Hummingbird Biblical Meaning

Hummingbirds are God’s creations with the ability to fly backward. Many people are fascinated by their appearance because they can stand still and move their wings quickly. But what is the hummingbird biblical meaning? Does it also have significance in spirituality? Let’s find out!

A hummingbird always flies alone, never in a group. They can fly upside down and easily identify different colors. They can often be seen near flowers where nectar is present. Who would have thought these tiny birds could carry important symbolism? 

Believers often see hummingbirds as symbols of beauty and good luck, referring to the mentions in the Bible. But the sight of a hummingbird signifies many more things depending on different cultural beliefs.

Hummingbird Biblical Meaning

Hummingbird Biblical Meaning

The ability to fly fast while appearing steady and immovable makes hummingbirds very symbolic in the Bible. They fly without direction and trust God to guide them to the right destination. They travel together with him to places unknown to humankind.

Thus, the hummingbird biblical meaning is connected to eternal life and everlasting peace. Seeing a hummingbird can also mean faith restoration and revelation. Many people desire to have hummingbird abilities since this bird always seems so free and independent.

Not only do hummingbirds symbolize freedom, but they also symbolize wisdom. They are gentle and beautiful creatures embodying fierce sturdiness and powerful force in the Christian religion.

What does the Bible say about hummingbirds?

The hummingbird biblical meaning can be interpreted as the bird delivering God’s messages to his people. Because of their fast flying abilities, God is able to remind us of important things through them quickly. Hummingbirds are God’s messengers and one of his most magnificent creations.

These small but important companions of the Holy Spirit always carry positivity and are considered good omens. No negative meanings are connected to hummingbirds in the Bible; this bird is seen as a significant part of God’s design because it embodies vivacity.


God’s influence and energy are immortal, and his light is so bright that it reflects eternity. Acting as God’s representatives on Earth, hummingbirds symbolize eternal holy power that will never fade away. They also appear to remind us God is always here and watching over us


The Testament and Holy Scriptures allude to birds as biblical creatures carrying a sign of peace throughout the world. Thus, the hummingbird brings calmness and comfort everywhere it goes because of its colorful appearance and a radiant energy that cannot be matched.


After Christ was put on the Cross, he was reborn and present to give believers hope and a chance of revelation. The hummingbird looks dead while sleeping. But when it wakes up, the hummingbird is full of energy, representing rebirth and a new sense of ambition.

Renewal of Faith

If you ever see a hummingbird flying, maybe God is sending the bird before your eyes to remind you of your blessings. We can easily lose track of the most important things that strengthen our faith. Thus, seeing a hummingbird is your sign of being thankful to God and remaining devoted to your religion.

a colorful-wing hummingbird caught flying on sunset


God gave hummingbirds immense freedom to visit many places and deliver his messages in a fast manner. The sight of hummingbirds may allude to the importance of being decisive when it comes to letting go of the past. Only in this way will you feel free and at peace.


The beauty of hummingbirds is impossible to ignore. The Bible describes them as beautiful and elegant creatures that bring harmony and divine energy to those who witness their glory. They effortlessly match the beauty of flowers they visit in need of nectar.

They can often be found between flowers as a perfect addition to the already gorgeous scenery. Their outstanding appearance complements the lovely sets of blooms.


Precision and close observation are some of the hummingbird’s best characteristics. They can distinguish between flowers and which one they decide to visit. Hummingbirds are also very aware of their surroundings, making them one of the wisest birds mentioned in the Bible.

Most used Bible verses referencing hummingbirds

Many biblical verses point to the character and glorious appearance of hummingbirds. Most lines referencing hummingbirds describe their beauty. Others dive into a deeper biblical meaning of hummingbird to highlight its importance in the Holy Book.

Isaiah 60:8

This verse compares the speed and steadiness of hummingbirds to clouds. It also relates the beauty of doves to hummingbirds. These lines encourage believers to avoid superstition, focus on making positive changes, and embrace good energy.

Samuel 17:1-51

David is described as small but strong as a hummingbird in one of the lines. Many people doubted his ability to fight in a battle, but he proved everyone wrong. He aimed to emphasize his faith in God to guide him through combat and near-death experiences.

Psalm 147:9

God gives all his creations food, including the flower nectar, to hummingbirds. He ensures they can feel his protection but also makes life difficult. This way, he makes his creations strong and withstanding regardless of their physical size. They carry endurance in their heart and mind.

Song of Songs 2:12

In this verse, spring and summer are the seasons in which birds can be heard singing. In comparison, the dark winters lack the beauty of flowers and birds, causing melancholy. Warm days bring joy and positivity to people’s lives.

The sunny seasons in this verse refer to the radiance of the Holy Ghost. Cold winters are a representation of Jewish darkness. Jews were stripped away from their possessions which led to them having doubts about the power of Jesus and whether he could help them.

Proverbs 6:5

People who take loans should run away from money lenders with the speed of flying characteristic of hummingbirds. When a fast bird is chased, it will immediately fly away to save itself. Thus, this verse represents the hummingbird, symbolizing agility and youthful strength.

Psalm 104:12

In this verse, the birds are described as saints. Their souls are born in Heaven, and their duty is to serve God. Both saints and hummingbirds are innocent and defenseless creatures. These lines glorify everything God created, highlighting the beauty of heavenly majesty.

A hummingbird approaching a flower's nectar

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Hummingbirds are symbolic in many cultures, including Christianity. But they also carry significant symbolism in spirituality. They appear before or around people to show them the importance of righteousness, similar to the hummingbird biblical meaning.

They can also help humans to communicate with divine angels and spirits. This Godly creation can help people heal from trauma and work toward creating a more prosperous future. Regardless of how bad you might feel, seeing a hummingbird can bring you a sense of hope. 

Hummingbirds never bring bad news to people. That’s the reason why seeing a hummingbird is always a good sign. Its appearance indicates the person who sees the hummingbird will soon undergo spiritual awakening. They will be able to connect their soul to divine energies.

What is the spiritual meaning of hummingbirds

A hummingbird is often seen as a guardian angel in the spiritual world. They deliver messages from the divine universe to people who need to hear them the most. Hummingbirds are guardian angels bringing people good fortune and hope for a better life.

The symbolism of hummingbirds

Spiritually, hummingbirds can symbolize many different things. But the symbolism is closely connected to the positive energy they bring with them and how it affects people’s lives. Look at the meanings below and relate the hummingbird’s appearance to your current thoughts and ongoing struggles.

Good luck

The most common association of hummingbirds with good luck is by traveling to unknown destinations. It’s believed in many cultures that if you see a hummingbird during your exploration, you will safely return home after the trip. 

Hummingbirds can also lead you in the right direction when you feel lost. This spiritual symbolism of hummingbirds can also refer to your success. If you have been struggling with making the right career choice, seeing a hummingbird signifies letting go of doubt.

Cycle of life

Hummingbirds don’t live very long. But during their lifetime, they make countless trips to different parts of the world. Thus, they represent the natural cycle of life and death that comes after. They also highlight the importance of making the most of life, no matter how short it lasts.

In this context, they are similar to butterflies and so you may also dream about them. You can explore the biblical meaning of butterflies in dreams to learn more about this theme.

This alludes to you getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying life to its fullest without regrets. We are on the earth for a short period of time, but it’s the longest thing we’ll ever do, so remember to enjoy every minute of it.

Ancient legends point to additional hummingbird symbolism connected to life and death. Some believers think that a hummingbird near a grave symbolizes the arrival of important news. Others consider the constant appearance of a hummingbird to resemble the soul of a deceased loved one.


The spiritual meaning of hummingbirds is closely connected to hope and strong devotion to religion. By the appearance of hummingbirds in our environment, we are given hope that better things are coming soon and the past should be forgotten.


The strength given by God also provides courage to hummingbirds. They are not afraid of migrating several times a year to multiple spots. Thus, the divine world reminds you to be courageous as a hummingbird, even when you feel all ambition is lost.

You should stay persistent and motivated if you want to succeed in life, even if you have to do it all alone. Hummingbirds always travel alone. They don’t put their faith in others. Instead, they fly by carrying God’s protection, showing them the right way.

Black hummingbird spiritual meaning

Although the constant appearance of hummingbirds can be connected to various symbolism, the sight of a black hummingbird can have different interpretations. The spiritual significance of a hummingbird in this color highlights the ability never to give up, which is characteristic of all creations by the Holy Spirit.

God gives us the strength to stay determined. He provides protection and guidance to ensure we fulfill our purpose and destiny. But not all of us have the willpower to accomplish everything we put our minds to. For that reason, we might need a bit of a push from the spiritual forces.

B&W photo of hummingbird flying towards chandelier

Spiritual transformation

A black hummingbird can be your sign to begin a spiritual transformation. If you have wasted your precious time on unworthy things and people, it’s time to change that. Focus on yourself and your goals to live a fulfilled life.

Challenging life period

Black hummingbirds can signify an upcoming period in your life filled with struggles and challenges. But don’t see the black hummingbird as a bad sign. Instead, consider it a warning that prepares you mentally for difficult times.

Lack of motivation

If a black hummingbird appears before you, you likely lack the motivation to do anything. You may have given up on your dreams because you think it’s impossible to achieve them. Maybe you also started losing faith in religion, lost the connection with God, and can’t see any obvious spiritual signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the hummingbird represent a spirit animal?

Some people have reported seeing hummingbirds flying around them. In this case, the hummingbird can be seen as a representation of a spirit animal to remind you that you should show gratitude to God for his protection through prayers.

What does catching a hummingbird symbolize?

Whether you physically catch a hummingbird or this scenario only appears in your dreams, see it as a sign of healing. It means you finally decided to focus on the important things in life and let go of everything that doesn’t bring you joy.

What should I do if I constantly see hummingbirds?

If hummingbirds appear around you all the time, kindly cherish their energy. They are either there to observe, comfort, or remind you of your blessings. Thus, whenever you see a hummingbird in your surroundings, consider it a symbol of your connection with the spiritual world.


The hummingbird biblical meaning can be interpreted in many ways. Its interpretation depends on your personal life circumstances and how you can relate it to your unique situation. The Bible shows you its importance, representing good energy and peace of mind. 

The angelic appearance of hummingbirds is described in biblical verses. But these unique yet dainty birds are more than simply beautiful. They are magical.


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