13 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

Have you ever met a person who is an exact clone of your personality? Of course, you must have dreamt of meeting your soulmate and exploring the world with that person. Even if you have found the one and you still feel like you both share some differences then you might want to ask the ultimate question in a relationship- “Is this person my twin flame?” Let’s take a look at the signs your twin flame loves you in this article.

What is a Twin Flame

A twin flame, often confused with a soulmate, is a half-split version of your soul that you share with another person. Imagine if one half of your soul was kept in front of the mirror then that reflection may as well be called your twin flame because it would be so similar to you!

Being with your twin flame is the purest form of soul searching you can do. You not only explore your relationship with that person but also learn a lot about your own self. You tend to go through a rollercoaster of experiences from your deepest insecurities getting exposed to learning to love yourself. Experts say that meeting your twin flame is the beginning of a divine soulful experience.

How Is a Twin Flame Different From a Soulmate

While soulmates are two people in a romantic relationship who share common likes and dislikes, twin flames are not necessarily for romantic relations. Very often, you will find a twin flame as your best friend or cousin rather than your partner, It can be anybody; no rules are applied when it comes to your twin flame except that they are your other half. The concept of having a soulmate is a result of wanting an ideal romantic partner but twin flames fall under the psychospiritual side of the spectrum.

Soulmates have the same interests and aversions, which is great to avoid small fights over your top holiday destinations or your favourite pizza toppings. Twin flames, however, often tend to think and act alike. They share similar opinions and look at the world from the same eyes, mind and obviously the soul. But, how do you know if the person you’ve met/will meet is your twin soul?

Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

Every new relationship comes with its own collection of strong feelings, sleepless nights, butterflies, and fireworks. Clarity and calmness are not commonly used adjectives. Needless to say, everything becomes even more perplexing when your head is in the clouds. Here are some signs to help you find your twin soul.

The big change

One of the most telling signs that you’ve found your twin is that you have the distinct impression that this is unlike any other romantic relationship you’ve ever had. It’s often difficult to bring into words the feelings you have for them. Love and acceptance that is unconditional and complete. Your relationship has a certain sacredness to it that is unlike anything else you’ve ever known.

In essence, you already know, and you will experience it with all of your senses. No other relationship would have the same impact on your life.

Changes in the buildup to meeting your match can include a shift in circumstances and an increase in understanding. You’ll only find your dream match if you’ve grown up and stepped outside of your comfort zone.

Intense attraction and immediate recognition

The twin flame is the individual in your life that comes in and out of your life depending on your needs. When you first meet, the familiarity draws you in as you’ve finally found the one who completes you.

You’ll never be able to let go of them

Your twin flame connection will most likely be on-again, off-again. Being together is like being so close to the sun, causing one of you to disappear for extended periods. When they forget how intense it was, they want to go back in, and the loop begins all over again. Read more: Signs Twin Flame Is Thinking of You

The coincidences are many

Do you have the same birthday as each other? Can you watch the same weird TV shows all the time? Are you both drawn to the same location or number? These coincidences add up to become a clear sign of green flag. Just remember that nothing happens by accident and that something is more than certainly tied to destiny.

How Is a Twin Flame Different From a Soulmate

The meeting place

It was as if they had dropped from the sky and landed in your lap. You weren’t looking for each other; Divine timing and circumstance were what brought you together. For a soul bond like this, it can be very symbolic.

It’s known as soul recognition when they meet. It’s more than just the sensation of meeting someone familiar; it’s the sensation of meeting someone special and one-of-a-kind. Emotions are communicated by the eyes. You lock your gaze on theirs, and this deep stare immediately identifies your twin.

You both will heal and grow together

You’ll have a greater tug toward fulfilling your life’s mission but not delving into some unresolved pain.

You will feel compelled to help others and discover that you can do so while walking in grace, forgiveness, and acceptance. And, most of all, you’ll go through a fresh friendship with a spiritually awakened, unconditionally caring mindset.

Your life has fallen into harmony and union

Your financial status, living conditions, and working life are all up to your expectations, and you are perfectly content and happy right where you are.

Just as in a good relationship, you’ll both complement each other. Since you’ve developed what the other one lacks or requires during your separation, your skill sets or abilities can complement each other perfectly.

Your vitality melds

Being in close proximity to one another will allow you to complete each other. You’ll be more spontaneous, and your mate will be more assured. Both parties are attracted to each other, and their personalities are a better match.

In reality, each partner possesses precisely what the other lacks. If we’ve been without everything since birth, our twin spirit arrives to fill the gap and dismantle all of our walls.

The feeling that you have known them forever

You get the impression you’ve seen this guy somewhere before. Either in this life, in a dream, or in a different place. When they are in your life or you think about them, you can feel a deep connection with them.

You know what the other person is going to say even before their thought is invoked. You get used to their habits because of how perfectly it matches with yours. Read more: Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating With You

Things become easy and less complicated

When these souls come together, they form an unbreakable bond. Many of your previous relationships have served as preparation for this one. This is a relationship unlike any other, one that is much deeper, far more strong, and one that only a handful of us will ever have, even with a romantic partner.

Twin soul relationships involve the male and female energy of equal amounts. This does not imply that it must be between a man and a woman. There are no barriers to the Twin relationship based on gender, race, or age. It may be heterosexual or homosexual in nature. The aim of this Divine love relationship is to assist you in facing your fears.

The magnetic attraction

When you’re together, the amount of energy you generate is magnetic. The influence you have between you will be seen and felt by those around you. You can be an irresistible force that lasts a lifetime when you work together!

You are attracted to the other person inexplicably from the moment you meet. This sensation often doesn’t seem to fade. Although the attraction can be sexual, it’s most often just a desire to be in that person’s presence.

The separation can be unbearable

You will always be aware of their suffering and joy. When you are apart, you can sense each other. You can’t seem to get them out of your head even at odd hours. It may seem to be an addiction, but it isn’t. It’s because you’re so close that you can actually feel each other. The time apart can be excruciating at times.

If you’ve tuned in, you’ll get a gut feeling about whether something is going well or if the other person is in pain. This can be mistaken for other things like sickness at first, but once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to tell exactly how the other person is feeling.

The separation of twin flames can be unbearable - Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

The fights will be a havoc

Twin flame relationships aren’t often rainbows and lollipops; they’re also rugged and messy. The “ugly” aspect of your twin flame relationship is simply a product of you being forced to face and “own” the parts of yourself that you don’t like and would rather not see. It can be disturbing when the curtain is drawn back.

If you have a fight with your twin soul it will be so debilitating that it will have an effect on those around you and could even cause you excruciating pain. Fights between twin souls do occur, and when they do, they are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Identifying twin flame signs will help you feel more confident that the person you’re with is your twin soul. This journey pushes each soul to reach their full potential in order to fulfil their mission and intent in the lives of others. If you’re still looking, turn inward and concentrate on yourself instead of looking outward. You won’t find them by looking for them; instead, they will find you through Love.

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