conversation

If you find yourself in a position to hear gossip, God has given you a chance to break it off. Try to change the subject as effortlessly and quickly as possible and redirect the conversation to something more positive

You can even encourage the group to start praying instead of gossiping. Prayers can be uplifting, whereas gossip is always discouraging. When we build each other up, we show God there is a chance for humanity to become better and more empathetic towards one another.

Most Used Bible Verses Referencing Gossip

Most Used Bible Verses Referencing Gossip

Many biblical verses negatively reference gossip to show believers nothing good comes from it. Some lines in the Bible also contain advice on handling gossip by focusing on the positive things in life and following God’s example.

Ephesians 4:29

This verse associates rotten speech with the Antichrist, saying that gossip is the same as stealing. God holds us accountable for the words that come out of our mouths because we are given the option wisely choose the words we utter.

According to this section in the Bible, we have to speak to help others by only saying positive words. We should let the anger, wrath, and any other negative emotion we feel at the moment not get in the way and focus on spreading positivity. God will show the right path to those who are kind and forgiving to one another.

James 1:26

If someone can’t hold their tongue and feels like they must say something in every situation, they are not devoted to religion. The beliefs that they so carefully follow will be all in vain if they don’t hold their tongue. They lie to themselves, thinking they are close to God, when in reality, they don’t practice self-control, can’t resist gossip, and are deceiving their heart by thinking they are doing the right thing.

A faithful Christian knows that human choices are associated with trust in God and celebrating his divine glory. This verse implies that those seeking God’s protection must restrain themselves from speaking negatively about others.

Proverbs 18:8

This proverb reveals human nature’s temptations and how persistent gossip can be. Some people might not be interested in gossiping. But they must learn how to handle gossip biblically and approach it cautiously.

People love to gossip because it involves shocking information that feeds their tongues, and they can’t get enough of it. The more you gossip, the less devoted you are to the teachings of the Church

The Bible emphasizes the importance of telling the truth, but it doesn’t imply that believers should present it with a negative connotation, such as through gossip.

1 Thessalonians 4:11

God loves his followers and encourages people to share the same love with others. Christians with deep affection for others don’t think of causing trouble. They mind their own business instead of getting involved in other people’s affairs.

Proverbs 20:19

This proverb is often interpreted as a warning sign. God teaches you to avoid those who give you too many compliments. Some people praise others for getting them to talk. Thus, they might get your personal information and share it with others.

Colossians 3:13

Christians are a community that should show respect and kindness to one another. Also, they should learn how to forgive each other because everyone makes mistakes, and perfection doesn’t exist.

Thus, if someone gossiped about you but then apologized with sincerity, you should forgive them to avoid carrying resentment in your heart. Pray for their souls even if they don’t apologize because they require healing.

Proverbs 21:23

This proverb shares a valuable lesson that can be used in today’s world. Every word we say can be heard and shared by someone. Those who want to stay out of trouble should avoid talking too much, especially when the conversations involve lying and spreading rumors.

1 Timothy 5:13

This verse explains that some young women forget to focus on important matters such as bettering their future and finding happiness. Instead, they become nosy and busy gossiping about others because of jealousy.

These kinds of people are preoccupied with intrusive thoughts, not realizing they are wasting the best years of their lives in idleness. They are not doing productive things and are ungrateful for the gift of life God has given them.

Exodus 23:1

If you listen to someone’s empty talks and gossip, you are helping them express their toxic traits. Just because someone is your friend, it doesn’t mean you should let them gossip in front of you. According to this verse, you can either help them seek forgiveness or distance yourself.

Titus 3:2

This verse explains four values believers must follow against gossip. The first one highlights the power of words and how they can tear someone down. The second emphasizes the importance of avoiding arguments and handling every situation peacefully.

The third value describes Christians as gentle, encouraging them to control their anger and judgment by being “fair-minded”. Finally, the fourth value expresses the significance of spreading kindness amongst each other. 

Matthew 18:15

Confrontation is intimidating for some people. But this verse encourages Christians to resolve their problems with others eye to eye. If someone spreads rumors about you, have an honest conversation and point out their mistake.

James 1:5

The truth of the matter is God shares his wisdom only with those who believe in his power. But if you talked badly about someone in the past, that doesn’t make you unworthy of receiving God’s wisdom. The Holy Spirit can identify positive changes in people and reward them with protection, guidance, and divine enlightenment.

Prayers against gossip

In addition to doing everything we can to stop gossip, we should also pray. To help you figure out how to pray against gossip and ensure God has listened to you, consider the below-mentioned prayers:

  • Dear Lord, I thank you for your mercy even when I sin and gossip. Guide me through the right path, free of sinful actions, and show me the right way to love you and respect others around me.
  • God, I am guilty of gossiping. Please help me forgive myself for my actions and give those I hurt enough strength to forgive me. I never meant to hurt their feelings. With your help, I want to start recognizing positivity in every situation. Amen!
  • Holy Spirit, I pray before you, asking for protection against gossip spoken about me. False information has been spread among those who know me. But I will use my faith and pray for the wrongdoers as you teach us through your divine energy.
  • Dear God, I ask for your grace for those who spread rumors about me. Don’t punish them for their actions. Please help them understand the impact of their hurtful messages. Remind them of your love and affection so they can achieve peace in their souls and start speaking kinder words. Amen!
Spiritual Meaning of Handling Gossip

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Handling Gossip

Sometimes people gossip because they don’t understand the true values of religious faith and spirituality. They are unable to connect with the spiritual world because they can’t recognize the presence of a guardian angel watching over them, offering protection.

In addition to learning how to handle gossip biblically, it’s also important to discover the symbolism behind idle talk.

Participating in gossip

If you are a person who talks too much about other people, some may start avoiding you. They might think that if you talk badly about others, you are probably doing the same to them. Thus, participating in gossip makes you an undesirable friend and a person no one wants to be around.

Hearing gossip about you

The best way to handle gossip for many people is to ignore it and be the bigger person. If you confront the ones spreading rumors, you are giving too much attention to the problem. Other people’s actions are a reflection of themselves, and often they have nothing to do with you.

Hearing gossip about others 

Listening to gossip is just as wrong as participating in it. If someone talks badly about your closest friends, one option is to defend them. But getting involved in someone else’s drama is never good. Instead, you can simply tell your friend what you heard and offer help if needed.

Handle Gossip Biblically

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gossip considered a sin in the Bible?

The Bible speaks strongly against gossip and considers it sinful because nothing good can come from it. People who gossip are untrustworthy, and their destructive nature can cause trouble for those focused on living their lives in the best way they can.

Will God forgive me if I gossip?

People are not defined by their past mistakes. God grants believers forgiveness if they show repentance for their actions in prayers. Thus, if you realize that gossiping is wrong and something you won’t do again, God will forgive you.

Should I forgive gossip?

The Holy Book teaches us that we should always find the strength in our hearts to forgive those who treated us badly. Carrying anger against someone who gossiped about you is hurtful. Thus, it’s best to let it go.


Knowing how to handle gossip biblically is important. The Bible provides the most rational way of dealing with this problem. But it can also help gossipers become aware of their actions and how they can negatively impact other people’s lives.

Spreading gossip and circulating rumors is never good and can only cause emotional harm. Don’t be one of those people who gossip to fit in a group. Instead, be equipped with knowledge of the Church’s teachings and know that God rewards protection to those who spread positivity.


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