Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream

God has many ways to reach us, sometimes during prayers, sometimes through dreams. He reaches out only when he has a message for us and wants to give advice and guide us.

To do so, he might show us images that carry certain symbolism. One of those images might be a fish. But do you know its meaning? The biblical meaning of fish in dream can be interpreted in over 20 ways.

Let’s discover them!

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream

Frequent dreams that involve fish can reveal plenty about the challenges you’re currently dealing with. Dreaming of fish represents your subconscious truths and occurring ideas. It’s said that fish are connected to generosity, mercy, progress, spiritual growth, and accountability

Additionally, fish can represent catastrophe, verdict, betrayal, and urges. You should be able to recognize which meaning resonates with you most.

Mentions of fish in the Bible

You can find many mentions of fish throughout the Bible; fish of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Strong and extensive symbolism ties to every mention.

Fish are linked to the Church and the work it does, as one of the biblical meanings of fish in a dream is redemption.

Additionally, fish are used as a symbol for Christ-followers. If you happen to see a fish in your dream, it could mean you’re asked to guide people to Christ.

In one of the most well-known Bible tales, Jesus crossed the sea to reach his students. They happen to be fishing from their boats. Moreover, the Bible uses a fish metaphor to refer to Jesus; he’s compared to a fish. Additionally, the Bible talks about Jesus’s work when he fed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread.

The Prophetic Meaning of Fish in Dream According to the Bible

It’s said that fish represent balance in the world. With that in mind, it is no surprise that they’re connected to religion. Fish come in different sizes, different quantities, as well as colors. Moreover, you can keep them as pets or use them as food. Besides that, you can fish them out or take a trip to the fish market to buy one.

All these different variations of fish can come to you while dreaming. Each representation has a unique biblical meaning. 

Have a look at all the ways a fish may appear to you in your dreams:

The interpretation of fish as food

Eating raw fish

When you dream about eating raw fish, you’re longing for closeness. Your body and mind need to feel a connection of closeness with another person. However, your body and soul might be longing for a spiritual connection. Take this as a sign of an opportunity to connect with God.

Eating smoked fish

If a smoked fish appears in your dream, there’s a positive and a negative meaning that you may interpret.

The positive interpretation is that your dream is a reminder to have faith in God and yourself.

The negative interpretation is that evil spirits are guiding you in the wrong direction. You have lost your way in life. Take this time to reflect on your past actions and reconnect with God.

Eating fried fish

Eating fried fish in a dream is much more common than you would think. It’s a message of reassurance that you can and will overcome any challenge that comes your way. This dream may appear during a stressful period in your life.

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Cooking fish

When you find yourself cooking fish in your dream, think about how it smelled, if you ate it, and how it tasted. If the aroma is good, as well as the taste, it symbolizes that God is watching over you and keeping you healthy. On the flip side, if it smells and tastes horrible, evil spirits have their eye on you.

Cleaning fish

Dreams tend to confirm or deny our suspicions about people in our lives. They give us reassurances or warnings through symbolic images. If you dream of cleaning a fish, someone might be working behind your back.

God sent you a message through the act of cleaning the fish by putting himself in your place, and you’re the fish. He will help you prepare for all the bad people in your life.

Interpretation of the fish’s size

Small fish

If you notice the fish in your dream is small, it indicates small inconveniences. Don’t let minor problems ruin your mood. Stressful days come and go.

Big fish

A big fish appearing in your dream means good fortune. Money and power are on their way to you. Additionally, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by plenty of material goods.

Biblical dream interpretation of the fish's size

Interpretation of the fish’s condition

Dead fish

The biblical meaning of dead fish in dream is direct; something or someone has died. That someone could be a person in your life or an animal companion. Something that has died can be anything; your confidence or motivation.

Dry fish

Like a dead fish, the dry appearance of a dry fish in your dreams indicates the end of something. This might show you’re entering a new period in life and that the previous phase has ended.

Yet, don’t mourn the end of whatever ends for you. The thing that ended was meant to end; it was holding you back in life. Remember to embrace each end as you would with the start of something new.

Rotten fish

The rotten fish has come to you as a wake-up call. Your soul is rotting and decomposing like the fish in your dream. Reflect on whether you’ve gone against the religion’s teachings.

Fresh fish

Be sure that new and wonderful things are coming. You might get into a new relationship, meet a new friend, or the ones you already have.

God has noticed your dedication and devotion. Strengthening your bonds with your loved ones is his way of rewarding you.

Swimming fish

When you dream of a fish swimming, especially in clean water, it’s a good omen. It symbolizes prosperity and development.

A promotion might be coming your way if you’re doing very well at work. If you’ve been with a partner for quite some time now, it might be time to take the next step.

Fish out of the water

The biblical meaning of fish out of water in dream has two interpretations.

The first surrounds a very known metaphor that is the same as the heading, ‘A fish out of water’. This metaphor represents that you might be in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar space. You feel like you don’t belong. The same way a fish isn’t meant to be on land.

The second interpretation is more or less once again taken from the metaphor. A fish will struggle and will need help on the land. You or someone you know may be struggling and need desperate help.

Interpretation of the fish’s color

Orange fish

The biblical meaning of orange fish in a dream alludes to joyful times ahead. You’ll be happy with the outcome whenever you spend quality time with someone.


The Bible sees a blackfish as the representation of Satan, the embodiment of evil. If this fish appears in your dreams, it may mean you’re running from something you fear.


The biblical meaning of blue fish in a dream indicates that sickness is coming to your doorstep. Analyze your dream and see whether there are details that tell you if the illness will be physical or other.


The biblical meaning of goldfish in a dream is something that is absolute. In other words, something in your life or you are in a stagnant stage and aren’t open to new adventures.


If you dream of a redfish, you have a deep spiritual understanding of God. Your connection with him is strong.

Biblical dream interpretation of the fish’s color

Interpretation of the fish’s type


If a swordfish appears to you in a dream, it represents the people around you. Some people in your surroundings are jealous and don’t wish you well. They’ll try to put you down and suppress your growth.

Flying fish

A dream with a flying fish symbolizes freedom. You’re independent and free to make all your choices and control your life.

Additionally, it’s a reminder that you’re on the right track and to keep doing what you’re doing.


The biblical meaning of a piranha in a dream is that you’re clever and resilient. You know how to overcome each challenge thrown your way and how to pick yourself up if you fail.


Someone is plotting against you. Look at the people in your life and how they’ve been acting recently. Dreaming of a pufferfish is a warning sign to warn you that someone wants you to suffer.


The salmon gives you an insight into yourself. You are a determined and motivated individual who works hard to achieve what you want. The salmon is a reminder that when times get difficult, remember this dream and its meaning.


Dreaming of a tuna fish alludes character development and growth. You’re learning day by day and getting better as days pass by.


The catfish in your dreams isn’t bearing any good news. The Bible speaks of the catfish as an animal that God doesn’t favor.

Having said this, it might be a message that someone in your life is thinking of bad things for you. The catfish you dreamt of is someone you must cut ties with.

Interpretation of the fish’s interaction

Buying fish

If you happen to buy a fish when dreaming, this might be a sign of spiritual bondage. There’s an interpretation that says that if you buy a fish in your dream, you’ve sinned against the Lord.

Seeing fish

Sometimes, when you wake up, you can’t recall all the details of the dream. If you can’t remember details about the fish, there are three general interpretations.

The first interpretation indicates prosperity and growth in life. The second indicates that you have strong faith in the Christian religion. The final interpretation alerts you to pay attention to your health.

Catching fish

Your dream reveals to you the qualities you’re struggling to see that you have. The biblical meaning of catching fish in a dream is that you’ll uncover personal traits in the dream. 

Holding fish

Even if you haven’t held a fish before, you can assume how slippery they are. If you dream of holding a fish, it means amazing opportunities are heading your way. Nonetheless, if you’re not careful, the opportunity may slip out of your hands.

A fish attacking you

The biblical meaning of fish attacking you in a dream means that someone is putting peer pressure on you. Additionally, not only is someone putting you under pressure, you succumb to that same pressure. You must find a way to stand up to the pressure and do what you think is right.

Seeing fish in an aquarium

In a dream where you encounter fish in an aquarium, take notice of the size of the aquarium.

A fish in a small aquarium is a reminder to cherish the small things and appreciate the small moments. These things go by in the blink of an eye.

If the aquarium was big, take a look at your sexual endeavors. Reflect on this topic and check if you can make it better. If it’s completely fine as it is, appreciate your partner more.

Biblical dream interpretation of seeing fish in an aquarium

Other interpretations of fish in a dream

Fish pond

When you see a fish pond while dreaming, take it as a sign to be patient. A fishpond will appear to you when you’re awaiting something big, which is making you nervous.

Have faith that the outcome will be positive. This means you should be more confident in your daily activities.

Fish eggs

Coming across fish eggs while dreaming is a good sign. New things are coming your way, but you must be careful how to move the next few days after your dream.

Everything you do will determine how the near future will play out. Be mindful of what you do and the decisions you make.

Fish in bed

If you dream about a fish being in your bed beside you, make an appointment with your doctor. This is a sign that a disease may be developing inside you or someone close to you. Track your health for the next couple of weeks after you’ve dreamt of the fish.

Going fishing

Analyze how many fish you managed to catch. If your fishing bucket is more than halfway full or full, you will have plenty of money and power. If it’s less than half full or empty, you’ll lose wealth and power.

A cat hunting a fish

Think of the image of a cat and a fish as a metaphor. You are the fish that is getting hunted by the cat. The cat represents someone toxic in your life. You have an enemy that you must root out and cut from your social circle.

Going to the fish market

It’s obvious that if you go to a fish market, plenty of fish will surround you. Think of those fish as opportunities. Soon enough, you’ll have a long list of choices of opportunities to consider. The opportunities can vary, from a new relationship to a new house, a new pet, or a job offer.

Fish falling from the sky

Fish rain means that many challenges will come your way, and you must find a way to solve them. You can’t let the problems consume you-stay focused on what matters to you most to overcome them.

Seeing many fish

If you see many fish at once, it might be a sign of a deadly disease in someone you know. Use the dream as a heads-up to not be so surprised if someone dies.

A fish turning its back on you

A popular metaphor is that when someone betrays you, we say they turn their back on you. Usually, dreaming of a fish turning its back on you indicates betrayal at work

Yet, don’t let your suspicions stress you out. You don’t want to ruin your relationships with your colleagues.


How many times are fish mentioned in the Bible?

The mention of fish in the King James translation of the Bible numbers to 31 verses. The most important verses are Matthew 15:32–39 and Mark 8:1–9. The verse tells of how Jesus fed thousands of people with a few fish and little bread.

What number does a fish in a dream represent?

You can interpret the biblical meaning of fish in dream using numerology. Dreaming of a living fish is symbolically connected to the number 29. If the fish in your dream is anything but alive, it’s connected to the number 23. Therefore, if you sometimes need to choose a lucky number, pick 29 or 23, according to which one is relevant to you.


The Bible mentions fish many times throughout its pages and stories. Each biblical meaning of fish in dream varies depending on the fish, its size, color, what it’s doing, etc.

In general, the core symbolism of fish is life and transformation on a spiritual level. Take what appeals to you from what you have read after this. The same big, red, dead fish will symbolize something distinct to each individual.


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