How to Deal With Toxic Family Members Biblically

Sometimes, family members can be our worst critics. Even though some of them only want what is best for us, others would give up everything only to see us fail in life. Harmful comments and toxic behavior of people can cause stress and loss of communication.

So, how to deal with toxic family members biblically? Let’s find out!

How to Deal With Toxic Family Members Biblically

Types of Toxic People Near You

Maybe your family members and friends mean a lot to you, but it is important to have clear boundaries. Sometimes, your love for these people is simply not enough to affect your character. 

That is why it is important to recognize the manipulation that surrounds you.


A narcissist feels like they are always right. They won’t allow you to debate on a topic with them because they have already decided that only their opinion is valid. These people are also overly confident and delusional and will never reveal their weaknesses.


Jealousy has become equivalent to an illness when it comes to some people. These types of people will make you feel bad about anything you do in life. They are attention-seekers and will never offer support, even to the people they consider as family.


People who are quick to judge can create a toxic environment. Communication has a tendency to be broken when a person can’t listen and understand. Often, not even going to church or saying a prayer cannot change their character.

How to Deal with Toxic Family Members Biblically

The Bible is often used as a primary source of wisdom for some people. You can find answers to many questions in the psalm and always seek forgiveness in the church through prayers. 

In the following, learn ways of dealing with unbelieving family members and follow the example given by God.

Take control

When God separates you from your family after being disrespected on their part, try to control your emotions. Take the time to think and assess the situation before you say something that you may regret in the future.

Set boundaries

No matter how close you are to your family members, you always have to establish clear boundaries with them. It doesn’t mean that people that are related to you will always feel like family. Make it clear that you won’t shrink yourself to make them appear big.

Learn to forgive

Even though you might feel very hurt because a family member hurt you, always try to forgive them in the end. You never know what they are going through, and maybe they didn’t know any better at that moment and lashed at you for no specific reason.

What the Scriptures say

To give you peace of mind and support, you can rely on the scripture when family hurts you. When you feel broken and hurt by a family member, go over Isaiah 53:5. This part of the scripture reveals how broken God felt by his family and how he ended up hurt in the end.

The most famous line in the Bible talks about a broken family relationship is the conflict between two brothers – Esau and Jacob. They hurt each other in many different ways, and it ended up with one brother killing the other one.

Exodus 20:12 in the Bible is a warning for parents. Many children tend to judge their parents on their decisions in life and blame them for their own mistakes. God advises children to be respectful to their parents in order to be at peace.

Bottom Line

Being judged, manipulated, and hurt is unavoidable, even when family causes it. The important thing to remember is that people own their thoughts and actions and can control what they will say and do. However, sometimes they choose not to, resulting in destruction.


How do you handle family conflict biblically?

The most important advice on how to deal with toxic family members biblically is to focus on the truth and the truth only. If you are the one who made a mistake, you have to own your guilt because otherwise, you are offending God, and your prayers won’t be meaningful. 

What does the Bible say about distancing yourself from family?

The lines of Corinthians 6:17 advise people to distance themselves from people that are insincere, unclean, and toxic. Even when God separates you from family, he will always be there to provide his support and the ability to communicate with you through prayer.


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