Clear Signs: When God Wants You With Someone

For Christian believers, finding love can be a daunting challenge. Since faith is your priority, finding a partner who respects and shares your beliefs is crucial. However, when God wants you with someone this will happen.

The definition of love and commitment has drastically shifted in today’s world. Many people find the idea of marriage, genuine relationships, and commitment repulsive. This is mostly because the idea of finding “the one” is overly romanticized on television and in movies.

That’s why finding someone with the same values and faith as you can be highly challenging, especially for Christians. However, don’t overthink this. With your trust and faith in God, he will unite you with the right person and give you several clear signs if he wants you with someone.

So, without further stalling, continue reading this article to discover what happens when God wants you with someone. Discover a few of the most unmistakable signs that show whether the person you’re dating is the right one for you.

When God Wants You With Someone

When God Wants You With Someone

A Christian union is one of the strongest and most selfless bonds someone can experience. This type of love is not a mere feeling or fling. Christian love is a union of two becoming one. It’s a connection that involves self-sacrifice and commitment.

This means that these believers view love as something holy and divine. That’s why they have a few troubles when it comes to finding the perfect partner. Uniting with someone that has the same values and beliefs as you can be something divine.

Additionally, believers might have a hard time trusting someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate their love. This is the reason why patience and faith in our Lord are tremendously important.

He will guide you in the right direction to finding true love. He will show you the way to the sacred union of a shared life with the right person. God has a plan for us all, so you should put your undivided trust in him, no matter the circumstances.

Misconceptions about Christian love

Another reason why Christian believers find it hard to find true love is all the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding their faith. Many believe that Christians are closed-minded and judgmental when it comes to marriage and love. However, this is not the case.

Many think that in this religion, love and commitment should be given without questions and unconditionally. But this isn’t necessarily true. Love requires lots of understanding and communication for it to work. Having unconditional love for your partner will solve any obstacles thrown at you.

Another misconception of Christian love is that it’s supposed to be perfect. This may give lots of unrealistic expectations when looking for true love. However, in most cases, this will result in disappointment and devastation.

Furthermore, many believe Christians must sacrifice their desires and needs to make the other person happy. Even though compromising is a must in a healthy relationship, you should never neglect your own requirements.

Love is all about respecting and accepting each other as we are. Understanding our own and the other person’s beliefs and values is crucial. Only then will your relationship flourish and grow into something divine.

What God Says About Relationships and Love in The Bible

According to the Bible, God has shown the perfect example of what love should be. Because he loved us so much, he sent down his only son to save us. So, whoever has faith and believes in him, will not perish but indulge in eternal life.

Through the Bible, God has shown us that love is a principal thing for humanity. Without love and trust in our hearts, we are nothing.

We must understand that God has his ways to show how much he cares about us. He has a plan for us and will send us the right person our way at the right time. Creating a godly relationship and following his path is the only thing he wants for us.

A godly relationship is built on God’s divine mandate, which follows the Bible’s principles. The union of the two is perfect when both parties involved aim to glorify God’s word. So, God doesn’t hate relationships, as some say. You can fall in love while also pleasing your faith and beliefs.

However, you can only understand what a godly relationship is through the Bible. Let’s take a look at the most important biblical teachings about love.

Biblical Teachings About Love

Biblical teachings about love

The first and most important thing the Bible teaches about love and relationships is among the verses of Corinthians 13:1. This verse teaches that even if we have everything in this world, faith, wealth, and even all knowledge, without love, we have nothing.

Other verses relating to love are Colossians 3:19. Loving one another is crucial for healthy bonds. Relationships and marriages are not meant to be difficult but comforting and simple.

Furthermore, Genesis 2:18 teaches us that no human is to live their life on their own. God made Adam and Eve as an example for all of us to follow. This means that finding someone with shared respect and values will lead to a happy, united life.

Another verse of Genesis 2:24 states that one day, every person will leave their family in order to create a family of their own. This is when two people marry and truly become one flesh.

These are just a few verses from the Bible that teach us what love should look like. If you have difficulty finding the other half of you, be patient. God will guide you and direct you to the right path to happiness.

When God Wants You With Someone This Will Happen

God obliged us to love one another, making love the most important thing of all. While seeing a significant number of divorces and breakups, you might be discouraged to try and find love. However, you shouldn’t be. You should never give up love, and you always have a reason to love since your God is the definition of it.

There are several clear signs to look out for if you’re wondering if you’re truly with the person meant for you. God will make the relationship work when he wants you to be with someone. On the other hand, if you’re not with the right person, you might be going through a lot of trouble in your relationship.

God may contact you in countless different ways, which may be hard to understand. This little list will give you clear explanations of the signs God may be sending you.

When God Wants You With Someone This Will Happen

Mutual interests and values

The first and one of the most important things for a healthy relationship is the need for mutual interests and values. While this sign may be commonly overlooked, it’s crucial if you’re planning a future together.

Having mutual interests and values aligns your paths in the same direction and moves your relationship forward. In the relationship, you’ll have a feeling that you have a positive impact on one another, spiritually and physically. You’ll feel like your union pleases God’s will.

If you have these feelings, it may be a clear sign that God wants you with that someone. Every person and partner comes into your life for a reason. They might come for their selfish needs, or God sent them your way so you can cherish them and build a righteous life together.

Strong sense of connection

Have you ever met someone and instantly had this sort of “click”? Or you may be in a long relationship and still feel the most vital connection to that person. When God wants you with someone this will happen.

This intimate connection goes beyond the physical. A sense of familiarity, comfort, and ease characterizes this feeling. It’s a feeling that you can completely be yourself around that person without thinking you might be judged.

If this is how you feel in a relationship, it may be a sign that God wants you to be with that person. This sense of connection will move your relationship forward and make you feel safe and comfortable, like you’re at home.

Spiritually compatible

If you want to engage with someone, try and pay attention to this person’s spiritual life and understanding. Ask yourself if the person you’re with is spiritually compatible with you. Can you fight spiritual battles together?

If this is not the case, it may be a sign that you’re not with the right person. But, you may wonder whether you can change this person’s values. While God will be very pleased if you help this person walk on the right path, it may not succeed.

Relationships are not about having fun and going out. There are countless spiritual battles people need to fight together. If you’re with someone who doesn’t support your spiritual values, you won’t be able to fight those battles together. This means that you’re against the will of God. Hopefully, you’ll understand this in time and retreat under God’s wing.

If God wants you with someone, he’ll connect you with the right person who shares your faith and values. He has a good plan for us all because his plan is the perfect plan.

Trust and commitment

Commitment comes with time and patience. You can never force someone or expect them to stay committed to you. When God truly wants you with someone, your person will be committed to you in a way that will flourish your relationship.

If you’re in a long relationship and don’t feel like the other person is committed, it’s not it. If God wants you to be with someone, anyone he supports and sends your way will come to trust and commit to you. Love is not supposed to be forced but free and willful.

Don’t feel bad if you see people coming and going from your life. Everything has a reason, and God’s plan is perfect. The person who will come to stay in your life will come in time. Have patience, have faith in God, and all you desire will come true. 

Unconditional love and mutual self-sacrifice

In the Bible, in the verses of Matthew 5:43-48, it’s stated that we should love our neighbor, even our enemies, as God loves us.

Loving your enemy has no condition. This means that unconditional love can exist among humans as well. So, when God truly wants you with someone, you’ll feel unconditional love from them – the kind of love you might think that you don’t deserve.

With this type of love comes a great deal of mutual sacrifice. The best things in life come with lots of time and effort to maintain. This means that only with hard work, devotion, and energy will your relationship survive.

If the energy and desire to sacrifice and strengthen your bond aren’t present, your relationship is most likely not meant to be.

Physical attraction

This is one sign to look for when wondering whether you’re with the right person. In order for a relationship to work, your mind, body, and soul must be present and active. So, when God wants you with someone, you feel a strong physical attraction to that person.

Total faith and support

God saw that no man could navigate the world on their own. That’s why he created the woman to support and believe in him and vice versa. If your spouse has been a solid support ground, it may mean that your relationship is confirmed and allowed by God.

However, if you feel like you’re fighting your battles alone, it may mean that you’re not with the right person. This sign can be reasonably easy to identify. Never settle for someone who doesn’t love you enough to support and believe in your good doing.

Faith, love, and support can go a long way. For true and complete fulfillment, all-around support from partners and family is crucial. With this, your self-confidence can go through the roof and make you feel like you can do just about anything.

A sense of peace

When God wants you with someone, that someone will be your escape. Being surrounded by their presence will bring your heart peace and comfort. When you’re in their company, you’ll feel less stressed, anxious, and nervous.

A Sense of Peace When God Wants You With Someone

When God Wants You With Someone, He Will Make the Relationship Possible

“God works in mysterious ways”. This is one of the most famous sayings among Christian believers. And it’s absolutely true. When God wants something, that something will most definitely happen, one way or another.

God will make the relationship possible when he wants you with someone. This means that sometimes it may seem impossible to be with that person. Some of the reasons for this may be that you’re separated overseas, have family problems, or are not in the right place.

However, when it comes to God’s desires, nothing is impossible. This is best explained in the verses of Proverbs 16:9. A man’s heart plans his way, and our God establishes his footsteps.

So, you might want to be with someone but that person moves away, and you have no contact. This means that God did not intend for you to be with them. But if opportunities appear, like having a job near that person, that indicates that your relationship is meant to be.

If that’s true, God will do anything to keep you two close and together. Just remember to look for the right signs and take any opportunities God throws your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your spouse a God’s gift to you?

In the verses of Ephesians 5:25, it’s stated that we should love one another as God loves us. In order to be a good partner for your spouse, you must see the marriage as a gift from God.

What does God say about finding your spouse?

Proverbs 18:22 teaches us to respect and value unions and marriages. It states the great importance marriage has for us. Finding a good spouse is evident in God’s favors and blessings.


In conclusion, there are many clear signs you can look for when wondering whether your partner is “the one”. Now that you know about the power of Christian love, you know how important it is to God.

Some of the most beautiful teachings of love come from the Bible. Christianity is based entirely on love, so without love, we are truly nothing.

If you have true love in your relationship, you’ll have mutual respect, the same values, faith, trust, and commitment. You’ll also have support and faith in one another. You’ll be spiritually compatible and have peace. When God wants you with someone this will happen.

Hopefully, this article has been of some use to you. We keep you in our prayers to find your other half and please God with your love and faith.


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