Dream of Someone Drinking Alcohol

Having a dream of someone drinking alcohol is a seemingly insignificant dream, and most people think there’s no deeper meaning behind it. Since you’re searching for its meaning, it has caught your attention, and you’ve remembered that dream for a reason. 

If this is something you repeatedly dream of, you should pay attention to it and analyze it because there is some message behind it. 

Feeling confused when you wake up from this dream is nothing strange, as not many people dream about someone else drinking alcohol. Remember that this dream’s meaning can be a wake-up call for you, so let’s find out more about them.

Dream of Someone Drinking Alcohol

Dream of Someone Drinking Alcohol

No matter the situation and details of your dream, alcohol has a negative meaning, and you shouldn’t ignore this dream, especially if it’s recurring. 

Dreaming about alcohol represents that someone lacks self-control or that there are things that bother the person drinking it. Therefore, this means that you can and should try and help that person. 

However, this dream can also mean that you should focus on yourself and improve some things about yourself. So, let’s see how to understand the exact meaning of dreaming of someone drinking alcohol.

Dream Interpretations

Someone might need help

Dreaming of someone drinking alcohol might even be a fun dream, but the meaning behind it isn’t. This dream might not be focused on you but on someone close to you. So, you need to try and remember as many details as possible from the dream. 

Having a dream of someone drinking alcohol may show you that the person you’re dreaming of might have some problems that weigh him down. Hence, this dream indicates that now is the time to be empathetic.

Let’s say you’ve dreamt of your best friend drinking alcohol, lots of alcohol. Because alcohol represents being out of control, this dream might mean that something is bothering your friend, or they may be going through hard times.

In this case, you should step up and reach out to that person. Talk and try to discover what are the things that bother them. Try to help that someone, or simply be there to listen. However, this dream might also refer to you, so let’s see its other interpretations.

Start taking care of yourself

What if you dreamt about someone drinking alcohol but can’t see who that person is? This type of dream refers to you and how you act toward yourself.

You might have problems that don’t leave you alone, so this dream reminds you to resolve them. Stop sweeping them under the rug. Instead, sit down and face them. There’s a solution to everything if you invest some time in it.

Also, this dream might mean that you’re doing something that reflects negatively on you. It might mean that you should stop consuming alcohol if you’re drinking too much in real life and start taking care of yourself.

Another thing you can do is to try and express your voice by speaking every time you’re in a situation to share your opinion about something. 

Moreover, if you’re the person who drinks alcohol in your dream, that means that you’re probably feeling stuck in life and yearning for freedom. So, it’s time to do something about it.

Unable to make a decision

Another interpretation of having a dream of someone drinking alcohol is the unwillingness to decide for yourself. Too much alcohol tends to imprison people, so the same feeling arises when you can’t decide for yourself. 

More precisely, this means that you don’t have control over your life, as excess drinking usually leads to the same thing. Therefore, you must work on that.

What you can do is try to be more decisive. When you’re given a chance, don’t be afraid to accept it. Don’t waste your time overthinking, as making a decision is the quickest way to regain the power in your hands and regain control over your life.

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As you can notice, interpreting your dreams can be pretty interesting, so if you’re curious about learning more about dreams and symbols, you can do that here.

There’s nothing scary when you dream of a person drinking alcohol, but that doesn’t mean its message isn’t important. 

Now that you know the meaning behind this dream, you can do something about it. If you know the person in your dreams, be there and lend them a hand; if you don’t, try and help yourself.

Remember that having a dream of someone drinking alcohol is something you should pay attention to, and you shouldn’t ignore it. The result of that will be nothing less than positive and rewarding.


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