717 Biblical Meaning: What Does 717 Mean in the Bible

Numerology plays a significant role in the Christian religion since numerous Bible verses contain repeating numbers with spiritual symbolism. So if you’ve started seeing a specific number daily, it’s often a sign that you shouldn’t ignore. Continue reading to discover the number 717 biblical meaning and its superstition. 

717 Biblical Meaning
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Number 717 Biblical Meaning

So what is the meaning of 717 in the Bible, and what should believers make of it? If you truly want to discover its symbolism, first, you have to understand the numbers it is made of. Since the numbers one and seven are mentioned multiple times throughout the Holy Book, they both have a significant meaning.

First off, the number seven represents completeness and both spiritual and physical perfection. It plays a key role in the creation of humanity and the world as we know it. Additionally, it lays a foundation for God’s word since there are 49 originally inspired books (7 x 7).

On the other hand, the number one composes all the other numbers but can only be divided by itself. It carries the symbolism of unity and oneness while still keeping its independence. Furthermore, it represents the unity between God and Jesus as father and son. 

Lastly, number 717 also contains the number 17 in it. Its symbolism portrays complete victory and overcoming an enemy. Therefore, it’s closely related to Jesus’ resurrection on Nisan 17. 

Bible Verses Referencing Number 717

To better understand the biblical meaning of the number 717, you have to analyze it through the Bible verses referencing it. One of the most important ones is John 7:17, where the unity between Jesus and God is pointed out. However, since the numbers it contains are also mentioned several times throughout the Old Testament and New Testament, it’s best to have both of them in mind.

717 in the Bible Old Testament

The world as we know it was created in seven days, as written in the book of Genesis 2. It also mentions God’s Sabbath Day as the first thing meant to be Holy, which correlates to number one. Furthermore, in Exodus 20:3, the first commandment is to worship only the one real God, emphasizing his perfection. 

Lastly, in Psalm 83:6-11, there are 17 enemies of Israel. You can again see the theme of complete victory since God destroys them in the end.

717 in the Bible New Testament

As for the New Testament, in Colossians 1:15, number one is directly related to Jesus as the firstborn of all creation. It’s also mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:20 that he’s the first of many to be resurrected to eternal life. Another instance can be found in Acts 4:10-12, where apostle Peter says that only through the one name of Christ can you receive salvation. Additionally, in the book of Hebrews, the apostle Paul uses seven titles when referring to Jesus. 

In the book of Revelation 717 can be found through multiple references to seven churches, trumpets, thunder, and seals. On the other hand, number one is again mentioned through Jesus as the first or Alpha in several verses. 

In Revelation 13, the Beast that comes from the sea is said to have seven heads and ten horns, making a total of 17. However, you shouldn’t see it as a bad sign, since 17 represents God’s complete victory over evil later in Revelation 20. Here, it’s said that Jesus overcomes Satan on the 10th day of the seventh month, representing another number, 17. 

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Number 717 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Now that you’ve discovered the biblical meaning of the number 717, it’s time to turn to its spiritual symbolism. Firstly, you must understand the sacred numerological meaning behind it. Just as in the Bible, the number 717 consists of two sevens and a one.

Number seven has an emphasized meaning because it appears twice and carries the symbolism of spiritual awakening. Its vibration represents inner wisdom, determination, empathic capabilities, and the manifestation of good fortune. It also encourages the acquisition of knowledge and the pursuit of inner peace and enlightenment. 

On the other hand, number one represents new beginnings and individuality. It’s closely related to assertiveness, inspiration, and intuition, encouraging you to embrace your strengths and strive forward no matter what. 

That being said, the combination of the number 717 is a sign that a new spiritual path lies before you. For you to achieve this enlightened state of mind, you have to trust your intuition and follow your instincts. Just have faith in God by devoting your prayers to the purpose and he will guide you during these trials. 

Meaning of 717 Angel Number

The meaning behind angel number 717 is one of spiritual growth and walking down the right path. Since it’s a good sign from the angels that they’re trying to cheer you up, expect positive changes and opportunities. It also confirms that you’re well on your way to enlightenment, so keep doing what you’re doing. 

If you’re constantly surrounded by angel number 717, now’s the time to create your own reality. Embrace your creativity, meaning, and purpose to achieve anything you put your mind up to. Even if you feel lost along the way, the holy angels will guide you back down the right path. 

Meaning of 717 angel number in a romantic relationship

If you’re interested in the angel number 717 meaning in love, you’re in luck. Since it represents unity and new beginnings, expect a bright future for your love life. This new phase in your relationship will be built upon mutual respect, trust, and unconditional love.

However, if you feel like you aren’t ready for a leap of faith, it’s best to reconsider this bond. Even though angel number 717 represents the balance between personalities, you have to be sure the relationship is worth it.

On the other hand, if you’re still searching for the ideal partner, you’ll soon meet the one. Just make sure that there isn’t any past trauma that keeps you from opening your heart. Since you’re on a spiritual journey, maybe this new person is the key to the lesson you’re supposed to learn.

Meaning of 717 angel number in a career

Careerwise, angel number 717 is telling you to trust your intuition and accept the upcoming opportunity with eagerness. Your hard work and devotion will finally pay off, and you’ll see the fruits of your effort. There’s a big fortune coming your way, so keep your eyes out for the prize.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the number 717 biblical meaning depicts unity, completeness, victory, and both spiritual and physical perfection. Its spiritual symbolism is a sign that you’re on the right path and that good things are coming your way. All you need to do is have faith that God will guide you, and a bright future awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 717?

If you’ve constantly been seeing angel number 717, first, you need to define what you want to manifest into reality. Try creating a vision board or start journaling these sightings to better understand how you feel when they happen. Lastly, lean into your prayers to let the angels guide you while also practicing self-love and compassion.

Why is 717 considered evil?

The number 717 should in no way be considered evil. It’s a sign that you’ve reached the next step of enlightenment, and you’re closer than ever to your unity with God.


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