5 Best Law of Attraction Books Ever Written

We all want some or the other thing. Someone wants to learn a skill, others would like to start a farm or a family, or you might just want to get a promotion at work. The desire for abundance and personal growth is what connects us at the core of our existence. However, the reason most people don’t get to achieve whatever they want is due to a lack of resources like knowledge, time, money, etc. But what if you can attract all this into your life if only you know the right way to do it?

Yes, you can learn the law of attraction. There are plenty of books available that have helped numerous people build their dream life. Have you been thinking of reading up on some of this timeless knowledge but don’t know which books to get? Here is a list of the best law of attraction books on the market that you’re sure to love. Let’s check them out!

The Best Law of Attraction Books Ever Written

The Best Law of Attraction Books Ever Written

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This roaring success written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 is a guide to living a life of positivity and abundance. Translated into 44 languages and sold across the globe, it is a gem of a book. It acquaints you with the wisdom that your thoughts have energy. You are capable of rewriting your life’s story by improving your internal dialogue.

By reading this book, you learn that you must find joy in what you do. This allows you to act in congruence with your desires, which, in turn, attracts ample success in your endeavors. But you should not lose yourself in your work to an extent that it begins to pull you down. To ensure this, as Rhonda suggests, you must take care of yourself by keeping track of your mental and physical wellbeing.

The author also emphasizes the importance of emotions. Whether you are experiencing negative emotions or positive emotions, you will manifest from both. However, Rhonda states that positive emotions are stronger. And of all the positive ones, gratefulness and affection are the strongest. That’s some fantastic insight into the human mind.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 book written after 25-year long research on some of the most successful individuals. This universally recognized masterpiece has its philosophy centered around the idea that success is possible through imagination. It reinforces the age-old mantra – you can achieve anything and everything if you put your mind to it.

In this book, Hill introduces faith in a new light by stating that faith is the catalyst of the mind. A little faith blended with the right thoughts can activate your subconscious and lead you to infinite intelligence. He also talks about how success is fond of those who are success conscious. If you allow yourself to become failure conscious, success shall not follow you no matter what.

According to one of the best law of attraction books, the root of all our misfortunes is our belief system. Whether you think of a negative thought or a positive thought, the impulse will be translated into its physical equivalent in a similar manner. So, bad luck is a phenomenon that you can actually control through your thought impulses. Read more: What Stone Brings Luck and Money

The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer, an internationally applauded author, and speaker holds a doctorate in educational counseling. This book is one of the best law of attraction books ever written in the realm of personal development. He begins by introducing the reader to the incredible science of kindness. He talks about serotonin, a chemical that pumps in our brains when we do kind and generous deeds and works as an anti-depressant.

Dyer, through this book, tries to push you to the edge of your comfort zone and into the extraordinaire. He mentions that one great way to achieve great things is to say “Yes” to life more frequently. This helps you embrace a more open and receptive approach to life and consequently, you end up attracting success. Because let’s be honest, you cannot achieve greatness by putting off potential opportunities.

Nothing good has ever happened to anyone who doesn’t respect his/her own worth. This book teaches you to let go of your ego and personal complexes. This allows you to strive for more self-respect and understand the magic of your self-worth.

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield offering as many as 64 principles to lead you to your greatest self. One of the timeless gems that it gives the reader is the roadmap to responsible living. You have to begin by understanding that the blame-game is not going to do you any benefit.

One of the best things that you learn from this book is the art of divide and conquer. Canfield states that you must break your giant goals into tiny tasks. Drawing mental maps, making lists, and planning your day in advance can make achieving these small tasks a breeze. And the more you get done efficiently, the better your chances of reaching your ultimate goals.

According to this book, none of your efforts would come to fruition if you don’t believe in yourself. While this might sound like a piece of worn-out advice, it’s one that you must not ignore. Our brain responds better to what we think will happen, so you must believe and have positive expectations. No wonder people find the best law of attraction books to be a motivational kick in the back.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

Are you shuffling through the best law of attraction books that can help you fulfill your ambitions and dreams? Here’s a fantastic manual by Wallace Wattles.

Some more money is always good, isn’t it? Wallace Wattles couldn’t agree more, so he came up with a piece of literature that has been helping the world achieve financial success for decades now. This book throws light on how you can embrace your natural desire for prosperity without losing your mind. And the science-backed information in it easily makes it the best law of attraction books ever written of all time.

Grab this book and you’ll find out that there is plenty of wealth for everyone. Wallace advocates the fact that there is no need to compete, rather create and you’ll get what you want. Rising out of the competitive thought process makes you less stressed and more productive, which works in your favor. Through the pearls of information in this book, you learn the scientific and most certain ways to gain riches.

Wattles also talks about an imperative but understated act – the act of gratitude. He tells you to fill your positive emotional reserves by starting a gratitude practice. You can then tap these reserves when you are trying to manifest wealth for yourself by imagining a prosperous future. What a pleasant technique to fuel up that bank balance.


The law of attraction has boggled many people and it has benefited many others. You see your neighbors getting a new car and your buddy at work moving up the corporate ladder. And you wonder if you could ever manifest your deepest desires. Well, you can! You can check out our compact list of the best law of attraction books and read up on some great knowledge on how to attract your best life. Happy living!

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