Astral Projection Dangers: Should It Be That Scary?

Have you ever experienced an astral projection and were worried about the dangers of it? Are you someone that is interested in astral projection methods and are invested in mastering the technique? Astral projections can have many benefits and positive effects on mental health. However, there are some dangers of astral projections that are worth looking into if you are interested in learning how to astral travel.

In the following article, we have gathered the most important information to provide you with an astral projection guide. If you are someone that is eager to learn how to astral project, you have come to the right place. We will also explain all the astral projection dangers and the ways to protect yourself.

Is Astral Projection Real?

The idea of intentional out-of-body experiences has existed for centuries, dating back to ancient China. During the astral projection experience, the astral body (one’s consciousness) separates from the physical body and travels through the world.

Astral projections are very often, they can happen naturally during sleep or can be evoked through meditation. Some sources say that it’s experienced by 5-10% of the world’s population.

The existence of astral travel has been a subject of debate as there is no scientific proof of it. On the other hand, many people have reported experiencing the phenomenon, some have even learned how to master astral projection.

People that have described astral projection experiences speak of it being as if they’re only dreaming. When people wake up during a projection, they are able to see their body, which often makes people afraid.

Those who have mastered some techniques claim that if the person panics it will be difficult for them to come back to their physical body. When asked what triggers astral projection, practitioners have enlisted mental stimulus, mechanical stimulus and chemical stimulus.

The mental stimulus that triggers astral projection is falling asleep physically without losing wakefulness, waking up mentally but not physically and deep trance, meditation or visualization. These are more natural techniques, on the other hand, it can be induced with the use of different visual and auditory stimulation and electrical stimulation of the brain.

Chemical substances like psychedelic drugs, methamphetamine and galantamine can also trigger astral travel. Read more: Astral Projection: What is Astral Travel & How to Master Astral Projection

Astral Projection for Beginners

If you are interested in learning how to astral travel here are some easy steps to follow.

  • Relax your body and mind. It is important to lie on your back and focus on your breathing. The goal is to get the body to fall asleep but not the mind.
  • Enter the state of half-sleep also known as the hypnagogic state. This is a transitional state between wake and sleep where you trick your body to fall asleep.
  • Do not be afraid of the vibrations. Many beginners are scared when they enter this stage, which often results in the process of projection being terminated. Vibrations come in waves at different frequencies as the astral body leaves the physical body.
  • Guide your mind to leave your body. With closed eyes focus on the thought of your mind leaving your body. This will enable you to lift from your body. The astral travel is successful when you are able to see your sleeping body from above.

As this is a guide for astral projection for beginners we are including some tips on how to get back to your body. Astral experience enthusiasts believe that the astral body and the physical body are connected with an invisible “silver cord” at all times. This connection will always guide the astral body to the physical body. After re-entering your physical body you should try to move your toes and fingers, as this should help you start regaining consciousness.

One of the methods for astral projection termination is just thinking of your body and visualizing it. This will lead you back to your body and help you wake up.

Techniques for Astral Projection

The rope technique by Steve G. Jones is an amazing technique for beginners. This method includes relaxing by deep breathing and reaching the stage between sleep and wake. At this point, you should start focusing on an object that you see in front of you. After a deep focus and relaxation, you will enter the vibrations stage.

As a beginner, you should examine the vibrations and try to command them. The next step is based on conscious control and willpower. You should imagine a long rope and use your thoughts to get your astral body to “climb” the rope.

This is how you will be able to leave your physical body. At this point, you might feel dizzy, which is completely normal and a part of the astral projection process. Using this technique should enable you to begin your experience within half an hour. Related: How to Astral Project?

Astral Projection Dangers

Another technique of astral projection is Sylvan Muldoon’s. He developed four steps to help you begin the astral projection experience.

The first step is to focus on a body part and hold it in an upright position so that it will be inclined to fall if you’d fall asleep. Next, you should start constructing a dream of something you enjoy doing in which you move upward and outward. The third step is to try and project yourself into the dream and go on dreaming. The last step is bringing the astral body to the physical body by remembering that you are dreaming. This technique might take up to a few months to master.

Astral Projection Benefits

A lot of people who are starting to learn astral projection techniques are interested in the numerous benefits of the experience. Those who have mastered astral projections report that it can affect the quality of sleep and the rest of both the mind and the body. They develop a deeper understanding of their potentials and personal traits.

People experience increased spirituality and inner calmness, therefore have the desire to respect all life. Others report an increase in their memory skills and imagination. Some people have even successfully eliminated the fear of death and of the unknown.

Through an out-of-body experience, people are able to see that they are much more than just physical beings and this enables them to discover so much more mind potential. But these experiences are not only beneficial, but there are also some dangers of astral projection.

The Dangers of Astral Projection

As we have mentioned a lot of astral projection benefits we must include some of the dangers of astral projection. Every person who likes to learn to astral travel needs to be aware of them. Astral projection dangers are more likely to present in intentionally caused experiences. The consequences often present psychologically and rarely physically.

Using astral experiences as a form of escaping your reality may lead to an unhealthy obsession. This can lead to an imbalance and some aspects of your life may suffer(ex. career, relationships, etc.).

It is very possible that astral projections will leave you mentally drained. Vivid and intense experiences may cause people to wake up very exhausted.

Dangers of astral projection also include scary visuals. These can seem so real and cause panic and fear. It is important to keep calm and be aware that these are just subjects of your imagination.

A lot of people are scared of not being able to go back to their physical body, but this is one of the myths about the dangers of astral projection. As previously mentioned the body and the mind are connected with a “silver cord” that prevents this from happening, so you should not fear of this happening during your astral experience.

Another fear related to astral projection dangers is dying while astral traveling. It is possible to die, but only from physical causes(ex. heart attack). Dying just because of astral projections is not possible.

Astral Attacks and How to Stop Them

Astral attacks are a real danger of astral projection. Many people believe that they are the result of witchcraft and curses, but often they are unintentional. They form in the subconscious level as a result of verbal abuse, negative energy and negative thinking.

These thoughts can inflict the astral projection experience in the form of an astral attack. It is important that the individual gets rid of such thoughts as they can affect the spiritual and personal growth that are the biggest benefits of astral projection. Astral attacks can leave you emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. This is why they are one of the most common dangers of astral projection.

Astral Projection Dangers - Should It Be Scary

Hopefully, this guide on astral projection for beginners has answered some of your questions about how to astral project, the benefits and dangers of astral projection. Take this advice and carefully begin your astral travels. Mastering this is a long process and takes a lot of practice. Focusing on each step and carefully repeating it will help you became more aware of your astral body and you will be able to fully control your astral projection experiences.

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