What Do Crows Symbolize in the Bible: Biblical References

If you constantly come across the dark-feathered raven, you may start to question the meaning behind its eerie presence. So what do crows symbolize in the Bible exactly? Continue reading to discover whether the raven symbolism is a bad omen or just another divine message!

What Do Crows Symbolize in the Bible

What Do Crows Symbolize in the Bible?

So what do ravens symbolize in the Bible? First off, there are several negative connotations that these birds carry. 

In the Book of Leviticus 11:13-15, ravens are referred to as unclean birds that should not be eaten. Some scholars argue that the reason behind their uncleanliness is that they feast on other birds and dead carcasses. Since the Bible promotes living in purity, the raven may symbolize going down a path of immorality, pride, and deception

These birds are also often used as punishment when disobeying God or his rules. As seen in Proverbs 30:17, ravens are sent to peck the bodies of those mocking their fathers

Furthermore, several beliefs portray crows as harbingers of death. It’s said that hearing them cawing three times in a row is a sign that something sinister will happen soon. Additionally, if a raven is heard crying in a tree, it’s believed to foretell a great change or death in the near future.

What Does the Bible Say About Crows?

The raven is mentioned several times throughout the Bible and plays several roles in it. First off, in the book of Genesis 8:6-7, it’s mentioned that Noah sends out a raven to inform him of when the flood has passed. Here, we can see that these birds take on the role of messengers due to their stamina and intelligence. 

In Isaiah 34:11, the Bible mentions them as one of the select surviving animals after humanity has perished. Here, they symbolize the spirit of resilience and the courage to adapt in order to survive.

Lastly, in Luke 12:24 and 1 Kings 17:4, ravens are mentioned as a way to praise the Lord’s graciousness. As a symbol of God’s provision, they brought food to Elijah when he was left helpless in the desert.

Biblical Meaning of Crows in a Dream

Since the dream realm is directly connected to our subconsciousness, the appearance of a raven may be a divine sign from God. However, there are several meanings behind its symbolism, including protection, transformation, wisdom, danger, and death.

We’ll start on a more positive note, interpreting crows as God’s protection. In Psalm 91:4, it’s said that the Lord will give his comfort by covering you with the feathers of his wings. Therefore, a biblical interpretation of a raven in your dreams is that God is with you during a trying time.

Secondly, they’re seen as a sign of danger. If you’re dealing with numerous difficulties in your real life, you may dream of a raven due to its renowned problem-solving skills. No matter how impossible your worries seem, trust in God to give you the power and courage you need.

As we already mentioned, these birds symbolize the spirit of resilience, so their appearance in your dreams may encourage you to go through a much-needed transformation. Just find your purpose and trust in the process because God will surely send an angel to guide you.

Lastly, a raven can be a warning if you’ve started going down the wrong path.

Spiritual Symbolism and Meaning of Crows

Now that we’ve seen what the raven represents in the Bible, our next focus is on what do crows symbolize spiritually. Depending on the culture, there are several meanings behind their symbolism. While some see them as harbingers of death due to their black colors, others glorify their fertility because they mate for life

In folklore, the raven is portrayed as a trickster who outsmarts the other animals due to its witts. Since these birds are known as one of the smartest animals, they’re often associated with intuition and wisdom in Norse and Celtic mythology. If you’re a sharp-minded individual, trust in your power to differentiate good from evil and have the courage to act upon your gut feeling. 

On the other hand, in numerous European cultures, the raven is seen as a symbol of death. While in Swedish folklore, it’s believed that they’re the ghosts of men without a proper Christian burial, in German fairytales, they’re depicted as damned souls. If you happen to see a flock of these birds in the sky, it’s also believed that there are malicious spirits nearby. 

Bottom Line

So what do crows symbolize in the Bible? The raven is a dichotomous symbol often seen as a bad omen. Since it represents Jesus’ death on the cross and a sign of sin and evil, it’s a constant reminder of our mortality. However, it can also be a messenger for God and a sign of positive transformation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do two black crows mean?

Seeing two black crows together isn’t uncommon since these birds mate for life. As for the spiritual meaning, it portrays good luck, positive changes, new beginnings, and wisdom. If you see two black crows, expect a joyful period ahead. 

What does it mean when a crow visits you?

If a crow has decided to visit you, God may be sending you an angel to guide you through trying times. Furthermore, if this happens while you’re preparing for a trip, expect good fortune during your travels.


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