Biblical Meaning of Left Ear: Why Does It Keep Ringing?

Are you experiencing ringing in your left ear? Have you ever wondered what it means biblically? 

Besides the biblical meaning of left ear ringing, there is also a spiritual sign behind it. Spiritual leaders have different interpretations of left ear ringing. It is also important to know whether you hear buzzing, loud, high-pitched, or low-frequency noise. 

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Biblical Meaning of Left Ear

Biblical Meaning of Left Ear Ringing

First, we will explain the most common biblical meanings of left ear ringing, which are the following:

  1. Listen to your emotions;
  2. Someone is spreading rumors about you;
  3. Be aware of the spiritual world;
  4. You have some divine spiritual talents;
  5. Find out who you are.

Listen to your emotions

Some people think that emotions are a sign of weakness, so they ignore them. However, this is the wrong way of thinking. 

That is why you should change your mindset if you are one of these people. Since the Bible disagrees with this way of thinking, your left ear will constantly ring to remind you to listen to your emotions.

Someone is spreading rumors about you

In the Bible, the left ear ringing means someone is talking bad about you. The symbolism behind the left ear ringing is that someone is spreading rumors about you. 

Therefore, you should pay attention and be careful with your relationships with other people. This is a caution omen and a warning from the spiritual world.

Be aware of the spiritual world

God called Samuel at night to remind him to pay attention to the Spirit. Similarly, God calls you to be aware of the spiritual world through left ear ringing. For Samuel, who did not pay attention to this sign at the beginning, it became natural afterward. The same should happen to you.

You have some divine spiritual talents

You might have spiritual abilities, even if you are unaware of that. Possessing divine talents is a spiritual destiny. God wants to tell you that you are blessed with these abilities through left ear ringing. Biblically, ringing in your ear is a sign that you have this power.

Find out who you are

Ringing in your left ear symbolism is that you failed to discover who you are. Before the ringing sound, you will hear your voice in your left ear. You will listen to sounds as you are speaking to yourself. To find who you are, you should spend more time alone, go on a self-discovery journey and pray to find your purpose.

Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in the Left Ear

Now, we will take a look at the most common spiritual meanings of left ear ringing.

Take action

The first spiritual meaning of left ear ringing is to find inspiration and take action. If your ear is ringing early in the morning, it means starting your day with hard work and making an idea and a dream come true. 

You are worthy

Do not lose your self-esteem and get sad. If your left ear is ringing, the universe wants to tell you to have courage and faith in yourself. Do not listen to what people say about you. You are great.

A specific time of your life comes to the end

In the spiritual world, hearing your left ear ringing is a sign related to the periods of your life. If your ear rings slowly, a period of your life is about to finish. The spiritual sign is to prepare for a new phase. You can even detect what is next for you if you listen carefully.

Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in the Left Ear

Hearing Different Sound Frequencies in Your Left Ear Meaning

Now, we will go through the different types of ear ringing.

Buzzing noise

If your ear ringing seems like white noise or buzzing, it means that you are building a connection channel with your higher self. Your spiritual self is trying to communicate with you through this noise. This buzz will begin to fade with time.

Loud noise

A loud noise means that dangerous situations are ahead of you. The universe is trying to warn you with a loud or sudden ringing in one ear.

Spiritual high-pitched ringing in the left ear 

This ring type indicates spiritual growth. It might seem like a celebration ring due to the increase in pitch.

Low-frequency noise

Hearing this kind of noise in your ear indicates that your health is deteriorating. Since this is a spiritual stress, you should meditate and relax to calm down.

However, you should be aware that people who experience ear ringing or buzzing might develop Tinnitus. This disorder is described as a random ringing in the left and right ear for a few seconds or longer. It happens due to aging, migraines, specific drugs, or acoustic trauma (exposure to loud noises, like explosions).

Bottom Line

Believers might learn the biblical and spiritual meaning of left ear ringing, so they can be aware of the warning signs. There are many biblical interpretations, but most indicate that you must follow your feelings, discover yourself, and find your spiritual abilities.


What does ear mean in the Bible?

As a hearing organ, the ear is significant as people perceive information and commandments. In the Bible, God was able to receive the people’s petitions through his ears.

What do ears represent spiritually?

Our ears make us capable of listening, capturing, and accepting things from the outside. They are the spiritual symbol of memory and awakening.

What does ringing in your left ear mean?

The biblical meaning of left ear ringing is associated with being aware of who you are, what you feel, and your talents.


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