Biblical Meaning of the Name Adriana

Some mothers choose baby names randomly, while others want a name with a meaning and historical background. If you’re having a baby girl, you may consider the name Adriana. But what is the biblical meaning of the name Adriana?

You would be surprised by the significance this name has. Let’s discover more about it!

Biblical Meaning of the Name Adriana

The Biblical Meaning of the Name Adriana

People are still debating whether Adriana is an Italian or English name. However, what’s for sure is that Adriana is of Latin origin and a Christian name. Almost all Christian names are of Latin origin.

The Latin name Adriana comes from the Latin Hadrian, which is the male equivalent of the name. To be exact, the male equivalent to Adriana is Adrian. However, both of them come from Hadrian.

Hadrian, as well as Adriana, means ‘’from Hadria’’ or ‘’a person that lives close to the Adriatic Sea’’. Moreover, both Italian or Spanish names can be translated to ‘’dark’’. This associated relationship can be viewed as both positive and negative.

The darkness may be associated with the unknown and the enigmatic, as well as the spiritual worlds beyond our ordinary experiences.

Mentions of the name Adriana in the Bible

There are no mentions of the name Adriana in the Bible. However, there are mentions of the Adriatic Sea. Acts 27:27, which describes Paul’s shipwreck, refers to the Adriatic Sea, also known as the Ancient Sea of Adria. 

‘’On the fourteenth night we were still being driven across the Adriatic Sea, when about midnight the sailors sensed they were approaching land.’’

Historical Origins of the Name Adriana

Historical Origins of the Name Adriana

The English claim that Adriana is an English name because of Hadrian, Publius Aelius Hadrianus, a Roman emperor who ruled in the 2nd century. The Hadrian’s Wall, which he built in England, is his most famous accomplishment. The goal was to defend newly established Roman provinces from invasions by Scottish tribes.

The name was used by several Roman Catholic popes as well. The most notable Adrian of the Middle Ages was Pope Adrian IV in the 12th century. He holds the distinction of being the last pope to be born in England.

Adrian has existed as an English name since at least the Middle Ages. Yet, the French Adrien had a stronger influence on the female form of the name Adriana than the English Adrian.

The Italians argue that it’s an Italian name since it translates to ‘’someone who lives in the region of Hadria’’. Hadria is a city that is found in northern Italy. Today, it’s known as Adria. 

Another interpretation is the Adriatic Sea which got its name from the region Hadria.

Adria City Historical Origins of the Name Adriana

Symbolic Meaning of the Name Adriana

Symbolically, the name Adriana represents the sea and complex emotions. 

As mentioned above, the name Adriana translates to ‘’dark’’. It could also translate to ‘’depth’’. Alongside the etymology of the name coming from the Adriatic Sea, the name symbolizes the sea itself. 

Additionally, the name is associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Adriana’s link to the water is further cemented by the supposed fact that Aphrodite was created from sea foam.

The name is associated with swirls of emotion due to its connection with the sea. As the sea can be unpredictable, so can people wearing this name.

Mythological Associations With the Name Adriana

In Roman mythology, Adriana was the name of a city in Italy’s central area. The city was famous for its striking architecture and historical significance when it was constructed in the 2nd century BC. 

It was also a well-liked pilgrimage site, where people traveled to see the Temple of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. 

The goddess Aphrodite, who the ancient Greeks and Romans revered as the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and fertility, is also connected to the name Adriana.

Aphrodite was frequently seen coming out of the water. This represents how persons with the name Adriana are often passionate and sensuous. It also represents how the name Adriana is associated with the deep, black Adriatic Sea. 

The Meaning of the Name Adriana According to Numerology

The numerological significance of a name has an impact on both personal and professional growth, according to numerology. 

The number you would obtain by adding up the digits from each letter of your entire birth name is frequently referred to as an ‘’expression number’’. The ‘’personality number’’ is calculated by looking only at the consonants.

According to numerology, the name Adriana is associated with the number 3. Adriana’s numerology value of 3 indicates that she’s:

  • Innovative
  • Expressive
  • A competent communicator
  • Artistic and creative
  • Sociable and outgoing
  • Joyful and optimistic
  • Imaginative
  • Career-oriented

According to numerology, a girl named Adriana would have the number three as a lucky number. Also, purple-toned colors such as purple, lilac, and mauve would be her lucky colors.

Adriana Name Meaning in Numerology

Personality assessment based on each letter of the name

In every name, each letter has specific meanings that describe the nature of the name. For the name Adriana, the letter analysis would look something like this:

AAdriana is an independent and ambitious individual. Under the influence of others, Adriana won’t alter her decision, and she will stand behind what she believes in. She’s naturally a leader who needs to be in command and has a goal. Adriana is courageous, but she should be adaptable and consider other people’s opinions.
DAdriana is sensible and grounded. Because of her strong sense of resolve, she has excellent techniques in terms of problem-solving. Yet, she should be careful not to be overly obstinate simply because she works better under pressure.Her methods of thinking are practical. She can reason and analyze problems, allowing her to choose the most effective solutions.
RAdriana has powerful feelings. Due to this, her inner life is rich and passionate. Additionally, she has a strong work ethic and the energy to complete tasks. Even if she has a compassionate temperament, she maintains equilibrium and gets along well with others.Her soul’s tenderness radiates in a beautiful way. She’s excellent and effective at work, as well as puts her all into everything she does.
IAdriana has highly evolved and complex emotions, and a strong sense of compassion and empathy. So, it seems natural that she has a talent for the arts and a keen eye for aesthetics, creativity, and anything from composition to sculpting to fashion. However, her anxiety can set in if she doesn’t stay focused. The key is balance.
AAdriana is an independent and ambitious individual. Under the influence of others, Adriana won’t alter her decision, and she will stand behind what she believes in. She’s naturally a leader who needs to be in command and has a goal. Adriana is courageous, but she should be adaptable and consider other people’s opinions.
NShe is imaginative and an outside-the-box thinker when it comes to solving problems and dilemmas. Her approach to life is with a creative mindset that proves to be systematic and effective.Her activities and experiences are frequently documented on paper, usually in journals. Even a few love ‘’entanglements’’.
AAdriana is an independent and ambitious individual. Under the influence of others, Adriana won’t alter her decision, and she will stand behind what she believes in. She’s naturally a leader who needs to be in command and has a goal. Adriana is courageous, but she should be adaptable and consider other people’s opinions.

Is the Name Adriana Common?

The name Adriana is a pretty common name. The name is widely used throughout Italy, Spain, and Latin America. In many Latin American countries, it is a popular name for girls and is usually associated with being resilient and strong.

According to a Google Trends analysis, the name Adriana piqued high popularity in 2018 and once again in 2022. Throughout the last five years, the name’s popularity has been fluctuating, but it has never been low. 

Keep in mind, however, Google Trends mostly works on search intent. This means that the name Adriana was highly searched in the years 2018 and 2022.


What is the Hebrew version of the name Adriana?

The name Adriana in Hebrew is Negida, and it’s spelled “אדריאנה. Negida also means light-hearted and creative.

What is the most popular combination name with the name Adriana?

The most popular name combinations with Adriana or Adriana Rodrigez, Adriana Garzia, and Adriana Gonzales. All three names originate from either Spain or Latin America.

Who are the most popular celebrities with the name Adriana?

Some of the most famous women with the name Adriana are Adriana Barraza, who is an actress; Adriana Lima, a model; and Adriana De Moura, a reality TV star. And Adriana Leon, who is a soccer player.

How do you properly pronounce the name Adriana?

English speakers would pronounce the name Adriana as ay-dree-AN-ə. The Italians and Dutch would pronounce it as a-dree-A-na. The Polish would pronounce the name as a-DRYA-na, while the Spanish would pronounce it as a-DHRYA-na.

What are some nicknames for Adriana?

The most popular nicknames for a girl named Adriana are Addy, Addi, or Addie. Essentially it’s the same nickname but with a different spelling. 

What are other variations of the name Adriana?

The two most popular variations of the name Adriana are Adrienne, Adrianna, and Ariana. Other similar names are Adelina, Alana, and Adria.


The name you give your baby girl will surely shape her character even without her knowing it. A feminine name like Adriana is elegant, girly, and sweet. Stereotypical associations with the name might prompt your girl to behave a certain way as the years pass.

Also, you might shape your child’s beliefs and values with a spiritual or religious meaning behind a name. Whether there is or isn’t a biblical meaning of the name Adriana, it’s still a Christian name.If you wish your child to share your faith, it’s mostly important to give them a Christian name. As they start to understand more, educate them on what their name means. A name truly shapes how a person sees themselves and how others see them.


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