Flying in a Dream Biblical Meaning

Dreams about flying are one of the most exciting dreams you can have. If you’ve dreamed about flying and are eager to learn what that dream might denote, you have come to the right place. In this read, we will look deeper into flying in a dream biblical meaning and its spiritual symbolism. 

Flying in a dream often has a profound biblical and spiritual meaning. We will help you interpret your dream and learn what to consider to make your dream interpretation make sense.

If you’re ready to find out everything about this dream, let’s begin!

Flying in a Dream Biblical Meaning

Flying in a Dream Biblical Meaning

According to the Bible, most dreams about flying are favorable. The biblical meaning of flying in a dream often represents freedom, growth, strength, motivation, and new beginnings

You can usually find the hidden message of your dream in the Bible’s verses; however, how you felt during the dream is also important. 

What does the Bible say about flying in a dream?

Before uncovering what the Bible says about flying, it’s crucial to remember – were you happy and liberated during the dream, or were you afraid? Did flying make you brave, and did you feel excited while you were in the sky?

If you felt content while flying, it could mean that you believe in God, and your faith supports you in overcoming life’s most complex problems. Thanks to your strong will and trust in God, you can prosper beyond the bounds of possibility in waking life. 

On the other hand, if you felt fear and were unsure in your dream, it might mean that you still don’t have a strong faith, and your anxiety and everyday stressors make you question God’s existence and his plan

What are the most used Bible verses referencing flying in a dream?

Now, let’s analyze the most prominent biblical verses including flying, and discover what your dream might mean. 

Flying is very frequent in the Bible, and you might find the hidden message of your dream in these verses. 


If you felt confident during your dream, it might mean that God has listened to your prayers, and you will be given the strength and courage you asked for

The Bible verse Isaiah 40:31 says that those who don’t lose hope in God will have their strength renewed. 

Therefore, the message for you might be to never give up or lose belief in God. The Lord supports you and will give you the power to overcome difficult situations. 


The flying in a dream biblical meaning might also be about freedom. Perhaps God wants to remind you to free yourself from the worries that tell you that you don’t have enough in life. 

There’s more to life than the material things you encounter during your stay on Earth. If you have devotion, God will never let you down; and the opposite, if you trust him, he will provide you with everything you need. 

For this kind of freedom, we can mention the famous verse Mathew 6:26, which teaches us that God’s love is equal for everyone, regardless of their background and position in life. 

In contrast, your dream might refer to spiritual freedom, and it may be a sign that the Holy Spirit directs you and that you follow your soul’s destiny. With that kind of freedom, you are on the right path, with God by your side. As 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, where the Lord is, there is always freedom.


Thirdly, your flying dream may indicate that you or someone close to you needs protection. The Lord is always there to protect you. However, you may sometimes need to take specific measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. God has given us rational thinking to choose the right path and defend ourselves from evil. 

If you don’t do the right thing and leave everything to chance, you might expose yourself or your family to evil forces when you could have done something to prevent it. God has given us the courage to protect ourselves, and this dream may be a reminder of it. 

The most well-known verse about protection from the Bible is Isaiah 31:5. It suggests that when it comes to protection, you can do the impossible with the proper prayers and deeds, and God will guide you to do what’s right. 

Flying in a Dream Spiritual Meaning

Flying in a Dream Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism 

Comparable to flying in a dream biblical meaning, this dream’s spiritual meaning and symbolism may refer to freedom, repressed desires, success, independence, creativity, strength, power, and more. 

Again, we must consider the whole context of the dream and the sensations you had during and after the dream. 

All in all, when you dream about flying, your inner self tries to tell you something, and this dream almost always has a strong spiritual connotation. 

What is the spiritual meaning of flying in a dream?

In spirituality, flying in a dream has a positive symbolism in most cases. Flying in a dream could suggest freedom from worries, anxieties, or problems you encounter in waking life. For example, the dream may suggest an optimistic outcome if you’ve had a challenging situation recently. 

Likewise, flying in a dream might mean you will go through significant changes and gain independence.

Moreover, in a spiritual context, your dream about flying might imply listening to your intuition. If you feel overly limited and in control, you might want to try to let go and broaden your perspectives. Understand that some things can’t be changed, and practice acceptance. Only then will you be able to free yourself from anxiety and fly. 

Believe it or not, many dreams about flying have sexual meaning too. If you want to have sex with your partner, and the circumstances haven’t allowed that, you might dream that you’re flying. Your soul is ready to conjoin with your partner’s soul and create a spiritual and bodily union. 

Common Dreams About Flying and Their Meanings

Dreams about flying can be very different from person to person. Some people dream that they fly over the sky, while others dream that they fall during flying. Flying high also has a particular symbolic definition. 

Here, we will dive deeper into the different dreams about flying and their meanings. 

Dreams of falling down while flying or flying in a downward direction

When you dream that you are falling while flying and feel scared, it might signify that some misfortune or a problem awaits you

However, if you dream this kind of dream, you will know that you have to make specific efforts to suffer less from the upcoming situation. 

Dreams about falling while flying can have financial symbolism, and they might occur to warn you to be cautious about your expenses. On the other hand, if you fly in a downward direction, it might mean that you have made the wrong decision about something. 

It means that you have to be more grounded and approach problems differently. This dream reminds you to have another look at your decisions and always be wary of making the wrong steps toward a dangerous path. 

Dreams of Falling Down

Dreams of flying towards the sky

In contrast to the dreams of falling while flying, dreams of flying up or towards the sky have a favorable symbolism. This dream may indicate you finally grasped your freedom and became independent

Correspondingly, this dream might mean that you will accomplish what you have planned and find a way to achieve your dreams. If you’re creative, don’t think twice about starting a new project which will make you prosper and help you grow. 

Finally, a dream about flying toward the sky might refer to spiritual enlightenment. Just keep on believing and nurture your unique connection with the divine forces. 

Dreams of flying high

Flying high represents fortune, success, strength, and power. It’s another positive dream about flying that suggests dreams come true. 

These kinds of dreams are often accompanied by feelings such as excitement, courage, and happiness. If these are your feelings, remember that you can gain a new perspective on life, and you might finally see the bigger picture

Dreams of flying in a circle

Like in waking life, when we go into circles and can’t find the right solution to a particular problem or case, dreams about flying in circles might symbolize the same. 

This kind of dream tells you that you are going into circles and not accomplishing anything. 

It’s time to drop the old ways and ask for help. Don’t be too proud to listen to the advice of those closest to you because they might help you to break the circle and resolve the situation.

Dreams of flying low

Flying low may symbolize that you aren’t using your full potential. Something is holding you down, and you’re afraid to spread your wings and fly to the sky. 

If you don’t face your fears, you might never be able to fly high or, in other words, fulfill your dreams and desires. 

This kind of dream often symbolizes that you are the one who’s holding yourself down and you need some introspection in order to succeed. 

Dreams of flying with a loved one

When you dream about flying with someone else, the dream often describes your relationship with them

If the person in your dream is your loved partner, it might mean that you are fully involved in the relationship with them, and you are deeply passionate. 

As we mentioned earlier, this dream might suggest you will have a sexual encounter with your partner soon. Additionally, if the person you dreamt of still isn’t your partner, the dream might mean that you will soon fulfill your desires and start a meaningful relationship with them


Are flying dreams rare?

The short answer is yes. Flying in a dream can be rare, and not a lot of people experience this dream. That’s why dreams about flying are often considered lucid dreams. 

To put it differently, people who dream about flying are often aware that they are dreaming because we don’t fly in real life. When a person is aware that they are dreaming or can control their dream, they are a lucid dreamer. 

Research suggests that only 55% of people have a lucid dream once in their lifetime. 

Are flying dreams good?

Most often, dreams about flying have positive symbolism. However, some dreams about flying might come as a warning. 

Almost always, flying in a dream is exciting, and the feelings from this dream are unique and memorable for dreamers. 


The Bible is the first place to look for interpretation when you have a dream about flying. That’s why, in this article, we spotlighted flying in a dream biblical meaning. 

However, flying in a dream can have additional spiritual symbolism, and it’s not uncommon to look further when you can’t find the answer in the Bible. 

Always be happy when you dream about flying because dreams about flying can be rare. It means that the divine has decided to communicate and show you the signs you longed for. Now’s the time to grasp the opportunity and strengthen your faith in the Lord and your guardian angels, which often speak to us through our dreams. 

We are confident that we helped you to decipher your dream about flying, and after reading this article, you know where you stand after having such a significant dream.


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