How to Burn Palo Santo [Best Practices]

The wood of palo santo comes from a tree called Bursera Graveolens. This tree is native to Ecuador, Peru and other countries of South America. Bursera Graveolens grows in dry tropical forests. The resin it produces is very fragrant. Palo santo can be translated into Spanish as “holy wood”. The benefits of palo santo can be experienced by learning how to burn palo santo.

How to Burn Palo Santo

Knowing how to burn palo santo is important. It is a good practice to burn your palo santo stick using a candle. Hold your stick at a 45-degree angle. Point the tip of the stick downwards facing the candle flame. Make sure the sticks are dry so that it burns easily.

Let the stick burn for approximately 30 seconds before blowing it out. The smoke will rise and spread. You can either place the stick on an incense holder or hold it in your hand.

How to Burn Palo Santo

How to Tell if Palo Santo is Real

If you are wondering how to tell if palo santo you have is real or fake following are certain tips to differentiate:

  • Fake one burns quickly, whereas real palo santo stick can go on for 2-3 days according to your use.
  • Fake stays lit for long but real one stays lit for 10-15 seconds and then continues to smoke.
  • Fake does not have the musky smell, but real palo santo has a sweet-musk smell.
  • Real Palo Santo wood is very soft and easy to break.

Burning Palo Santo Before Bed

Burning palo santo before bed can be very beneficial if you suffer from insomnia, disturbed sleep, anxiety or bad dreams. Once you learn how to burn palo santo, it will help you in many ways. The smoke has proven to be beneficial for a good and relaxed sleep as well as a refreshing day ahead.

Palo Santo Wood for Smudging

Palo santo wood is ceremonially smudged. It is useful in repelling evil spirits, fear and negative energy. Use of palo santo has innumerable benefits including energy cleansing and spiritual purifying. Many plants are useful in clearing negative energy, but negative energy leaves behind a void. Palo santo can balance this void. Read more: How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura Quickly

Palo Santo Wood for Smudging

What is Palo Santo Used For

Palo santo is used in different forms. In the form of oil, it is useful in aromatherapy. In the form of wood, it burns as incense if you know how to burn palo santo. Similarly, for palo santo chips and powder. In the form of resin, it is put in a heated charcoal disc in a burner which releases the aroma.

Palo Santo Cleansing Prayer

If it is going to be a palo santo cleansing prayer or another one is decided by your intention. There are different prayers that you can say for different outcomes, or you can just say what’s in your heart. This is a personal connection and gets stronger with time.

Burning Palo Santo Benefits

Palo santo is famous for its scent. Surprisingly, it is used as a perfume as well as an insect repellent. It has stress relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from this, burning palo santo benefits also include numerous spiritual perks.

Burning Palo Santo Benefits

Burning Sage and Palo Santo Together

Palo santo and sage both work by cleaning the intended space. When combined, they have more power. Burning sage and palo santo together can be seen as sage moving the unwanted energy out and palo santo bringing the required energy in.


To make palo santo a regular part of your life is a lifestyle practice. You get whatever you put into this practice. Your intention matters the most. Your intension is what materializes into results.