Biblical Meaning of Eagle in Dreams

One of the most majestic birds mentioned in the Bible is the eagle. This bird carries significant symbolism that can be interpreted in many ways. However, the biblical meaning of eagle in dreams mainly refers to hope.

An eagle appearing in your dream carries a different interpretation than the symbolism and meaning of an eagle spirit animal. Believers of the Christian religion have seen this bird as a sign of revelation in their dreams. The eagle also carries spiritual energy.

There’s no need to fear seeing a large-winged bird in your dream. Its appearance can alert you to a significant transformation in your journey. Keep reading to discover what dreaming about an eagle can mean for your life.

Biblical Meaning of Eagle in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Eagle in Dreams

The large bird carnivores we call eagles hunt their prey and devour its flesh. Therefore, seeing eagles in your dream is associated with courage in the Bible. Eagles are predators that carry the biblical meaning of power in your dreams.

In addition, the biblical meaning of eagle in dreams can allude to possible danger approaching. The sight of the eagle may be a warning sent by God, telling you to protect yourself from the world’s dangers.

Dreaming about eagles and their symbolism may vary due to your current situation. Some people see it as a sign of caution, but for others, it symbolizes that good things are coming soon. 

What does the Bible say about eagles in dreams?

If an eagle appeared in your dream, maybe God is trying to send you a message. Like an angel, the eagle guides you through your rough points in life, ensuring your depression is never permanent and things will get better.

Dreams about eagles, in which you can sense bad energy and evil omen, could represent the importance of being careful. Your weakness and doubtfulness may result from the negativity you have to repress.

Some meanings in the Bible are associated with eagles. Let’s look at them to determine what the eagle acting as God’s messenger is trying to tell you

Fresh start

According to the Bible, dreaming of an eagle symbolizes a message from God alerting you to a fresh start. It could also mean God is sending you patience and faith to fight against your problems.

The sight of an eagle is also a reminder that everyone makes mistakes. Christianity accepts redemption through prayer and restoring faith. Therefore, your prayers will be heard if you try to follow God’s plan for you. 


An antichrist should fear the appearance of eagles in their dreams. This is because God warns them of danger by showing them these large predators. The mighty powers punish sinners for their evil deeds by interfering in their dreams. 

For true believers of the Christian religion, dreaming about an eagle represents a friendly warning. Whenever you need God to guide you through dangerous situations, keep praying and reflect on the power of the Church. 


The Bible says that those who stay dedicated to the teachings of the Church will be sent to heaven on eagle’s wings. Your devotion to Christianity has been seen and recognized, which is why an eagle has appeared in your dreams.

Your interpretation of this dream as a loyal Christian can refer to achieving peace by staying true to God’s beliefs. Seeing an eagle encourages you never to lose faith in Lord’s protection and good intentions.


The mentions of eagles in biblical verses often refer to power and endurance. An angel is probably trying to remind you that success is coming. Divine powers may also alert to the fact that God gives blessings to those who stay strong in the fight against superstition. 

As one of his children and believers, always remember that God is your greatest guide to achieving your dream life. There’s nothing you can’t do with him by your side. Keeping him in your prayers and daily devotion could be your way of finding the path to a successful life journey. 


Your desire for self-improvement can be reinforced by helping others. The teachings of the Church emphasize the importance of helping people in need. This way, the world will have better Christians willing to lend a hand instead of putting each other down. 

In this context, the eagle means cautiousness, reminding you to stay humble. Chasing after money and wealth is the biggest mistake people often make. They forget about the important things in life because they get caught up in the things money can buy.

The eagle signifies shifting your focus on things that can’t be bought with money. In addition, it reminds you to be thankful for what God has given you. Regardless of how much money you have, never forget to have faith and pray because you wouldn’t have it without God.

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Bible verses referencing eagles

Some verses in the Bible include eagles to refer to their meaning. They are represented as divine creatures in the Holy Scriptures carrying symbolism that can be interpreted depending on the context of the dream in which eagles appear.

To better understand the biblical meaning of eagle in dreams, consider the following verses:

Isaiah 40:31

To rise toward the heavens with wings like eagles, you need to have faith in God’s power to give us strength. This verse emphasizes Christ’s glory, which you must honor to eliminate your temptations and evil thoughts. This is how you will eventually achieve peace in your mind.

Deuteronomy 28:49

This verse speaks of an eagle about the power of Romans contributing to the sufferings of Israel. According to historical evidence, the Roman army considered the symbol of eagles a holy power flying above their heads, giving them strength and motivation to fight.

Exodus 19:4

Observing the hardships of the Israelites, God blesses them with eagle wings with which they can escape from the hands of Romans. He encourages the people of Israel to keep praying and have faith that good things will happen to them. 

Ezekiel 17:5

The wealthy prophet Ezekiel had the largest army in Babylon. This verse includes two eagles representing different symbolic meanings. The first refers to the eagle’s big wings carrying a branch to the land of trade and burying it in fertile soil. 

The second eagle mentioned in this verse carries the meaning of protection. The majestic animal protects the buried branch by watering it and allowing it to grow. This metaphor implies that people should never give up on hope, regardless of how difficult it may seem.

Proverb 23:5 

The meaning of this proverb refers to human greed and superstition. If one sets their eyes on wealth, they will fly away like eagles with their wings. Wealth can disappear in the blink of an eye, just like the speed of an eagle flying up the heavens.

Bible verses referencing eagles

Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism of Eagle in Dreams

In addition to the biblical meaning of eagle in dreams, it also carries a significant symbolism in spirituality. Seeing an eagle in your dreams can be a sign of overcoming everyday struggles by dedicating to the start of your spiritual journey.

An eagle can symbolize power, self-discovery, and self-reflection during difficult times. It might help you discover yourself and learn the values and beliefs you must follow to succeed.

High-achieving people rely on spiritual symbolism because they see it as a guide. Whenever you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, you might dream of an eagle. This sight reminds you to slow down and appreciate the small things that may seem insignificant.

Spiritual meaning of eagle in dreams

Depending on your current living condition, seeing an eagle in your dream can have positive and negative connotations. Paying attention to the spiritual signs sent by divine angels is important. They can help you discover the hidden meanings of eagles in spirituality. 

The symbolism of the eagle in dreams

Different dream scenarios carry differing symbolism of the eagle. The color of the eagle in your dream can also alter how you perceive this symbol and relate it to your everyday life. 

A flying eagle

If an eagle is flying above your head, something good will happen in your life. Soon, you will experience happiness and success in your life. Therefore, if you have been struggling with creating a well-balanced life, this is your sign of hope for improvement.

A bald eagle

Bald eagles symbolize longevity. Seeing a bald eagle in your dream may signify that your spiritual journey may be long but promising. It also represents your determination to achieve great things in life.

Eagle in captivity

If you catch an eagle in your dream, try empathizing more with others. People around you may need your help and a shoulder to cry on, so reach out to offer support. 

In comparison, a captive eagle in a cage appearing in your dream is a symbol of someone close to you with evil intentions. 

Eagle attack

Has someone hurt your feelings with their actions or words recently? Perhaps this is the reason why you dream of an eagle attacking you. This is your sign to resolve the issue with that person so you can move on and achieve peace in your heart.

Eagle catching a prey

Dreaming of an eagle holding its prey could signify a positive change in your career path. This dream means that the divine spirits believe in your ability to become successful despite the challenges you may be facing. You are holding on to opportunities just like the eagle doesn’t let go of his prey.

Biblical meaning of seein an eagle catch prey in a dream

A fight between eagles

If you have recently experienced feelings of indecisiveness, dreaming about eagles fighting means you don’t trust your intuition. You are in a constant fight with yourself. By witnessing this dream scenario, God encourages you to believe in yourself during decision-making.

Golden eagle

The radiance of a golden eagle in dreams is one of the prettiest sights to witness. If it appears in your dream, prepare for significant life opportunities coming your way. Your future is bright if you dream about an eagle in this specific color.

White eagle

A sign of purity can appear in the form of a white eagle in your dream. Eagles in white color are angel-sent signs of reward toward you for retaining your faith in God. The angels remind you of their protection and guidance by showing you a white eagle. 

Black eagle

Compared to the positive symbolism of a white and a golden eagle, the black eagle is a sign of evil omen. God and his messengers inform you of people who want to overpower you by sending a black eagle in your dream. 


Who is the eagle in the bible?

The apostle John is depicted as the eagle in the Bible. He presumably wrote the Gospel of John, which talks about witnessing the light and divine nature of Jesus Christ. An eagle represents his writing talent to symbolize the height with which he carried God’s word.

What bird represents Jesus?

Jesus Christ is represented as a dove in the Bible. A dove appeared during his baptism, symbolizing purity and salvation. This bird represents his holy spirit, which also carries the meaning of spiritual peace. 

What if the eagle in your dream dies?

Dreaming about killing an eagle represents dedication to achieving your goals regardless of obstacles. However, if someone else kills the eagle in your dream, someone will try to take away your power. A dream with a dead eagle may be a sign of impending damage or loss.


The biblical meaning of eagle in dreams may make you anxious due to the different interpretations. However, try to see these high-flying birds as your sign to reach higher for your dreams. Your guardian angel reminds you to have courage and stop fearing change.

Once you learn how to analyze the symbolism in your dreams, you can identify the meaning. The appearance of eagles is your signal to reflect on current life situations.


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