Biblically Accurate Demons

Angels and demons have been a topic of interest among various cultures and religions throughout human history. However, when exploring biblically accurate demons, it is essential to turn to the Holy Book of the Christian religion.

The Bible provides insights into the spiritual realm and mentions the origins and characteristics of such malevolent entities. In this post, we will get into the biblical depiction of demons and discuss their roles and nature according to Christianity.

Biblically Accurate Demons – The Origin of Demons

Spiritual beings have been a main topic of discussion among religions and traditions for centuries. The existence and origins of angels and demons are heavily discussed as they are essences far beyond what the human mind can comprehend. 

These malicious entities play a significant role in many religious traditions. They are an important part of Jesus Christ’s teachings. The Old and the New Testament provide insights into the origins and the nature of the demons. 

Demons are mentioned over 70 times in the New Testament. The Christian Holy Book talks about different types of demons and spiritual beings. We will discuss each of them thoroughly in this post. 

Biblically Accurate Demons - The Origin of Demons


The Fallen Angel 

Demons are presented as vicious entities from another spiritual dimension that can affect humans in various ways. According to biblical scholars, the demon’s origin is connected to the fall of Lucifer, the fallen angel.

Lucifer was an angelic being who was once part of God’s creation. However, he was envious of the glory and power of the heavenly father and wanted to become God. 

Lucifer rebelled against God and became a fallen angel when he sinned against Him. Due to his pride and sinning against God, he was cast out of Heaven along with his followers (Ezekiel 28:16-17; Isaiah 14:15). 

Revelation 12:4 mentions, ‘ His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth.’ Based on the theologians, this passage interprets the creation of demons. 

Based on Christian beliefs, demons possess intelligence and are skilled in tempting humans. They are deceptive, seeking to corrupt human souls. Regarding their appearance, the religious texts provide limited details.

Yet, the Bible presents these entities as grotesque and terrifying. The Holy Book of Christianity also suggests that demons have hierarchies and ranks. They imply the level of authority and power they have over each other.

Additional information

In Christianity, Lucifer is also known as Satan or the Devil. The Christian religious book portrays Satan as a temper. Based on the religion book, he uses his abilities to lure humans away from God’s plans.

This narrative depicts how demons seek to take advantage of human weaknesses and allure them into sinning. The Bible uses different metaphors to describe Satan, his nature, and his characteristics. 

According to Revelation, he was a heavenly being who chose to go against God and become evil. As he was in rebellion with God, a war in heaven began in which Archangel Michael and his angels fought against Lucifer and his fallen angels.

Despite being cast out of heaven, demons continue to serve their Master. They aim to lure humans into sin. Satan and his demons can make people do wicked things, deceive and torment the believers, leading them astray from the divine.

The Princess of Hell According to Christianity

  1. Beelzebub

The Old Testament scriptures mention Beelzebub as the prince of demons. Known as the Lord of the Flies, he is among the high-ranking fallen angels who founded the Order of the Fly. He was once a Seraphim under Archangel Michael.

Yet, he joined forces with Lucifer, and he is the second to command next to him. Beelzebub is the second most powerful demon in the inferno. He is associated with pride and gluttony. 

  1. Leviathan

Leviathan is known as the demon of the deadly sin of envy. He is a sea monster called the gatekeeper of Hell. He is depicted as a seven-headed beast who can shoot hellfire from his mouth. 

This sea-serpent dragon has eight wings that lure the prey into their doom. He controls water and can create tsunamis and swallow ships. He has immense power in the ocean and can summon and control other sea creatures. 

  1. Mammon

The Bible refers to Mammon as a demon of greed. The demon promises wealth and preys on those who seek riches. He has a high rank in the demon hierarchy and is described as a human-like figure. 

The demon can blast energy from his hands and turn human beings into gold statues. Mammon is one of the seven princes of hell who was banished to hell after the rebellion in heaven.

  1. Belphegor

Belphegor is personified as the demon of the sloth. Once a fallen angel, he is among the seven princes that rule in hell. He is invoked by humans who want riches with as little effort as possible. 

Belphegor deceives humans, filling their heads with schemes in order to get the desired outcome. He is a shapeshifter who can release hellfire and make his opponent burn. 

  1. Asmodeus

The demon of lust has the power to command 75 demon legions. He lures humans into committing sins. He is one of the seven hell princes responsible for twisting human sexual desires. 

Moreover, he is a mischievous demon associated with anger and jealousy. He was once an angel who, after his fall, became a malevolent entity. 

What Are Nephilim?

Aside from their characteristics, the Holy Book also features the nefarious activities of the fallen angels. The Book of Enoch mentions 360 sinning angels. Based on the Bible, they have procreated human women. 

The acts resulted in the rise of a race of giants, which are known as the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4; 1 Enoch 7:2). They are depicted as the offspring of ‘the sons of God’ and described as hybrids of humans and angels. 

How are the Nephilim depicted in the Bible?

Since their creation, the giants have terrorized the Earth. Some scholars believe the fallen angels who engaged in these acts later become demons. The Nephilim prospered on Earth for around 300 years until the flood destroyed them. 

The Bible describes them as wicked as they started eating humans after their birth. Many of the women who bore the children also died while in labor. Hence, God decided to destroy them and informed Noah about the upcoming cataclysm. 

Genesis 6:11 mentions that God instructed Noah to build an Ark. He told him to save himself and his family from a flood that would destroy all other living things on Earth. 

Even though the interpretation of the biblical passages may vary, the Nephilim contribute to the biblical understanding of the demon’s existence.

The Nephilim Goliath against David


What Is a Jihn?

Jihns are powerful spirits that are part of Islamic tradition and are often parts of Islamic religious texts. They are often mentioned as ‘genies’, which are believed to be people transformed into invisible beings after death due to their sins.

Such supernatural creators have been depicted in movies as messengers. They are made from smoke and air and have the ability to take various forms, including humans and animals.

It is believed that some Jihns are evil, others good, and some are ambivalent beings. They are invisible to humans as they can travel large distances at extreme speeds. According to Islam, one should not call a genie if they are not very powerful. 

They live in a different spiritual dimension than humans. According to certain beliefs, Jihns have possessing abilities. Others believe that Jinns cannot physically possess people. 

Still, interaction with them is discouraged. This is because they can influence humans and make them do things not in their best interest. Based on Islam, there are different types of Jihns, each having different abilities. 

The Characteristics and Nature of Demons Based on the Bible 

Biblically accurate demons are depicted as spiritual entities that roam and operate in the supernatural realm. They are portrayed as vicious and malevolent, seeking to disrupt God’s plans and torment humanity. 

The scriptures describe the demons as fallen angels who aligned themselves with Satan, the chief adversary of God. The New Testament features several instances of Christ encountering demons during his ministry. 

The passage Mark 5:1 – 20 describes an encounter between Jesus and a man who was possessed by multiple demons. The demons called themselves a legion and recognized Jesus, pleading with him not to torment them.

This interaction highlights the subjugation and the fear these entities experience in the presence of divine authority, the son of God. 

The Bible also depicts demons as beings that have supernatural and possessing abilities. These abilities demonstrate the deceptive nature of demons as they seek to exploit human vulnerabilities. 

Demonic Possession

According to the Christian religion, Satan and the fallen angels are believed to engage in spiritual attacks. The Bible describes demons as beings that can actively engage with humans and harm them physically or psychologically.

Their acts can manifest in different ways, including temptation and possession. The direct act of demonic possession refers to a person being controlled by one or more demons. This can lead to erratic behavior and spiritual distress.

They target one’s mind and aim to distort their thoughts and faith in God. Individuals who are under demonic influence often become violent. The unclean spirits can also return to the place from where they were cast out.

Still, based on the religious texts, they tremble from the name of Jesus Christ. The New Testament contains many instances of Jesus Christ and his disciples casting out demons and freeing individuals from them

Casting out demons 

The act of casting out demons is known as exorcism. It involves prayers and using religious items such as holy water and crucifixes. During an exorcism, a higher authority is called to bind with the entity and control it, commanding it to act contrary to its will. 

In Christianity, the higher authority is the son of God, Jesus Christ. Catholic priests call upon Archangel Michael, who is believed to have the power to defeat evil beings. 

Casting out demons 


Spiritual Warfare

The existence of demons necessitates the concept of spiritual warfare. Hence, Christian believers are called to resist evil schemes and put their trust in God to fight the spiritual battle.

Deliverance ministry is another important aspect of biblical teachings. It aims to free individuals from demonic influence. Based on Mark 16:17, believers will cast out demons in Jesus’ name.

This form of ministry involves invoking the high authority of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to fight against demonic forces. The acts of the son of God and His disciples casting out demons serve as a model for Christians to confront the influence of evil spirits.

Demonic possession based on the Bible 

The biblical passage Mathew 17:14 – 18 describes a man bringing his possessed son to Jesus. The man explained that the demons caused the boy to suffer from seizures and fall into water and fire. 

Such a portrayal highlights demons’ destructive power and the influence they can have over humans. Temptation is also often associated with demons. 

When Can Demonic Possession Happen?

Demonic possession often occurs when an individual’s sins create an open door. It requires minimal consent from the victim, usually in the form of past sins or regrets. 

That said, there are several ways how individuals can become possessed. The Bible forbids these practices as they pose a danger to humans. 

  1. Witchcraft

Practicing witchcraft and involvement in the occult are considered demonic in nature and can open doors to such entities. This includes possessing demonic objects, making demonic contracts, casting spells, and reading demonic books. 

Doing rituals and talking to the dead are other common ways of opening doors to spiritual realms and attacks. Witchcraft is a form of soul manipulation involving making others do what you want them to. 

Such practices may attract demonic invasion. The vicious entities can enter a person’s life through sexual sin, abortion, and abusing drugs as well. 

Certain music or movies can also be potential doors to spiritual attacks. The same applies to generational curses, weakness and trauma, willful disobedience to God, and other potential access doors for demonic influence. 

  1. Ouija board

As often presented in the movies, the Ouija board is used for communication with the spirits of the deceased ones. However, the spirit board can break the veil between the living and spiritual realms, which can lead to demonic possession.

Hence, this is not an entertainment board, and one should never play with it. The individuals using the board who forget to end the session the right way by moving the planchette to ‘Goodbye’ can allow entities to go through the portal. 

The Ouija board can summon a demonic spirit even if you don’t intend to invite it into your life. Exorcist priests warn against the usage of the spirit board. This is because demons have the ability to transform into deceased loved ones to gain possession. 

The house where the board is used can become haunted. According to the church, the Ouija board is a form of divination and is sinful.

  1. Sigils

Sigils are another way of summoning a spiritual being. Some people use them to contact entities to gain secret knowledge or attain personal gain. They draw the sigils and say a specific prayer while also calling the name of the entity. 

In demonology, every demon has its own sigil, designed for summoning the entity. By performing such a ritual, the person invites the beings or entities into their life. 

These are dangerous practices that can cause emotional deterioration, torment, destruction, and even demonic possession. 

When Can Demonic Possession Happen


Sleep Paralysis – Shadow Beings and the Old Hag Syndrome

As the name suggests, sleep paralysis is an experience that involves the dreamer not being able to move or speak when falling asleep or awakening. Science has an explanation as to why sleep paralysis happens.

This experience is associated with a brain glitch and the body’s safety response to acting out in a dream. However, the connection between sleep paralysis and the supernatural is heavily discussed. 

This is because people claim that they see demonic entities in their rooms during the experience. Given how frightening they are, such experiences are also known as ‘demon attacks’. 

The visions the people experience are interpreted differently across cultures. In Egipt, it is believed that sleep paralysis is caused by a Jihn, while in Newfoundland, as an attack from the ‘Old Hag’. 

In Italy, sleep paralysis is connected to an assault from Pandafeche, which can be an evil witch. Other cultures believe the episodes are a result of spirit-like creatures. 

Some people also experience terrifying beings sitting on top of their chests. Others undergo out-of-the-body and floating sensations, which are equally terrifying.

Shadow beings

Sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon among the human population. Many dreamers report seeing shadowy figures and shapes that are the size of a human. While some are humanoid, others are blurry apparitions that change shape.

People often see them against a wall. However, many also see them near windows and mirrors, places where spirits become more visible. The shadowy creators have been discussed in a number of religions, cultures, and folklore stories. 

They have a ghost-like presence, and their aura causes the victim to become terrified. Many ghosts and demons described in the folklore stories resemble the shadow figures whose presence brings dread and despair.

Shadow beings are discussed in various theories within the supernatural field. The theories include that the shadowy figures are time travelers and spirits of the dead.

Other theories believe they are interdimensional beings, such as aliens, while others state they are demonic entities. They are often described as having glowy red eyes and can move very quickly. 

The ‘Old Hag’ syndrome 

The phenomenon of sleep paralysis also connects with the ‘Old Hag’ syndrome. This is because people experiencing sleep paralysis often feel a presence of a supernatural malevolent being standing on their chest

It is believed that the frightening entity crawls up from the foot of your bed and sits on your chest so you can’t breathe or move. Some people have claimed to see an old witch screaming in their faces. The term hag is associated with witches due to an old English tale.

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What kind of abilities do demons have?

Demons are powerful vicious entities that can control and possess both humans and animals. They can impact humans both physically and emotionally, causing people to behave in a strange way. 

Demons can deceive people, read their emotions, and also influence their dreams.

What are the characteristics of demon possession?

Signs of demon possession include changes in voice, personality, and appearance. The victims also often have superhuman abilities, unusual or violent behavior, and resent Christian symbols. 

What is demonology?

Demonology is the study of demons based on religious beliefs, specifically the hierarchy among demons. It involves the study of their names, nature, characteristics, and other attributes. 


When exploring biblically accurate demons, it is vital to rely on the Bible. The biblical text gives insights into their existence, nature, characteristics, and interaction with humans. It depicts demons as malevolent beings aligned with Satan.

By understanding the biblical perspective about these beings, believers can get the necessary knowledge to overcome demonic influence. They can come closer to God and live in accordance with his divine purpose, confronting vicious forces. 


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