How to Manifest your Dreams into Reality

Our thoughts and energies create the life that we are living in. Every individual and his/her life is a product of his/her thoughts. Along with hard work, there is a spiritual element towards achieving your dreams. You can understand this by learning how to manifest your dreams.

The difference in people’s energies is visible very clearly. Some people radiate positive energy, they walk around with this aura which has the power to soothe anyone that comes in its vicinity. Whereas others have so much stress and negativity surrounding them that the toxicity can be emanating from them. If we are selective of our emotions and thoughts, we can create the life we want.

How to Manifest your Dreams into Reality

How to Manifest your Dreams into Reality

It will be unfair to say that all you must do is think about something and it will be yours. This is beyond that. This is a lifestyle change, a deeper understanding of who you are. There are some basic principles which will help in understanding how to manifest your dreams into reality.

Set the Correct Goal

Find out if what you are working for or which to work for is meant for you. Everything in your life relates to each other. Therefore, your desire and destiny must be at sync.

Spend time with yourself, retrospect, meditate and ask yourself questions. Learn to understand and trust your instincts and intuitions. They will always tell you what is right for you.

Visualize the Reality you Want

Visualize your life with your dream. What would it be like once you have it? Delve into the feeling, touch, see, hear, feel and taste all details around you. Imagine all the changes that your life witnesses in detail.

Write down the visualization in detail. This has proven to be very powerful and productive. Writing makes the vision real in the present time and your subconscious is etched with the reality of it.

Believe in Yourself

Remove all your self-doubt. Self-doubt is a negative feeling that will prevent you from believing. Manifesting is an outcome of believing. Without that, it will never happen. Always focus on ‘when’ you can rather than on ‘if’ you can. Once you begin to focus towards a positive way of thinking and visualization, start the work. This is not a magic potion. Things will not just happen out of thin air. You must get up, put in systematic efforts and get your hands dirty. Set small goals, organize and reward yourself. Believe that you will, and see it unfold.

The most important part of this entire process is to have trust and let things flow. Keep yourself open to receiving signs. The universe always tells you what you need to do, only if you listen. Have confidence in yourself and the process. In the quest of how to manifest your dreams, don’t forget to let things take their course.

Signs your Dreams are Manifesting

Waiting for things to happen without knowing anything about the outcome gets frustrating sometimes. Although a manifestation is not about waiting for an outcome, certain reassurances work as a motivation.

Repeating numbers like 111, 222, 555 etc are known as manifestation numbers. Seeing these numbers are a sign that your manifestation is near. You might glance at a clock at 11:11 every day, or you could come across repeating numbers anywhere else. These numbers are a sign.

The sense of calm, a feeling of having your desire already is also a big sign. If you start to feel like you already have your desire, you are calm and nothing is holding you back, pay attention. It is a clear sign that your manifestation is materializing.

An intuition or a gut feeling that it is happening also means that the manifestation is close. This feeling is a result of your subconscious picking up certain signs that your conscious mind is overlooking.

Signs your Dreams are Manifesting

Facing adversities is very common just before a manifestation materializes. To pick up on this sign you must be very aware and pay attention. Otherwise, this sign might be misunderstood. Even though this sign is difficult to experience, what comes next is worth it.

You can also ask for a specific sign, for example, show me a red bird in the next 24 hours if my manifestation is near. For this, you need to have a strong connection with yourself and the energy around you. If you see the sign you asked for, there is no doubt that it is happening for you soon.


Manifesting your dreams into reality may sound too good to be true, but it is real. It happens for a lot of people and it can happen for you too. You must believe, work and let things take their course. Whatever you give to the manifestation, it will give back to you. Your faith has a lot of power. Just enjoy the journey.