Biblical Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke

Some people have reported smelling cigarette smoke even when there’s no one smoking near them. Believe it or not, this occurrence carries powerful symbolism and is mentioned in the Bible. The biblical meaning of smelling cigarette smoke can refer to multiple things.

Most believers associate smoke with Moses. The Bible mentions smoke coming out of his house of worship. Therefore, it’s most commonly interpreted as God showing his glory to the world. He lets us know that he is here to guide and watch over us through creating smoke.

The world of spirituality also gives significance to this symbol. People can interpret its meaning based on their current life situation and the emotional battles they might be fighting inside.

Biblical Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke

Smelling cigarette smoke is considered a gift and a blessing in the Bible. People who experience this occurrence have a strong relationship with God and the church’s teachings. They are fully dedicated to religion and focus on thanking Christ for his sacrifice on the cross.

The biblical meaning of smelling cigarette smoke is also seen as a sign sent by God. He might be trying to tell you something important about your life by showing you smelly fumes.

Biblical Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke

What does the Bible say about smelling cigarette smoke?

Smoke carries strong significance in many cultures, including Christianity. The Bible regards smoke as a message from God’s angels, signifying his immortality. They remind us that faith in God’s divine power will bring revelation and peace to our hearts.

Whenever we need a sign of hope and the presence of holy spirits and divine energies, the universe sends us symbolic visions. Sometimes, they can come in the form of cigarette smoke.

Revelation of God’s power

Smoke in the Bible reveals the power of God as well as his immense glory. Believers who experience this know God’s influence and what he did for his people. They praise his sacrifice and show extreme devotion to the church through prayers.

Let Go Of The past

To ensure you live a purposeful life, you have to practice letting go. God may be trying to tell you that the past should stay in the past, and the present is what you need to focus on. Don’t fall into the temptation of a cigarette smoke whiff sent by evil energies to resurrect your old memories. 

Divine presence on Earth

Often, God sends his messengers to remind believers that he is present everywhere. His angels show people signs of divine presence on Earth through various symbolisms. One of them is cigarette puffs since, in the Bible, the Holy Spirit is described as carrying smoke wherever it goes.

Prayer manifestation

God always hears the prayers of his believers. That’s why the Bible encourages Christians to pray with the hope of manifesting

If you smell cigarette smoke out of nowhere, it might be a sign from God informing you that you listened to your devotions, and they will manifest soon.

God’s protection

A friendly visitation by your guardian angel can come in the form of smelling cigarette smoke. God sends his angels to remind people he is always here to offer his protection to those who stay away from evil energies and superstition.

Bible verses referencing cigarette smoke

Smoke is mentioned several times in the Bible and contains hidden meanings in the verses. To interpret their significance, we must look closely and understand what the holy book is trying to tell us. 

Revelation 15:8

This verse emphasizes God’s power and glory. It describes smoke coming out of his temple. This smoke arises after the burning of judgment’s fires, and no one is allowed to enter the gates of heaven. 

God allows his believers to get close to him. They won’t be able to stand his radiant energy without his approval.

Psalm 18:8

This verse’s smoke coming out of God’s nose resembles cigarette smoke. These lines can be interpreted as God’s strength to punish the antichrists for their evil desires and wrongdoings. He has the power to burn and destroy them. 

Exodus 19:18

God’s presence in this verse is described as thick smoke. He descended to Earth through fire and created smoke around the area. All that could be seen was a dark shadow of a man who came to greet his people. 

The Bible teaches believers that God arrived on a mountain and made a loud appearance so everyone could see him.

Proverbs 10:26

Solomon describes the sight of sluggish people as the pain caused on the eyes by a cloud of cigarette smoke. This verse emphasizes the unwillingness of some people to do anything, so they make up excuses for their evil actions. 

They lack a sense of prosperity and motivation to succeed because they have given up on faith. 

Acts 2:19

This biblical verse describes the destruction of Jerusalem. It hints that the city will be destroyed by fire and smoke. Many connect the symbolism of these lines to sinners who don’t seek redemption. Evil people get burned for their sins; all that is left of them is a vapor of smoke.

Hebrews 9:4

The Bible emphasizes the importance of prayers. This verse symbolizes devotion through incense burning. The incense was burned twice daily on the altar, creating a lot of smoke. We can invite God’s presence through praying.

Revelation 9:17

The horses mentioned in this verse symbolize warfare. They are described as releasing smoke from their mouths, similar to cigarette smoke. These lines resemble a vision of war approaching, signifying imminent death, suffering, and hardships for the people.


Smelling Cigarette Smoke Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The smell of cigarette smoke also carries symbolism in the spiritual world. The universe may send you this kind of smoke to tell you an important message. If you have been struggling with achieving spiritual enlightenment, this occurrence may be your sign to start over.

Spiritually, smelling cigarette smoke can refer to multiple meanings. All of them are connected to your spiritual journey. This symbol is only here to help you connect with the divine universe and become more dedicated and invested in the power of spirituality.

Many religious people also rely on spiritual importance. They believe that the biblical meaning of smelling cigarette smoke is similar to its significance in spirituality. And they are right! But something deeper can also be discovered behind this symbol if you pay close attention.

What is the spiritual meaning of smelling cigarette smoke?

Some people believe that the sudden smell of cigarette smoke is an evil omen. The truth is – it can be. However, that’s not always the case. The spiritual meaning of smelling cigarette smoke can also be interpreted positively as God’s way of showing you the right spiritual path.

The symbolism of smelling cigarette smoke

Interpreting a cigarette smoke smell with no identifiable source can be simplified depending on your present-day life occurrences. However, it doesn’t always mean that smelling cigarette smoke carries spiritual meaning. 

Therefore, before you create your own interpretation, ensure it aligns with your ongoing situation.

Nicotine addiction

Are you addicted to smoking cigarettes and can’t go a day without inhaling nicotine into your body? If you suddenly smell cigarette smoke without anyone smoking around you, this might be your sign to give up this bad habit and take care of your health.

If you have already gone through nicotine addiction and still smell cigarette smoke, you probably regret your past decisions. We all fall victim to our twisted desires and influence from our surroundings. Don’t let this event stay in the way of your spiritual redemption.

Spiritual presence

When the spirits want your attention, they might attempt to do it by sending cigarette smoke around you. This is their way of telling you they are here for you, always offering protection even when you feel lonely and hopeless. 


If you are a good person focused on bettering your life for yourself and your loved ones, the divine universe can see that. It may reward you by sending you cigarette smoke as a warning when evil energies are approaching you to ensure you are safe and at peace.

Take their warning sign seriously and try to be more cautious of your surroundings. The universe doesn’t send cigarette smoke smell by chance. It often signifies the importance of awareness and the consequences of unsafe actions.

Spiritual awakening

Smelling cigarette smoke may signify your strengthened connection with the spiritual world. You learned to avoid negative energies and focus on purifying your soul and mind from disruptive thoughts. Therefore, you are ready to start your spiritual journey.

Previous life trauma

A lesser-known symbolism of smelling cigarette smoke is the appearance of reincarnating episodes. Some believe that the lack of explanation of where the smell of cigarette smoke comes from is connected to previous life trauma

It’s often thought that if a person smells cigarette smoke, they probably died in a fire in their past life.

The Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke in a Dream

Dreaming about cigarette smoke smell may be far less intimidating than experiencing it in real life. This dream scenario also carries important spiritual symbolism. Consider the below-mentioned interpretations to discover whether it relates to your life currently.

Good fortune

Smelling cigarette smoke in a dream may signify good luck and fortune coming your way sooner than expected. The divine universe is sending you this sign in your dream to remind you that things will change for the better, and you will have a chance to live a happier life.

Lack of confidence

Another symbolism commonly associated with smelling smoke in your dream is the low self-esteem of the dreamer. You may be struggling with a lack of confidence when it comes to achieving your dreams. 

You never feel strong, skillful, and good enough to start your journey to success. You keep struggling because your light is covered with thick smoke.

Overcoming obstacles

If cigarette smoke appears in your dream, your subconsciousness is ready for a change. Soon, you will be able to resolve all your problems and overcome the obstacles you might be going through. Consider the cigarette smoke smell as your sign of strength and motivation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I smell cigarette smoke after someone dies?

For many years, believers of the Christian faith have believed that the smell of cigarette smoke means that the spirit of a deceased person is present. Especially right after someone dies, many people believe their souls leave their bodies in the form of smoke.

Should I be afraid of smelling cigarette smoke?

If you smell cigarette smoke and can’t identify its source, it’s probably a spiritual sign. This occurrence is not to be taken lightly. It’s also not a point of concern. It only means that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you and deliver God’s message.

What should I do if I smell cigarette smoke constantly?

Some people may get concerned if they smell cigarette smoke repeatedly. Think of it as God always being near you and offering protection. He is there to guide and help you. 

Return the favor by always keeping his glory in your prayers.


The biblical meaning of smelling cigarette smoke can vary depending on individual everyday occurrences and inner struggles. Its symbolism can’t be the same for everyone since not all of us are going through similar things. 

Therefore, consider the smell of cigarette smoke as God’s way of telling you something. He may also be warning you of possible dangers. That’s why it’s important to consider the positive and negative connotations of smelling cigarette smoke.


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