12 Most Popular Crystals for Empaths

If you’re an empath, you’re constantly absorbing other people’s energies and emotions. You have a hard time distinguishing your own thoughts and feelings from those of others. It provides you with the great gift of empathy but sometimes results in befuddlement, restlessness, and a heaviness in the aura.

Being so empathetic has its advantages, but it can also be frustrating and exhausting. That’s where crystals come. Mother Earth has sent us many crystals that can carry good healing energy into our lives. These crystals can help empaths significantly.

Crystals can not only help you distinguish your true feelings from those of the people you interact with, but they can also help you control your emotions and feel more grounded. They can also be used to welcome peace and love in.

Welcoming positive energy into the body while still protecting it from  negative energy is the key function of the crystals. Finding people who understand where you’re coming from can be difficult at times. However, since crystals are quiet helpers, you won’t have to think about causing more drama or moaning about your issues if you use soothing and protective crystals for empaths.

How to You Are an Empath

Many people are born as givers—intuitive, resourceful, and compassionate. Having a great deal of concern for others. Having a strong sense of compassion and empathy for other living things. Empathy is divided into three levels:

  • People who are empathetic
  • People who are highly sensitive to energy
  • Empaths

It’s not always easy to tell whether you’re a true empath or extremely sensitive to energy, but there are variations. Empaths may be extroverts or introverts, for example, but highly sensitive people are usually introverts.  

12 Most Popular Crystals for Empaths

Empaths and Anxiety

If you suffer from general anxiety, you can find yourself thinking about the future or cycling through negative thoughts. However, if you are an empath, your anxiety can be worsened by the feelings of those around you.

You might become fixated on their suffering and find it difficult to separate yourself from it. It can seem difficult, if not impossible, to “turn off” your increased empathy and disconnect from your anxious concern.

In 2011, a smaller study was conducted. The relationship between social anxiety and empathy was examined differently. People of various ages were asked to complete various tests of anxiety and social anxiety symptoms. They discovered that people who had higher levels of social anxiety often had higher levels of empathy.

Ways for Empaths To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

There are many ways in which empaths can get rid of negative feelings and allow positive energy; peace and calmness inside.

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Shower using salt
  • Take bath with essential oils
  • Develop a water cleansing ritual
  • Clean your surroundings
  • Smudge your space and yourself
  • Grounding yourself 
  • Meditation
  • Set boundaries around you
  • Unplug and decrease the noise
  • Give Reiki to yourself 

Best Crystals for Empaths

For all you empaths out there, here are a series of best  crystals to help you stay untangled from other people’s feelings.

Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Origin: Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black Tourmaline - Most Popular Crystals for Empaths

The strongest all-around shield against harmful energy is black tourmaline. It has the spiritual strength of an electrical force that surrounds your aura. 

This prevents lower vibrational energy and psychic debris from binding to you and transforms them into beneficial energy. As a result, empathic healers will profit from this crystal.

Black Tourmaline, with its altruistic power to heal on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – will benefit you if you attract negative people, feel ungrounded, or lack a positive attitude.

Tip to use it: When at work or in a social setting, keep a piece of Black Tourmaline in your pocket.

Smoky Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

Color: Light to Dark Smokey Grey/Brown

Chakra: Root

Origin: Worldwide

Smoky Quartz is a must-have for highly sensitive people who are prone to absorbing lower energies. It can transmute an infinite amount of negative energy. 

It’s also a great grounding stone because it binds the root chakra to the earth. This helps you to let go of feelings, ideas, and emotions that aren’t beneficial to you.

Tip to use it: Place Smoky Quartz around your home to dispel negative energy.

Hematite (Stone for the Mind)

Color: Silver, Black, Red with Metallic Sheen

Chakra: Root

Origin: Italy, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil

Hematite has a black mirror-like appearance when polished. It serves as a reflective shield, deflecting negative energies and vibrations. It is one of the strongest stones for grounding since it is rich in earth energy. This prevents empaths from being emotionally exhausted.

Hematite is a safe option if you have a dark cloud hanging over you, if you need to stay grounded, or if you don’t want to drain people.

Tip to use it: Wear Hematite jewelry, such as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet, to get the most out of its protective energy.

Lepidolite (Stone of Transition, Stone of Peace)


Purple, Pink

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Crown, and Heart

Origin: Czech Republic, Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic, and Madagascar

Stress, terror, and anxiety are some of the most overwhelming feelings that empaths receive from others. With its lithium content, lepidolite can help minimise these and have a calming effect.

Lepidolite works as a buffer. It has the ability to block out external influences, making you less influenced by other people’s dramas and general negativity. If you’re an empathic healer or work in the care sector, this can be extremely beneficial.

This stone is also beneficial for resolving interpersonal issues. You’re well aware of how other people’s emotions can influence you, but are you aware of your own emotional state? Lepidolite will restore any emotional imbalance you may be feeling.

Tip to use it: If you’re feeling stressed by other people’s energy, sleep with Lepidolite under your pillow for relaxation (you can also try crystals for sleep).

Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Color: Green

Chakra: Heart and Throat

Origin: Romania, Zambia, Russia, Germany, Middle East

Malachite’s rich green energy can not only clear and release any stagnant energy but also to enable you to be yourself. Like an empath, you take on other people’s emotional suffering as though it were your own. The heart chakra becomes unbalanced as a result, which is one of the reasons empaths sometimes feel frustrated. 

Malachite will help you reclaim your equilibrium and improve your compassion.

A word of caution, however: this is a powerful stone that can be poisonous in its natural state. Nonetheless, Malachite is an outstanding crystal for improving intuition and for unwinding after a long day with people. You must wash malachite on a regular basis.

Tip to use it: Carry a Malachite tumble stone in your pocket while you’re at work or with other people.

Black Obsidian

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Origin: Worldwide

Black Obsidian - Most Popular Crystals for Empaths

Black Obsidian, which is formed by volcanic eruptions, has a fiery defensive energy that is beneficial to empaths. It holds unwanted negative energies at bay and acts as a shield against outside forces and people who are emotionally needy.

Apart from its defensive qualities, Black Obsidian aids in seeing the reality of a situation without having to take sides. If you’re fighting your own shadow dimensions and imbalances or being influenced by others, Black Obsidian helps you bring them to the surface and release them.

If you’re feeling heavy from negative energies, experiencing shock or trauma, or suspect someone is gossiping about you, Black Obsidian’s powerful grounding energy will help.

Tip to use it: When going to an energy-draining social situation, wear Black Obsidian jewelry or hold it in your pocket.

Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality and Contentment)

Color: Purple to Lavender

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye

Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst - Most Popular Crystals for Empaths

Amethyst is a highly mystical stone with a strong vibration that shields the energy field. It’s excellent for clearing your aura so you can efficiently harmonize outside stimuli while remaining calm.

You must trust your instincts as an empath. By opening the third eye, this Spirituality Stone will enhance your psychic abilities and sharpen your empathic instincts. When meditating to achieve higher levels of consciousness, many empaths use Amethyst.

Tip to use it: Keep an Amethyst cluster in your workplace or home to protect against harmful energies.


Color: Rainbow of Colors

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Origin: Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, USA, Britain, China, Peru

Fluorite’s vibrant colors reflect its ability to harmonize multiple chakras. This boosts your psychic and intuitive abilities while also removing any disruptive or negative energy. Fluorite is an octahedron in its natural state. This structure is ideal for grounding an empath’s force, which aids in the maintenance of healthy boundaries and resolving dramas.

Tip to use it: Fluorite is a good mineral to have in your home because it absorbs and neutralizes negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Friendship and Truth, Stone of Total Awareness)

Color: Deep Blue

Chakra: Throat

Origin: Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Chile, Egypt, Middle East

Lapis Lazuli will assist you in trusting your instincts about others. This is especially important for empaths, since you can inevitably attract people who need help. The crystal also teaches you how to react appropriately to this knowledge.

Lapis Lazuli may also include a complete auric maintenance program because of its natural ability to preserve, restore, and improve your auric field. Look no further than Lapis Lazuli if you’re looking for a stone that can provide total security while still allowing you to express your spiritual truths.

Tip to use it: Wear lapis lazuli in jewelry around the throat chakra as a healing stone.

Other Crystals for Empaths


Citrine aids in the recollection of past lives and, when used by empaths, aids in the development of telepathy. It regulates your emotions and prevents the draining of your energies.

Healer’s God

The crystal Healer’s Gold reinforces the energetic limits. It helps you communicate more clearly with others and keeps you from feeling their negative energy.


Magnetite aids in the alignment, grounding, and balancing of the energies. It also helps you with psychic fatigue or taking on too much energy by balancing the polarities within your electromagnetic field.

How to Use Crystals for Protection

How to Use Crystals for Protection

For millennia, crystals have been used to manipulate energies in order to access the chakra forces of the human body. You can use the healing crystals’ powers for your own benefit by performing powerful rituals like solarization, programming, and energy grid.

Wear a pendant

It aids in the removal of any unnecessary energy or energy that is not yours. It keeps you balanced and protects your energy field, ensuring that it is entirely yours.

Meditate with your crystals

Meditating with crystals improves your mental well-being and helps you to break ties with energy parasites that are sucking your life force energy. Read more: Best Crystals for Protection 

Clean and safeguard your environment

Your home is a sacred place where you can find refuge from the destructive energies that cling to you. Create a crystal grid around your room to protect its sanctity. Since Black Tourmaline is an extremely shielding and defensive crystal, use a piece of it.


Visualize yourself establishing a vital, energetic barrier between yourself and others. You can do two types of visualizations, both of which are highly recommended for empaths.

  • The first is done when you wake up in the morning, and the second is done before you go to sleep at night. Sit comfortably, arms outstretched, and take deep breaths. Consider a massive pair of scissors severing all harmful energetic bonds and attachments. This helps you to merge with your energy release.
  • The second type of visualization is used to prepare your mind for a potentially stressful situation. Empaths would benefit from this because it allows you to get in the right mindset before entering a room or walking into a situation.

Sit comfortably in a room and take long, slow breaths to accomplish this. Imagine a massive bubble forming around you once you’ve found your heart. This enormous bubble serves as a defensive shield for you. Recite a mantra that assures you that you are safe and secure.

You’re able to close the visualization exercise when you believe like this defensive shield is powerful enough to take on the harmful energies of the day.

Advantages of Using Crystals

Crystals will assist you in balancing conflicting energies from others with whom you work or are in a relationship.

During spats or quarrels, they can prevent you from being overly affected by some kind of emotional damage. These crystals will guard your spiritual development and assist you in remaining objective.

They will aid in the promotion of imagination, individuality, and interpersonal connections. When you’re an empath, you’re even more likely to be introverted. You can begin to isolate yourself from others and shut people out.

These crystals will keep you linked to others and ensure that your life is free of negativity while still being full of fun and happy moments. They will keep you emotionally and spiritually grounded so that you don’t take other people’s acts and words too personally.

Advantages of Using Crystals

Frequently Asked Questions

How Crystals help Empaths?

When you bear or wear crystals on your body, they provide regular psychic protection. You’ll also discover that cleaning your aura with your crystals is extremely beneficial. Crystals have a way of filtering out excess energies and preventing them from building up in your body. 

They are energetic allies who unconditionally embrace you in order to relieve your emotional and energetic tension. They can brighten your life and assist you in living it the way you want.

It’s a good idea to do a self-check so you can go through your thoughts and feelings. Examine whether or not they are yours and why you are feeling this way. Consider if you should be feeling this way. Carrying the pains, concerns, and fears of others does not benefit you; rather, it depletes your vital energies.

How to use Crystals?

Here are a few ways to effectively profit from crystals’ defensive and grounding properties for empaths:

  1. Wearing it as jewelry or holding it in your pocket or purse will help you cope with a stressful atmosphere or social circumstance.
  2. To help in healing, meditate with the stone and put a variety of crystals around your mat. 
  3. Concoct an elixir
  4. Before going to bed, place it under your pillow or above your head.

How much does Crystal cost?

Black Tourmaline is a lovely and elegant stone that can be found at any price point. It will cost around $80 to $130 depending on the carat.

For about $12 to $15, untreated dark green Malachite stones weighing around 40 carats can be bought. Tumbled malachite stones usually sell for $30 to $50. Tumbled Small Healer’s Gold stones can be found for less than $5. Flat stones, which cost $20, are also available.Earring prices range from $50 to $1,000.

Tumbled stones and crystal clusters from Aqua Aura Quartz Healing Crystals range in price from $4 to $50. The cost of a Flame Aura crystal can range from $5 to $200.

Amethyst, for example, is a very protective crystal for empaths. They help you to become more spiritually conscious and draw positive energies. Negative mystical and ethereal forces are also repelled by them.

Which Angels are associated with Empaths?

When you’re dealing with intense emotions and negative energies, calling on angels will help. These are the ones that come to mind when I think of empaths:

  • Archangel Gabriel – for the silver healing ray and the development of intuition.
  • Angel Phuel – to help you keep your feelings in check when you’re overwhelmed by other people’s problems.
  • Muriel – is the patron angel of empaths.

What crystals protect against negative energy?

Almost any dark-colored or black stone repels or dissolves negative energies. Black Tourmaline, which repels negative energies, and Rose Quartz, which replaces negative emotions with positive ones and raises the vibrations, are two excellent stones to defend against paranormal attack.

It can only affect people who vibrate at a low frequency. To increase your vibration, which increases positive energy within the body, try integrating 15 minutes of meditation or Yoga into your daily routine. Read more: High Vibration Foods: Raise Your Vibes with Diet Quickly


As an empath, you take on other people’s emotional suffering as though it were your own. As a result, it’s important to safeguard yourself against negative energies. 

Empaths contribute to making the world a better place, so there is no excuse why they should suffer the consequences of their noble and much-appreciated work. Empaths are also the most effective healers due to their exceptional communication abilities and high levels of empathy. 

Investing in crystals that will keep you safe and grounded in your own energy will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you make. They help you fight negative energy and will bring peace and calmness to mind.

Keep in mind that healing begins at home, and it is your duty to keep yourself as safe and secure as possible.