Biblical Meaning of Lice in a Dream

Recurring dreams often hold great significance that should be decoded. Since it may be a way for God to send you a message, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Such dreams may be of lice. That’s why this article will focus on the biblical meaning of lice in a dream.

Continue reading to discover the most common lice dreams, their symbolism, superstition, and interpretation.

Biblical Meaning of Lice in a Dream
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Biblical Meaning of Lice in a Dream

The Bible is made of sacred symbolism that’s up to the believers’ interpretation. To fully understand the biblical meaning of lice in a dream, you should decode the meaning through the verses of the Holy Book.

What does the Bible say about lice in a dream?

Lice are mentioned several times throughout the Holy Scriptures. Their evil superstition carries the same meaning in the dream realm. The most common associations with these pesky insects are punishment, uncleanliness, envy, and bad luck

Lice as punishment

The most common interpretation of lice dreams is that of punishment. If you’ve been going down the wrong road and have sinned, misfortune is coming your way. Remember that all your actions have consequences. So, if you’ve gone against God’s will, indulge in prayers and ask for his forgiveness. 

By reviving your faith in the Christian religion, the Lord will guide you down the right path. However, see these upcoming trying times as repentance for your sins. Be wary that this isn’t the right time to make big decisions and changes in your life. 

Furthermore, you may want to postpone any upcoming trips and still keep an eye out for danger.

Lice as uncleanliness and sin

The next interpretation of dreaming about lice is uncleanliness and sin. In these scenarios, you may dream of someone you know being infested with these pests. You should see it as a warning that this person has gone down an impure path, and you should be wary of them. Furthermore, it may mean that they have ill intentions towards you. 

Once again, it’s best to indulge in prayers and ask for God’s forgiveness in their name. This will serve you both as protection from their ill intent and as a good deed. 

On the other hand, if you dream of killing lice, it symbolizes your victory over sin. Use it as a reminder that through faith and obedience, you can achieve purity. 

Lice as embarrassment and irritation

Dreaming of lice is also a sign of embarrassment and irritation. These pests may appear in the dream realm if you’ve experienced an uncomfortable situation in your real life. It means that whatever happened still causes you anxiety and discomfort

The second cause of discomfort may also be from an irritating person in your life. If you feel as if you can’t tolerate someone anymore, they may start manifesting as lice in a dream. It’s best to try and ignore such people and focus on your own actions. 

During these times, remember that these situations may be tests from the Lord for you to grow as a person. Practice mindfulness and patience to avoid self-deprecating criticism or lashing out. 

Bible Verses That Reference Lice

After going over the most common lice dream meanings, you should also note the Bible verses referencing them. Even though there are only a few mentions in the Holy Book, they hold great significance. Be aware that all of them are found in the Old Testament, so that’s where you should focus.

Please note that the direct translation varies depending on the Bible version. While in some Holy Books, the insects are mentioned as lice, in others, they’re described as gnats.

Lice as punishment in Exodus 8 and Psalm 105

The first mention is in Exodus 8:16-19. In these verses, lice represent God’s punishment and wrath. We follow the story of Moses as he tries to free his people in Egypt. However, even after numerous warnings about the Lord’s power, the Pharaoh still wouldn’t let the enslaved Israelites go

That’s when God sent ten plagues as punishment for the Pharaoh’s disobedience. While the first two were turning water into blood and frogs, the third plague was lice infestation. These insects attacked both men and animals and caused huge discomfort and irritation. It’s said that all the dust in Egypt turned into lice to punish the unbelievers.

The same symbolism is seen in Psalm 105:31. Here, the plagues of Egypt are again briefly mentioned. Once again, the importance of lice as God’s punishment is highlighted. 

Lice as uncleanliness and sin in Jeremiah 43

In the Holman Christian Standard Bible, lice are mentioned in the verses of Jeremiah 43:12. Here, these insects portray sin and uncleanliness. It’s said that the Lord will clean the land of Egypt as a shepherd cleans lice off his clothes

The symbolism behind this passage refers to God’s ability to punish those who indulge in sin. Compared with the shepherd’s clothes, lice depict men’s sinful nature. 

Bible Verses That Reference Lice

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Lice in a Dream

After discovering the biblical meaning of lice in a dream, you should also understand their spiritual symbolism. This way, you can thoroughly interpret your dreams based on your current circumstances. 

Dreaming of lice in different cultures and religions

Different cultures have different interpretations of dreams. That’s why dreaming about lice carries both a positive and negative superstition. For example, in some African and Native American cultures, lice dreams are a good sign. While they imply financial gain for the first, the latter interprets them as spiritual and personal growth

On the other hand, in Hinduism, Judaism, and Chinese mythology, lice are seen as an evil omen. Like in the Bible, the Hindu culture interprets lice dreams as misfortune. Dreaming about these insects is seen as a calling for spiritual purification.

You can also see correlations to the biblical meaning in Judaism. Here, lice’ dreams are related to a lack of faith. Furthermore, these dreams are a warning that you must repent for your sins. 

In Chinese culture, lice are closely related to misfortune in the business sphere. It’s said that dreaming of these insects is followed by a financial loss in the near future. 

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Lice dream situations and their interpretation

To best interpret your dreams, you should pay close attention to their details. Even though the dreams are about lice, you may be performing different actions in them. Furthermore, the scenarios themselves are also important, as well as who’s affected.

After seeing both biblical and spiritual interpretations, here are the most common lice dreams and their meaning. 

Dreams about you having lice

The first most common dream is about you having head lice. If you’re the one affected in the dream, then expect a trying period soon. It’s also a sign that you’re currently overwhelmed by real-life situations. So, make sure to take a breather and relax because your energy is depleting.

Furthermore, it’s closely related to the biblical meaning of embarrassment. If you’ve experienced something uncomfortable in real life, the bugs may follow you in your dreams.

It’s best to indulge in prayers and ask God to guide you through your struggles. With his protection, focus on resolving any personal or work-related issues. Don’t let these problems pile up. You have to take them one by one to ensure a bright future. 

Dreams about lice on another person

If you dream about another person having lice, there are two main meanings behind it. First, it may be that the person is struggling with something or is stressed out. In this case, try reaching out to them in real life and reassure them. Even a little support can mean the world to this person.

On the other hand, this dream can be seen as a warning. Since these insects often represent sin, it may be that the person has fallen off the right path. Be cautious around them if you feel they have ill intentions toward you. It’s best to keep your distance and focus on your own life.

In both cases, you can turn to God for advice. Through prayers, you can ask for the Lord’s protection on the person’s behalf if they’re struggling. Nonetheless, if you feel as if they’ve succumbed to sin, you should ask for God’s forgiveness in their name.

Dreams about lice and nits

Another common dream includes both lice and nits. The meaning behind lice eggs often falls down to real-life hardships. However, this may be due to two different reasons.

First, you may have caused future hardships by doing careless actions in the past few weeks. Take the time and reflect on yourself so that you don’t keep making the same mistakes. Be aware that this may also affect your work life, so take extra precautions when making decisions.

However, these hardships may also be from the influence of someone with ill intent toward you. Watch out for people who’re trying to take advantage of you. Therefore, be careful who you spend time with since someone may be draining all your energy with their problems. 

Dreams about lice on the body

Lice in a dream doesn’t always appear in your hair. If you notice these pests crawling on your body, consider it a serious warning. These dreams often depict future illness and even death. So, don’t take this dream lightly and seriously consider making changes in your lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy diet and workout regime is crucial for your health. You should also ask for God’s protection and forgiveness through prayers.

If you’re having problems in your love life, this dream is associated with a sentimental problem. Those in a relationship should take the time to analyze any issues that may have occurred. Only by discovering what’s holding you back can your relationship fully blossom.

Dreams about killing lice

When it comes to specific actions taken in the dream, killing lice is a good sign. Remember, the insects themselves carry misfortune and bad luck. So, getting rid of them frees you from any negative energies that may have been influencing you. 

Furthermore, it can be seen as a sign that you’re attaining for your sins and a spiritual cleanse. 

If the lice you’re killing are located on your head, it means that you’re fighting off negative emotions. These can be in the form of envy, jealousy, or fear. However, if you’re killing lice from someone else’s head, it’s a sign that you’re cutting off toxic people from your life.

Dreams about dead lice

The last common dream is that of dead lice. While killing these insects signals the process of diminishing evil, dead lice represent your success in it. This means that you’ve overcome your temptations and will feel negativity disappear from your life. 

Now’s the time to set healthy boundaries for yourself and enjoy the fruitfulness of your success.


What does it mean when you dream about lice in Hinduism?

Dreaming of lice in Hindu culture also represents a bad omen. It means that there are serious problems in your life that you’ve been ignoring. It also portrays difficulties in a certain relationship or home renovation problems. 

What does it mean when you dream about bugs in your hair?

Dreams about bugs in hair often depict real-life worries and anxiety. It means that you’re going through a stressful period and are overwhelmed. However, since hair is also related to sexuality, you may have unresolved fears about yourself.


After discovering the biblical meaning of lice in a dream, you should interpret them based on real-life circumstances. Always pay attention to the details in your dreams and who else appears in them. Even though dreaming of lice carries lots of negative symbolism, have faith in God, and you’ll prevail against all evil. 

Lastly, if you feel embarrassed or punished for your actions, always turn to prayers and ask for the Lord’s guidance and forgiveness. Only then will you achieve inner peace and have the strength to fight off the negativity. 


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