Struck by Lightning Dream Meaning

Dreams are undoubtedly the weirdest thing we humans experience, and no matter how insignificant they might seem, the truth is what we dream is a product of our deepest feelings and subconscious. 

Dreams can mean many things depending on the circumstances you face daily, and not all bad things in dreams represent bad things in real life. If you want to know the struck by lightning dream meaning, continue reading our article.

Struck by Lightning Dream Meaning

Struck By Lightning Dream Meaning 

Struck by lightning dream meaning, most of the time is thought to be a bad omen; it does represent an abrupt change in your waking life, but not necessarily a harmful and threatening change.

Lightning is a natural force that can cause disaster, but since dreams reflect our internal struggles and state of mind, they can result from increased daily stress and anxiety. One of the most unusual meanings that are very relevant is that people dream of lightning whenever they are at a crossroads and about to take a new path in life. 

Lightning dream – various ways to interpret this dream 

Unforeseen stroke of luck 

Being struck by lightning in reality, of course, results in death; however, in dreams, the meaning is often the opposite. It’s most likely that it’s a warning of unexpected luck. 

If you feel like everything has gone against your plans lately and you cannot get away from all the problems, it might mean that things will start going your way suddenly, and you’ll be struck with unforeseen luck. 

Improvement in your financial situation

Being struck by a lightning dream means being in an open field or water, which is often considered a sign of prosperity and abundance. Remember that financial struggles are temporary, and eventually, all the storms will pass, and you’ll reach the desired outcome of your situation.

You might get financial help out of nowhere, an unexpected income, or a business opportunity on your horizon. 

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Lightning dream - various ways to interpret this dream

Sudden change in your life 

Seeing lighting falling from the sky and hitting you can represent a spiritual awakening in your life and unforeseen change. It can represent massive energy supporting your purpose in life to help you become your true self. It’s like your subconscious tells you, “goodbye to the old you and hello to the new you”.

Soon, a new door will open to you out of nowhere, and you’ll have no other choice but to take the risk. It might feel intimidating and uncertain, but it will lead you to the path you are meant to take.

New love on the horizon 

Did you see lightning in the dark sky? If you’ve been single for a long time or were in love a long time ago, then prepare yourself since a new love might strike you out of nowhere. This person might come unexpectedly into your life and be just someone you’ve never believed you’d find. 

Fear of the consequences of your actions 

Since ancient times, lightning was considered a punishment from the gods to the people if they did something sacrilegious. 

If you had a dream of lighting striking you, it might represent that you have started to drift away from your core values and something that you were deeply rotten in and believed, so now you are feeling guilty for it.

You probably feel scared that you have chosen this path and will end up punished because you’ve disobeyed your true self. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that something you did in the past or the decision you’ve made now isn’t what you truly feel is right for you, and you fear that you will face dire consequences. 

Intense daily stress 

Thunderstorms are as scary in dreams as in real life; sometimes, when you are too stressed about your daily life, you feel anxious and nervous; you dream of the bad things that can happen. 

This doesn’t mean that you are struck by lightning in real life; instead, you are so overwhelmed that you feel like something terrible might happen to you at any time. Make some pauses from work and take time for yourself to relax a bit. 

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Fear of change 

If you feel intense fear of the lightning in your dream, and you are constantly hiding so it won’t hit you, this might represent that you are feeling scared of change in your daily life. The lighting is the new way opening in front of you, and you are scared to step out of your comfort zone. 

This might represent a wake-up call for you to let things be, and don’t hesitate to take a new direction if you aren’t content with your everyday life. Sometimes, what we fear the most ends up being the most beautiful thing in our lives.